Reel & Roll Handling Jarshire announces new agency agreement

Berkshire-based Jarshire continues its theme of expansion with an announcement regarding its appointment as sole agent in the UK and Ireland for the German company SchäferRolls

precision and technical expertise, the company operates within the highest levels of process engineering and process control, which allows the company to reproduce high-quality roll covers with constant dimensional and shape stability.


“The new range adds a new dimension to the division’s portfolio of products for the converting and paper mills sectors,” says David Jobson, Converting and Paper Mills director at Jarshire

Roll covers specifically manufactured for the

converting, paper, tissue and web processing industries incorporate materials that have been designed to meet the chemical, thermal and mechanical requirements of modern paper manufacturing and converting processes, including tissue, adhesive labels and board. Rolls may be specified with an overall length of up to 15,000mm, diameter of 2,000mm and weight of 100tons, whilst production machinery can be adapted to the handling and processing characteristics of all types of rolls and sizes, including embossing back rolls and size applicator

chäferRolls has been producing polymer- based roll covers since 1946 and is a leading name in the industry. Renowned for its

rolls for converters, and rolls for the wire section, press section and reeling sections of paper mills. SchäferRolls operates in five locations worldwide including Nowack Gummiwalzen and Schäfer, with its brand CCOR operating in Germany, as well as having subsidiaries in the USA and Slovenia.

Jarshire’s Converting and Paper Mills director,

David Jobson, says the new range adds a new dimension to the division’s portfolio of products for the converting and paper mills sectors. Dotec LiftAssist new roll handler

As health and safety regulations become stricter and processes need to be more efficient, forward-looking companies are looking for roll handling solutions that will meet the latest requirements. Meeting this challenge, and building on its well-established LiſtAssist range, Dotec introduces the new RH50 roll handler Based in Joure, the Netherlands, Dotec has specialised in roll and general handling systems since 1993. Its products are to be found in many applications and in a variety of industries, notably however, in the flexible packaging, hygiene, and yarns and fabric industries. Advances in production methods in these industries have already resulted in a change in the sizes of the rolls being

processed, with the rolls getting both larger and heavier in some cases, and smaller and lighter in others. To meet this need, Dotec’s LiftAssist handling range will safely handle rolls weighing from 10kg to 500kg. The new RH 50 has been designed to handle rolls up to 50kg that need to be lifted and tilted. It offers an improvement in speed and weight resulting in user-friendliness and ergonomic handling. As is typical of Dotec’s equipment, the learning curve is very short with everything controlled by the touch of a finger, making it simple to work with; the work of the operator becomes lighter and the process more efficient as the physical strain is taken away, resulting in quicker, safer roll handling. As UK agent, Jarshire offers a complete service to the converting, paper, tissue, packaging, printing, plastics and composites industries from equipment supply and installation to commissioning, operator training, service and maintenance, and the supply of replacement parts. 


June 2018

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