year across the majority of our core ranges. We’ve seen considerable

Value and longevity is key C

ookware sales for Horwood have been pretty good this

social channels are of growing importance. It appears the ceramic fad has passed, and colour still has limited appeal on higher purchase items. As consumers follow food trends, by searching for

growth with a couple of key lines in our Stellar Rocktanium and Induction ranges. We’ve also seen growth on seasonal products throughout the year, aided by our new trade campaigns. What are the big trends in the market? We’re seeing demand for both traditional and more bespoke lines increase. To the consumer, value and longevity of cookware is key. And when purchasing higher value items, the consumer is taking a more calculated decision and leaning towards the more traditional ranges with a supported good guarantee. Consumers are currently more cautious when spending over £100 and therefore look to purchase what they know, with good reviews from established brands. Consumers conduct a lot more research prior to making a final purchase than ever before, so having an informative website, blog and


Salter says: ‘Revamp kitchen cupboards with the durable and stylish Salter Diamond Tech range, featuring a 3- piece saucepan set and two-piece fry pan set. Metal utensil-safe, the PFOA-free and abrasion-resistant coating is seven times tougher than standard non-stick and can be used to cook meals with little or no oil. The diamond design soft-touch handles complement the diamond effect non-stick coating, creating a sophisticated look.’.

u0161 934 2268 Eddingtons

Eddingtons describes the Lodge Cast Iron skillet as ‘a kitchen essential, offering even heat distribution, unrivalled heat retention and a durability that is unparalleled’. The skillet is pre-seasoned at the foundry to offer a ‘natural, non- stick finish that improves with use’. It can be used for sautéing, frying, stir-frying, searing and baking on induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen hobs, or in the oven and over open fires.

u01488 686572


The Judge Radiant range carries a 10-year non-stick guarantee and is suitable for all hob types. Offering a choice of cookware from fry pans, chef’s, crepe, woks and milk pan, Judge Radiant will double its offering in 2019 with the introduction of black in all pan types and three- and five-piece sets too. Judge Radiant benefits from Teflon’s latest Radiance three-layer non-stick surface, which is PFOA-free.

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28 | • • December 2018

online recipes with influencers who road test new recipes and equipment, we see this reflected in sales of our specialist pans. Finally, the popularity of induction pans is

increasing as the consumer transitions to induction hobs. What are the main opportunities in this market?

Trying to innovate is very challenging; anything too radical tends not to be a commercial success. 2019 will be about refinement: whittling out the weaker ranges and tweaking products to fit specific tasks - and supporting these to further increase their appeal. Our advice for retailers on how to support sales is

put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see your store in their eyes. All products are available everywhere, so experience and service is everything. Look to merchandise for the season and occasion,

to encourage reasons to buy. Move away from stacking it high, and towards an experience with enticing displays that creates a need for products in-store.

Stellar 1000 saucepan set

Horwood sales director Rob Jones comments on the cookware market I predict best sellers for Christmas will be well-

presented/gift boxed products that retail under £25. In addition, products that promise to make cooking and entertaining easy, such as the Judge thermal gravy jug. So what’s the outlook for this market?

Unfortunately, the continued consumer uncertainty will play a key role in the short term, giving suppliers and retailers big decisions to make on investment and NPD (New Product Development). However, those making decisions will look for good quality investment buys that service the need.

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