the woodware expert to the housewares industry, designing and producing wooden kitchen products in FSC-certified beech, hevea, acacia, rustic acacia and oak. For us, woodware sales are currently good and

On trend and in demand E

stablished in 1975, T&G Woodware is

and colours such as soft greys and whites. These wood finishes have been influenced by

interior lifestyles, café culture and gastro pubs which in return are attributing to the performance. We believe the main opportunities to drive sales

are the importance of design, quality, and developing new and on-trend items for key markets. The importance of eco-friendly products is

certainly on the rise; T&G Woodware has FSC- accreditation for all of its beech ranges which include chopping, serving and sharing boards, salt and pepper mills and utensils. The influence of environmental issues is a global

strong, due to wood being an on trend and on demand material. The trend for good quality, natural products and the influence of rustic styling has led to wood becoming fashionable - especially with the more casual approach to dining and eating, which has been a great influence. Woodware is man’s oldest resource and has

certainly stood the test of time as it’s so versatile, practical, durable and lovely. So what’s proving popular this year? Good quality

wood is important; luxurious - contemporary crafts with a conscience - so wood becomes more designer; a rustic finish but with no rough edges;

T&G Woodware’s hevea lasered Gin boards and coasters

T&G Woodware’s Tuscany Siena serving and presentation boards in rich acacia wood

trend and is not one which is going to go away. So it’s important to share consumers’ views in this area and therefore offer a range of products that meet this rising demand. Our advice for retailers on how to support sales?

Good merchandising and interesting displays which have impact in-store are vital. Having a good selection of wood pieces at different price points, coupled with interesting displays, will encourage and excite people to buy. We feel the outlook for the woodware is strong and positive - as long as you are looking forwards, offering FSC-products, designing new products for the future and keeping ahead of consumer trends in the kitchen and dining arena.


Epicurean Carving Boards feature a generous juice groove that collects drippings for gravy and sauces and a cross-hatch-scored surface to keep meats from slipping. They are described as ‘hefty boards, perfect for roasts, hams, and large birds’. Carving Series boards are made using 3/8in material. With a natural look and texture from an eco-friendly, organic, wood fibre composite, these boards are claimed to be ‘super durable, non-porous, knife-friendly and dishwasher safe: the perfect everyday board for hygienic food preparation and easy clean-up’.

u01488 686572


Crafted with magnets hidden within the seamless beech strip, the Stellar Kitchen Woodware Magnetic Knife Rack features an anodised aluminium fitting which allows it to be safely secured to the wall. The 33cm rack provides space for up to six knives, so the items need never touch, removing the risk of blunting the blades.

u0117 940 0000

26 | Victorinox

Victorinox Allrounder Cutting Boards are described as ‘unique eco-friendly wood fibre boards that won’t dull your knives - and with a heat resistance of 175°C/350°F, they can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher’. They feature a juice groove on one side and a flat food prep surface on the other.

u0116 234 4611 • December 2018

T&G Woodware head of marketing Jenny Handleyshares her view of the woodware market

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