Stölzle Lausitz and EP Brands Triumphant Collaboration

EP Brands & Stölzle Lausitz have thrived in the UK retail market over the past 3 years. EP Brands MD Steve Platt explains that the success with Stölzle Lausitz is as a result of them being one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, lead-free crystal glass.


he German manufacturer is one of only a few who is specialized in producing machine pulled and melted stems. High quality and innovative ideas, geared to the needs of customers, are the hallmarks of Stölzle Lausitz. The latest innovation of Stölzle Lausitz is ‘Highlight’ – Champagne and White Wine glasses that shine. A novel technique illuminates the stem of the glass when it is lifted, thus creating a spectacular atmospheric effect. A silver coloured layer on the foot further increases the reflection. Stölzle Lausitz glasses are known to be beautiful and functional at the same time and so it is with ‘Highlight’. The technology in the glass base is hermetically sealed so that the glasses can be cleaned with common detergents and up to 60°C/140°F in the dishwasher. The straight-line design of ‘Highlight’ glasses offers universal application possibilities and can be easily combined with other glass ranges. Stölzle Lausitz has its finger on the pulse not only in glass making, but also in glass decoration. This is demonstrated by the two modern cuts ‘Club’ and ‘Manhattan’, which are now available for the cosmopolitan-inspired New York Bar range. The design language of the collection focuses on elegant understatement in combination with high-quality crystal glasses to create a sophisticated bar atmosphere reminiscent of New York City’s buzzing nightlife. The decorative ‘Manhattan’ cut picks up on the up-and-coming straight lines of the district of the same name, while ‘Club’, a diagonal cut, gives the glasses a stimulating dynamic. Stölzle Lausitz’s execution of the matt finish has been carefully executed and the lines take the lead in the eye of those drinking from the glasses, while the clear crystal glass casually corresponds with the opaque cut. Depending on the beverage in the glass and the colour of the drink, the light is playfully refracted along the individual lines, creating a unique point of difference that the eye is naturally drawn to. Working closely with its customers is one

of Stölzle Lausitz’s secrets to their success. So Stölzle Lausitz developed together with the British wine expert, TV presenter, columnist and author Olly Smith new exclusive glassware ranges for the UK retail market. Initially

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there will be 2 ranges available: ‘Charm’ and ‘Exuberance’. The ‘Charm’ range, with its extra short stems, is particularly functional in terms of storage and cleaning – an ideal everyday use series. The ‘Charm’ series will include a red wine, white wine and sparkling wine glass as well as a beer glass and a bowl shaped glass for Gin & Tonic, for example. In contrary, the ‘Exuberance’ range is ideal for those looking for something a little more formal for special occasion. The appearance of the glasses is finer due to a longer stem, but without losing the quality and design of ‘Charm’. The cooperation with Olly Smith came about

through Stölzle Lausitz’s already established relationship with the Three Wine Men: Oz Clarke, Tim Atkin MW and Olly Smith. The glass manufacturer has provided the Three Wine Men with customised glassware for their hugely popular wine events over recent years. • March/April 2021

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