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The FEICA European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO - Where the world’s adhesive and sealant industry comes together


he annual FEICA European Adhesive and Sealant Conference & EXPO, which takes place in

Riga, Latvia, from 12 to 14 September, will once again be an exciting and informative event where industry- leaders come together to examine the latest challenges and developments in adhesives and sealants, as well as the implications of wider trends in the economy and society. Each year, the Conference is attended by

more than 500 industry professionals who discuss market drivers, regulatory developments, the latest industry trends, innovative solutions and technological advancements. With representatives from a multitude of companies in attendance, it is also the perfect networking opportunity for formulators, customers and suppliers to discuss, opportunities and challenges, as well as the wider business environment.

ADHESIVES AND SEALANTS IN THE DIGITAL AGE This year’s Conference will focus on the impact on our industry of the rapid and far- reaching changes resulting from the “digital

age”. In the opening plenary session of the Conference - the FEICA Business Forum - we will explore the impact of the digital age on business and strive to identify practical strategies that will help adhesive and sealant companies to succeed in this new era. Keynote Speakers include Johan Bruck,

material and innovation leader for polymer materials and deputy manager for the group Polymer & Comfort, IKEA; Aric Dromi, chief futurologist for one of the world’s most well- known vehicle manufacturers; Richard van

Hooijdonk, trend watcher and expert on digitalisation in the supply chain; and Tom Voskes, founding and managing partner, SparkOptimus

They will examine how the growth of the

internet and digital technologies will inevitably lead to ever-tighter integration between our personal lives, public services and industry. This coming tidal wave will affect the way business and even society operates. The Conference’s Breakout Sessions will again feature experts sharing their views on innovation, raw material developments, new product and market applications, new equipment technology, and the circular economy.

THE EXHIBITION Finally, the Table Top Exhibition provides an opportunity for all producers, distributors, suppliers and service providers linked to the adhesive and sealant industry to promote their latest developments. This year, FEICA is expecting more than

600 participants from around the globe. Register now on the website below


Riga, Latvia

FEICA European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO 2018

Adhesives and sealants in the digital age

Year-on-year, FEICA attracts 500+ industry leaders to discuss market drivers and trends, innovation, sustainability and technological advancements.

Key Notes

Johan Bruck, Material & Innovation leader, IKEA

Richard van Hooijdonk, trend watcher and expert on digitisation in the supply chain

Aric Dromi, digital philosopher and professional troublemaker

Tom Voskes, Founding and Managing Partner, making digital disruption work for you, SparkOptimus ® 12-14 September 2018 Riga, Latvia

The adhesive and sealant industry’s essential event

12, 13 & 14 September 2018

• Network with other professionals in the adhesive and sealant value chain.

• Understand market dynamics, market trends and emerging economic developments that could impact your business.

• Tap into your end-users’ needs and learn what downstream users expect from you.

• Expand your knowledge of the advances in key technologies and applications from research and development professionals at the cutting edge of innovation.

• Learn about raw material supply chain trends and what your equipment suppliers have in store for you.

EXPO 12, 13 & 14 September 2018

The Table Top Exhibition opens on Wednesday 12 September at 15:00 and runs until Friday 14 September at 14:30.

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