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Lakeland buying and merchandising directorSamm Swainpredicts product hits and key cuisine trends in the kitchen next year

“ I think 2019 will still be very much all about

scratch cooking. But it’s going to be scratch cooking with a real emphasis on what we’re

putting into our bodies. So people will be cooking simple, healthy dishes

packed with vegetables, fibre and protein. And using equipment with healthier credentials, so pans with ceramic coatings, or those made from more traditional materials, will gain in popularity. People have really started to turn against single- use plastic - not just when out and about, but also in their own kitchens. I expect to see far more people ditching clingfilm for beeswax coated paper

and other more sustainable ways of storing food. Some retro items that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s are going to enjoy a revival. Blancmange is often laughed at, but it appeared in the latest series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and we think modern blancmange - very colourful, pimped up, and sometimes served in mini versions - is likely to be a big hit, especially on social media. Sales of SodaStream have already started to pick up as people remember what a good job it does. It also has great green credentials for those looking to cut back on fizzy drinks bought in plastic bottles. I also think slow drip coffee makers are due a revival.

Samm’s top six product predictions for 2019

2.Stasher Food Storage Bags Boil-in-the-bag is back! Made from silicone, Stasher food storage bags are part

1.Reusable Freezer Bags Fast forward to 2019 and Lakeland will be

launching reusable freezer bags. These sturdy plastic bags for food storage are dishwasher-safe so can be used hundreds of times. Another product aimed at customers fed up with single-use plastic.

3.Lékué Microwave Grill A piece of kit made of aluminium and silicone, which you can put safely

into the microwave to cook the perfect crispy toastie, grilled beefburger, or juicy steak. It consists of two metal plates, protected by silicone handles, which help to crisp up anything put between them.

4.Tofuture Tofu Press The vegan trend shows no sign of abating any time soon. And this piece of kit, approved by the

Vegan Society, ensures that your bean curd will not be soggy and tasteless. This press squeezes out all the excess moisture to produce perfect tofu.

5.Bee’s Wrap Reusable Food Wraps The fight against plastic is only likely to increase over the coming year.

These beeswax-infused wraps are a natural, sustainable alternative to clingfilm and other single-use plastic packaging. Crucially, they can be washed in cool water and reused time and time again.

6.GreenPan cookware Many home cooks are concerned about the chemicals used to create traditional non-stick frying pans and saucepans.

This cookware range uses Thermolon Infinity Professional ceramic non-stick - effective and durable; next, a layer of diamond crystals - rock hard protection for the surface of the pan; and finally, a patented reinforcing Scratch Guard layer. Pictured is the GreenPan Venice Pro 24cm Frying Pan.

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reusable freezer bag and part cooking vessel. Heat-resistant up to 250°C, they make a perfect parcel for en papillote or sous vide cooking.

If you’re entertaining, they are a far more efficient way of serving multiple guests a cup of coffee than a single-pod coffee machine. People are moving away from instant gratification. My final prediction is the return of the buffet. Say

the word and it puts a smile on people’s faces. Entertaining, in crowd-pleasing and easy ways, will never go out of fashion - it fills you with joy. There’s also a competitive element. In the same

way that competitive cooks upped the ante with showstopper cakes, people really enjoy competing to put on the very best spread and discover the most amazing new canapés on Pinterest.’

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