Reel & Roll Handling Keeping products safe and secure

Keeping products safe and stable is a challenge faced by many companies. When the product is long cylindrical rolls of paper, stability becomes a much more challenging problem to fix

similar to paper cups, taking up less space, which means more parts can fit on a pallet. Also, Rollguard has just one piece that can be separated and used in multiple ways on the pallet. Because Rollguard is 100 per cent recyclable molded pulp cradle, it does not have to be cut, eliminating the creation of dust. But where Rollguard really differentiates itself from honeycomb is with its true radius. It actually perfectly cradles the roll product, reducing the risk of tipping or shifting.

board for over 60 years. Its highly diverse fleet of machines produces a wide variety of custom widths and formats of paper and most types of cardboard. In the Papyrolux warehouse, rolls of product were traditionally stacked and stored by being laid on pallets and then secured with honeycomb cardboard and banding. This has never worked the way the company wanted it to, so for three years Papyrolux has tried to improve the reliability and performance of the honeycomb material. Despite this, the stability continued to be questionable. Stability was a challenge from the moment the honeycomb cardboard was shipped to Papyrolux. It came in two different pieces that had to be used in two different ways. This meant that Papyrolux was unable to use the two pieces interchangeably. Adding to the problem was the untidy way honeycomb would create dust as it was cut into the sizes needed. Another issue with the honeycomb material was that it angled around the rolls, which meant it didn’t really cradle the product. It may have kept the rolls from shifting left to right, but it was still unstable. Fed up with the years of sub-par performance, Jaap Beijeman of Papyrolux Converters did an

P 26 June 2018

apyrolux Converters, a paper converting company based in Elburg (the Netherlands) has processed various types of paper and

“The benefits of Rollguard cradles were evident right away,” comments Beijeman. “Both labour and materials were reduced, the pallets were more stable, and we did- n’t receive any more com- plaints from customers.”

online search for roll cradles. Pictures of the Rollguard EU product popped up in the search results, so he contacted Rollguard. After Rollguard sent some different sized cradles for Papyrolux to sample, it was quickly apparent how the Rollguard cradles would reduce labour and materials while ensuring more stability. “The benefits of Rollguard cradles were evident

right away,” comments Beijeman. “Both labour and materials were reduced, the pallets were more stable, and we didn’t receive any more complaints from customers.”

Once again, it all begins with shipping. When Rollguard is shipped, it can nest within itself,

Beijeman also liked how easy it was to work with Rollguard EU. He says: “The Rollguard team provided good

information, quick responses and had an understanding of our needs. When we needed samples, we quickly got them. Orders were always confirmed as well as delivery dates.” “Even though the original method seemed to be economical, when viewing the whole picture, the benefits of the Rollguard cradles created a greater savings and additional efficiencies compared to our original packaging,” he adds. In July 2018, Papyrolux will begin operations in a brand-new building in Biddinghuizen, near Elburg, with 10.000m2

learn more about Papyrolux and to see a complete catalogue of paper processing capabilities, visit To learn more about Rollguard EU solutions, visit the website below. 

for stock and production. To

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