Slitting & Rewinding

Automation not always expensive Although there are key benefits to an automatic turret slitter rewinder,

many people are concerned about the price for such machine and therefore discount the idea from the beginning. Providing the workflow is justified for the machine, a turret slitter rewinder can be 30 to 40 per cent more productive than an ordinary duplex slitter rewinder

more productive than an ordinary duplex slitter rewinder. The time saved is on the rewind. On a non turreting machine, the machine is stopped whilst the operator, or machine, is offloading the finished rolls and re-coring for the next run. Depending on the amount of cores that need to be placed onto the rewind shaft, this can take on average between three and four minutes. The advantage with an automatic


turret machine is that with four rewind shafts (instead of two) the machine continues to run whilst the operator (or machine) pushes off the finished rolls and prepares the new cores for the next job. Therefore, instead of the downtime being a few minutes, on a turret machine it is 40 seconds. The machine controls this, not the operator. If this time saving (200 seconds) per run is calculated over an eight-hour shift, then significant savings can be made in

roviding the workflow is justified for the machine, a turret slitter rewinder can be 30 to 40 per cent

terms of machine downtime, meaning more product throughput. The downside is that automatic turret slitter rewinders can be expensive and for this reason, ASHE has launched the Diamond turret. The machine has taken the technology and specifications from the duplex version of Diamond and is now offered as a turret version. The machine has been designed to

give maximum efficiency for most flexible applications and with an integral unwind, it is a one piece unit to make transportation and installation simple. Demand for ASHE machinery has seen the company recently complete a 12,000sq/ft expansion. The additional floorspace will allow the company to increase capacity on its machine tool range to allow more machine parts to be manufactured in house, along with additional capacity to complement the wide range of slitting and rewinding machinery that the company builds. IMS Technologies and Laem System launch strategic alliance

Print4All on May 29 2018, that the group has entered into a strategic partnership with Laem System. IMS Technologies is the international


reference point in manufacturing technologically outstanding machinery, as well as engineering and service solutions. One of their focuses includes the design and manufacturing of slitting and winding machines, which is marketed under the brand Goebel IMS known worldwide. Further brands are Rotomac, Deltamould and Kasper. Laem System is an international company specialised in the manufacturing of machines for the converting and flexible packaging industries founded in 1972. The machine program includes twin-shaft machines and compact slitter rewinders, as well as high automation machinery required for the processing of diverse materials such as paper, film, flexible packaging materials,

ergamo-based mechanical engineering company IMS Technologies announced at

as well as coated materials. The company is based in Casale Monferrato (Piemonte/Italy). In the future, customers will be able to

purchase an expanded machine portfolio for primary, secondary and converting industries, as well as industrial automation systems, from one source. The cooperation between the two companies applies to

Europe as well as to the international markets and includes research and development, production and the sharing of distribution channels. IMS Technologies, along with its brand Goebel IMS, and Laem System stand for trust and innovation and live up to these values. The key benefit of the strategic alliance is the enhancement of Goebel IMS’ product portfolio. The portfolio of Laem System of slitting and special machinery – especially the twin-shaft and high productivity turret machines - complements the existing machine program for GOEBEL IMS. The strategic alliance is the beginning of a process in which the partners exchange their know-how and realise projects together. Further cooperation and later integration of Laem System into IMS Technologies Group will also be subject of the alliance. With its brand Goebel IMS, IMS Technologies Group is successfully providing machinery and services for paper and film processing industries. 


June 2018

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