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During an unprecedented time of disruption for manufacturing, Simon Langley talks to Housewares on the stratospheric increase in home making and extensive NPD, including the launch of an industry first.


n 1908, Ohio-based engineer Herbert Johnston developed a stand mixer to help alleviate the backbreaking work of bread making. By 1919 the very first household mixer, boasting the unique planetary action and famous curves, was ready for market. During a product test, the wife of an employee exclaimed “I don’t care what you call it, it’s the best kitchen aid I’ve ever had!”. And the rest, as they say, is history. In 1937, Egmont Arens, editor of Creative Arts magazine and Vanity Fair fused iconic design with outstanding engineering and durability to create the new tilt-head K-Model. At launch, the mixer was only available in white but in 1955 Sunny Yellow, Island Green, Petal Pink, and Satin Chrome were introduced. Colour leadership has been at the heart of the KitchenAid ever since and the brand now offers the widest selection on the market. The latest introduction is an industry first – the new KitchenAid Cordless Collection – three complementary cordless appliances including a Hand Blender, 5-Cup Chopper and 7-Speed Hand Mixer. 100 years of innovative engineering expertise brings powerful, stylish, cordless, elegance to kitchens. The range gives adventurous makers all the power they expect and the freedom to create wherever and however they choose in the kitchen with clutter- free countertops, no tangled cords and without electrical sockets curbing their creative spirits. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries deliver the performance and efficiency you expect from KitchenAid and one charger works with all of the appliances. First launched in Empire Red and Matte Black, Almond Cream and Matte Grey have since joined the line-up. Before lockdown, home cooking was often dismissed as a hobby, but the latest research finds 73% of us have enjoyed cooking at home over the past 12 months, and this upsurge doesn’t appear to be a flash in the pan. 91%

said they want to cook as much, if not more, over the next 12 months, even as lockdown lifts. I’m not surprised Britain has rediscovered a taste for home cooking. Cooking from scratch puts more flavoursome & healthier food on your plate.

As well as being a creative outlet, we saw people discovering the beneficial effects beyond perfectly golden loaves, like stress reduction, emotion management and even social connections that we can reap by simply heading to the kitchen. Cooking represents the shared human experience of food, and nurturing people through food, evoking almost immediate positive emotions which helps to calm stress pathways. Along with spurring creativity and good vibes, cooking even on your own can provide a feeling of social connection. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, KitchenAid

recognised the need to provide Makers of all levels tools to help them make cooking easy and fun. #MakeItTogether, a global, social-first campaign that launched last March, helped consumers around the world to discover the joy, simplicity, and comfort of cooking at home. Even though we may be apart, KitchenAid knows we’re in this together. Through #MakeItTogether, we asked people to roll up their sleeves, try something new or unwind with a favourite recipe. And together, we made the best of it, staying connected with cooking challenges, recipes, ideas, inspiration and motivation. The KitchenAid brand purpose is to create possibility in the kitchen. The brand has long targeted the “Maker,” as evidenced in its Marks campaign, but observed how new home cooks and bakers were emerging overnight as a result of staying at home. People

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were organically sharing in social media how they were using their KitchenAid Stand Mixers to make bread, homemade pasta, cookies and other home-cooked foods. There was an increase in the number of people who wanted to learn how to cook and explore what’s possible in the kitchen. In response to this uplift in home making, KitchenAid introduced Honey, the new Colour of the Year in two of our best performing appliances – the Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer and new K400 Blender. Colour has been at the heart of the KitchenAid success story since 1955. Developed by the KitchenAid Global Centre of Design after extensive social and cultural trend analysis, Honey represents that sweet spot when friends and family come together, even remotely, through a shared love of making. Approaching New Year resolutions, we launched the #ReshapeYourHabits campaign, the aim being to give people the tools they need to achieve their physical health & wellbeing objectives. The way to keep a new eating plan on track is to make sure the food you prepare has a rich variety of taste and texture. Whether you’re an experienced cook or a newbie to food prep, we highlighted that the simple, intuitive controls of the K400 Blender making it easy to prepare soups, sauces and smoothies - packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The launch comprised a national survey, traditional media relations and influencer partnerships resulting in a media reach of over 2.25 million and social reach of just shy of 500,000. We’ll be continuing these successes with more NPD this year, so what this space March/April 2021

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