Slitting & Rewinding

The main objective of web guiding is to keep the material aligned before a critical process, this is just as important in slitting and rewinding operations


are not perfect. Converting lines are becoming faster and imperfections are magnified with the increased speeds. Rollers can be slightly misaligned and materials can have variations in thickness across the width or along the entire length of the material, causing the material to move without control over the rollers. Temperature and humidity can change in a production environment, and there are so many variables in a converting process that will affect the way a web behaves. Processes will always require devices to account for these imperfections and sensors, web guides and controllers are no longer just an accessory. Lack of precise and accurate detection of the web will result in lost production and materials, meaning the converter stands to lose money. It is surprising to find how much downtime and wastage is

O 24 June 2018

ne of the main tenets in web handling is that webs and converting processes

accumulated throughout a year of operation when there is inefficiency in a process. A faulty inspection process will lead to reprocessing of finished products, customer returns and, in many cases, complete batch scrappage. If we address precision and accuracy in web detection and positioning, material wastage can be avoided. In an operation that runs 24 hours a day, five days a week, for 50 weeks a year, running material at 700 feet per minute, just 1mm of wasted material can have a huge impact. If the guiding system in use cannot hold that precision and the converting operation is not willing to invest, they could fail to save thousands per year. Converters can use the Roll-2-Roll sensors and controllers for monitoring or measuring web width; detecting, counting or measuring threads; detecting marks that are either defects or purposely placed on the web; and monitoring coating edge location and position of laminates over a substrate. With

the communications option in the controllers, the inspection process can be accessed through a PLC or Ethernet communications. In web guiding, Roll-2-Roll has

developed a complete range of retrofit guiding systems that allow converters to keep the mechanical components of its installed web guide, and retrofit its system with Roll-2-Roll’s controller, sensor and actuator. This allows the converter to incorporate the latest and most advanced sensor/control application for a fraction of the cost

of replacing a complete web guide. Pneumo-hydraulic and electromechanical web guide systems are some of the systems that can be upgraded with its retrofit kits. Roll-2-Roll Technologies products

are available in the UK and Europe from TTS Systems, the web tension measurement and control specialists. Working with system builders, OEMs and end users TTS has provided technical support and back up for over 20 years. 

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