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Stable and seasonal sellers

KitchenCraſt marketing director Claire Budgengives an insight into the tools & gadgets sector

retailers can stock a full range of 86 different tools & gadgets, for example. Similarly, our packaging plays a key role by communicating key features and benefits, along with the style and substance of the tool by enabling you to hold it and imagine it in your home. Sales of tools and gadgets remain stable and should be driven by seasonality. January tends to see an increase in sales of fruit and veg tools from our Healthy Eating range, because New Year resolutions to get fitter and lose weight kick in! And there’s a marked increase in the sale of barbecue- related tools throughout the summer months. And again, for basters, peelers and carving forks in the lead-up to Christmas. So, what’s big at the moment? With space at a

premium, and ‘clutter free’ being favoured, there is a desire for products which have both space-saving and multifunctional qualities.


ools & gadgets has always been a mainstay category within our business - evolving as a product area from

hardware tools back in the early 1900s and developing into the range you see today. For some consumers, tools are something you

shove in a drawer and forget about until you use them. For others, they are a statement piece about themselves and their home. Tools & gadgets are, however, an interesting

product category, driven by impulse and considered purchasing, and spanning a range of price points, design styles and functions. As a result, our tools & gadgets range from

novelty and everyday to premium and on-trend styles, crossing several brands: primarily MasterClass, KitchenCraft and Colourworks, in addition to Amco and AnySharp. As a company we are focused on consumer

needs, which can vary between inspiring, enabling and styling. Some consumers simply need a spatula to cook. Others need a spatula which is super simple to use and saves them time by scraping every little bit of mixture. And for others, it’s about style and having something beautiful on the countertop. By creating our range of consumer types, we

ensure our ranges are developed to serve their purpose. Trends, technology and innovation come into the mix. But as well as catering for the latest trends, there is also a demand for tried and tested favourites such as our Lancashire style peelers and rotary whisks. It’s all about the service and ensuring we can supply what everyone wants. Retail considerations also play a part where we

need to appeal to that impulse market. I’m not sure many consumers actually go out to shop for a fish scaler, so our hot spot merchandisers ensure

30 | Colourworks Classics collection

Our MasterClass Smart Space offers the ultimate in space-saving with a set of five tools which nest together neatly - ultimately into a freestanding masher that takes up a very small countertop footprint. Any tool can be accessed quickly, rather than removing one tool at a time from front to back. Then there is our space-saving fold flat grater or folding stainless-steel masher, designed to keep drawer space at a premium. One of our biggest success stories has been the

enduring Colourworks collection. Colourworks is a brand with a penchant for trend setting and innovative lines, and as a feature of our Spring/Summer 2019 launch, there are a number of A display of the Healthy Eating Collection • December 2018

products which address consumer gripes when cooking, prepping or serving. For instance, our multi-

function silicone turners have a raised edge to help scoop and lift when turning or transferring food; our multi-function silicone cooking spoons have a side tasting lip and internal measure markings; our multi- function silicone spatulas feature an integral bowl rest and scraping notch; and our new product - the Swip - easily allows consumers to scrape mixture from mixer or whisk heads. Another key focus is

MasterClass Smart Space 5-piece nesting tool set

healthy eating, as more and more people want to get on the healthy eating bandwagon but just simply can’t be bothered with the fuss of the prep involved. We have a host of products to help make superfood prep quick and easy. We’ve had phenomenal success, not only with gadgets such as spiralizers, but also with the rest of our dedicated Healthy Eating Collection, which includes a range of fruit and veg tools & gadgets that come in a vibrant choice of colours: green, yellow, red and orange, relating to the fruit and veg they are designed to work with. Looking ahead, we expect it will be more of the same: supplying product that our customers want and, of course, adapting our ranges to accommodate changing trends and lifestyles.

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