glassware Not Just a Drinking Vessel …It’s Table Theatre

The DRH Collection has specialised in supplying glassware and ceramics designed and developed all around the world for nearly 20 years. Here director Mike Holmes talks glassware – and table theatre.

kids are going back into the classrooms again en masse, and the prospect of sitting with a drink at a pub (albeit outside) is possibly just a few short weeks away. Whilst we’ve all ridden this rollercoaster for long enough now not to let ourselves get too excited, allowing a little hope to start to show through the cracks is not a bad thing. Creation of more time

A And so, should all go as planned and

retail re-opens, then unto the Great British High Street ought too to be released the coiled spring of the ‘accidental savers’, those desperate for some retail therapy. Or for many it is just a solid excuse to meet up with another human being. As a generalisation, those in the housewares, interiors and DIY sectors have fared better than many other sectors during lockdown, with people using it as a time to refresh and renovate their homes. ‘Even though, when the world does ‘re-open’ we can expect that high up on peoples’ lists will be a getaway. That doesn’t mean that our sectors will see a sudden lapse in consumers! In fact, hopefully this will be far from the truth. There will always be the ‘more jobs to do’,

and ‘we could do with a new one of these too’ around, and a lot of people will have a taste for this now and have ideas and plans as what’s next on the list! But above and beyond that, we want to see friends and family again in familiar settings too… and those that have spruced up their homes, will want to show them off. So, with that in mind, here are some ideas

as to how we at The DRH Collection have seen people upgrade their current glassware assortments, and what those who have not done so or not finished yet could be on the prowl for.

Let’s start off with idea on how to set the mood We have recently launched a collection of stunning glass bowls and platters. Whether solely for display, or to serve a practical purpose, some of these hand decorated pieces come in excess of 40cm, and so are unquestionably eye catching, and make for a beautiful centre piece and talking point. These range from a stunning Peacock design to a quirky and colourful Watermelon, and a series of abstract designs too.

March/April 2021

t the time of writing this, it feels like the country has started to enter a stage of near-unspoken hope. The

Alongside this, what better way to show off

your lockdown-learned botany skills, than by displaying your most recent assortment in an equally impressive vase.

Be it classically simple, or modern and

colourful (like our new hand painted Halo range), items like this too have been hugely popular recently, as it is again a way to make your home more ‘yours’.

Once you’ve got this all set up, it’s time to pour a drink (I think we deserve it!) The number of at home connoisseurs has unquestionably risen over the last little while and we have seen the proof of this with the continued demand for all sorts of glassware – be it wine, gin or port. We have such a wide selection of fantastic designs and offerings from different brands all around the world, and in turn it is brilliant to see just what a wide array of designs people like.

For many, crisp clear glass is their preferred route Here your focus is very much on the colours inside the glass and letting those do the talking! But that’s not to say people just want an everyday stem – and here our iconic Manhattan range proves to be an ideal mix of beautiful transparency and clean lines, but still with a twist of something different. Subtle and

understated. Elegance in its simplicity. The next stage after this a glass with a hint of colour

Not so much so that you can’t see how much you’re pouring in, but still a glass which has its own undeniable presence on the table. Within our own collections, Speckle by Anton Studio Designs, and Artland’s Neon and Mirage glasses are some of the best examples of this – each with a very different look, but all have some colour and fun about them!

Lastly, there is the option for all over colour Here the glass is not just a drinking vessel – it is a talking point, a mood setter. This isn’t just a drink – this is table theatre. Perhaps here you’re looking for a mixture of texture and colour, such as Highgate by Artland (with its beautifully shaped goblets), or maybe you’re going for the all-out “wow factor”, at which point you don’t get much more “wow” than with some of our stunning electroplated glass collections – such as the classic Peacock range, not to mention the new Midnight Peacock collection, Filigree and not to forget Tropical Leaves too. Whatever it is you opt for, here’s to sharing a glass with someone soon.

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