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Companies all over the world are now concerned by Industry 4.0. But to enter the fourth industrial revolution and to

optimise their operational processes, converters need to work with very flexible and versatile equipment. This adaptability has been the leitmotiv of Spoolex Groupfor more than 60 years...

Calemard: more than flexible

CALEMARD, THE FRENCH ARMY KNIFE Thanks to the process expertise of its technical teams and its modular concept, each converting equipment engineered and manufactured by Calemard, the Machinery division of Spoolex Group, can be customised and personalised matching each production requirements and frequent changeover. Based on three modules (unwinding, slitting, winding) each Calemard’s equipment is multi-purposes and can convert thick (such as foam), lofty (such as nonwovens for hygiene) or thin materials (such as PTFE film and other plastic films), into narrow or jumbo pads or spools of wide or narrow strips (down to 2mm), after cutting them with mechanical, hot or ultrasonic cutting devices. Technical and process expertise of the French company’s engineers have been allowing Calemard to develop further machines with sensitive web tension control and guiding systems. Depending on the product to be converted, high, low and even extremely low tension can be selected and regulated consistently on the same machine. The result is compact rolls with consistent tension and clean and straight edges for easy use on the final product manufacturing process. Another constant focus of development for Calemard is to adapt each machine to its environment and workshop, providing the most ergonomic, compact and easy to use machine. Whatever


Spoolex’s R&D department works every day on new solutions. The latest machine development are: • Patented solutions for in-line continuous spooling and in-line turret winding for narrow web, • New Pegase4 Jumbo spooling line,

re-designed and improved to allow higher speed, wider products and easier operations,

• New digital spooling rule to

expand Calemard position in composites converting

22 patents. A customer service team is dedicated to support all over the world Spoolex’s customers, either for technical assistance (on-site or using VPN to fix problem remotely), or for training, support and commissioning.

customers’ needs (in-line, off-line with complete converting cells, but also complete production lines made of different equipment suppliers) Calemard is able to design a customised solution, engineered and handled by the French team and based on 63 years all in-house organisation experience.

STRONG COMMITMENT Christian Montusclat, sales manager of Calemard says: “Thanks to a systemised needs analysis approach and to a flexible organisation, we closely support our customers throughout their converting project, from the 1st contact to turnkey equipment, ready to produce.” Calemard can rely on Spoolex integrated R&D and Engineering Department to design tailored-made machine concept and to support its customers in choosing the most suitable technological solutions. “Thanks to our Testing laboratory, our

process specialists can set-up and perform trials. All these technical supports are a guarantee to define the most cost effective standard or specific solution. More than a simple machine manufacturer, Spoolex is a process expert.” Its technical team of skilled technicians and engineers with a strong products and process expertise, combined with a tension control expertise allow the company to constantly innovate to offer more and more productivity booster solutions; the company invests each year, five per cent of its turnover in R&D and has today a portfolio of

SIMPLE MACHINE TO COMPLETE CELL For a couple of year now, Spoolex proposes, automated solutions to reduce downtime during production change but also to optimise product flow and reduce logistic complexity. Engineered all in-house and adapted to customers’ process and plant, each automatic solution is developed to ease transfer, loading, splicing, unloading and packing, weighting, wrapping and labelling of always bigger mother rolls, final spools or bobbins. Today, to support the launch of its new Jumbo spooling line, the French company is working on a smart and complete solution for end of nonwoven lines.

FIRST STEPS IN INDUSTRY 4.0 Even more than in the past, Spoolex Group assists end users to move in the ‘Smart Manufacturing’ era. To help customers to optimise their productivity and efficiency, the company’s integrated Engineering department developed DataSmart systems for production performance analysis. Each system is developed specifically with each customer to connect and allow real-time and continuous communication between Spoolex equipment and customer IT network and MES system. With already many DataSmart systems in operation, the French company works concretely every day, optimising information flow for systems and people. 


June 2018

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