afternoon tea The Fundamental British Afternoon Tea

This year, probably more so, than ever in our lifetime, we are looking forward to getting together socially, with friends, family and loved ones. David Mason Design talks to Housewares on the importance of taking quality time to catch up and relax.


ack in the early 19th Century it is said that Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, after having had her breakfast and

whilst waiting the ever so long time for her planned evening meal (lunch was yet to be introduced) Anna found herself with a lack of energy in the early afternoon and requested that a light snack with a pot of tea be served to her, in private, between the hours of 3 and 5pm each day to see her through. Subsequently Afternoon Tea was created.

Traditionally Afternoon Tea was reserved for High Society and the Queen. There are many associated etiquette rules to be followed should “One” choose to partake in a spot of Afternoon Tea or just “Tea” as the Queen calls it – not to be confused with High Tea which consists of a much heavier meal at a much later time in the day. Not sure if the Duchess Anna invented the etiquette rules, sitting alone with her Afternoon Tea, but Afternoon Tea has evolved and formal etiquette would say that it is quite essential that Afternoon Tea is always served in the early afternoon, pinkie should be in, the saucer is not to leave the table unless you are standing, tea before milk (of course) and do not over stir the tea, tea is to be stirred from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock only. After the year we have had the need for an Afternoon Tea has never been greater. Let us tell you why. Fast forward from Anna to today, Afternoon Tea has evolved into something else entirely more wonderful, yes, the fundamental

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elements of Anna’s Afternoon Tea are still there, it still involves a pot of tea (or gin, who are we to judge) a light snack of perhaps a crustless sandwich or a savoury nibble with some cakes and scones (cream or jam first) but more importantly today’s Afternoon Tea has evolved into an evermore popular early afternoon sociable event for EVERYONE! Poor 7th duchess Anna was served hers alone in private each day, this last year has seen all of us isolated from family and friends for so long and now more than ever what a better excuse for an early afternoon gathering than having Afternoon Tea! This year has seen increased popularity for the Afternoon Tea from people having deliveries to their home and gatherings in their gardens. This trend has grown steadily and is set to continue steadfastly. At David Mason Design we are inspired by the magic of a great afternoon tea. Our collections incorporate the charming, whimsical, beauty of this fabulous past time, whilst giving a nod to formality, which can be seen through our ranges under the English Tableware company and Ashley Thomas brands. David Mason Design’s collaboration with Ashley is very much about pairing her wonderful whimsical signature style of her artwork together with some elegant Fine China pieces. This Ashley Thomas Afternoon Tea range includes an exquisite floral design mixed together with hand drawn details depicting various beautiful Afternoon Tea treats and delights. What else but a perfect cup of tea could be poured from the elegantly shaped Teapot with ornate handle sitting alongside the matching sugar and creamer dishes. A dainty scalloped edge teacup and saucer (there is a mug too for the big brew lovers) this all comes with a complimenting two tier cake stand and side plates which makes this range a real showstopper. This Ashley Thomas range was so perfect for the Afternoon Tea look to compliment it even further we created additional matching scalloped edge bakeware items which showcase an exquisite textured pattern finish in fresh and vibrant colours. For those hosts who like to bake all of the treats for their Afternoon Tea party will not be disappointed with the Ashley Thomas Mixing bowl, Pie dishes, muffin dish and ramekins and can even pair them with the available vibrant kitchen textiles.


Ashley Thomas range really pulls together a full offering of perfect accessories for any Fun and whimsical Afternoon Tea party. • March/April 2021 From The English Tableware Company, we

bring you the pressed flowers range, with its delicate meadow floral design over a fantastic collection of porcelain afternoon tea ware. With hues of pastel lilacs, greens and pinks running through its colour palette. Pressed Flowers is our new 2021 range, which epitomises the beautiful English countryside and inspired by days out picnicking, relaxing in the garden, or hosting an afternoon soiree. Our in-house design team are notorious for incorporating ‘on trend’ designs and adding commercial appeal. Creating and using hand drawn illustration, to create the best composition for the products within this range. This diverse collection covers everything you could possibly need for a blissful meet with friends and family to enjoy a legendary afternoon tea. The range covers a variety of serving trays and platters, along with the essential traditional tea-time pieces – teapot, two tier cake stand, cup & saucer, tea plates, sugar pot and creamer jug. There are even coordinating storage tins to keep all your favourite teas and biscuits nice and fresh. The range is giftable, making it great to share with others, as well as collecting for one’s own use. This collection has it all – it is beautiful, competitively priced, versatile, whilst remaining functional for use every day. As we said, the need for an Afternoon Tea has

never been greater, why not do it style with an English Tableware Collection. Thanks Anna!

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