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commits to sustainability Hamilton Adhesive Labels, manufacturer of printed and plain labels for the food and drink, industrial, household and personal care sectors, is putting sustainability and waste reduction at the forefront of its business activity with far-reaching eco-initiatives. A significant achievement has been accomplishing zero waste to landfill; an

initiative it embarked upon in September 2017 when the volume of production waste totalled 75 tonnes per month. All skeletal waste from label production is recycled, along with all office and production waste, resulting in the zero to landfill achievement. The manufacturer has also invested in the Asahi Photoproducts AWP

flexographic plate solution to optimise efficiency and output quality without compromising sustainability. The plate is water washable, eliminating the need for high temperatures or VOC solvents in the washout process, and can transfer and release virtually all the ink it takes from the anilox - minimising ink cost and waste. The manufacturer’s eco-philosophy is evident from the moment

visitors arrive at the company’s site, from the car park outside, through to the factory floor. Further initiatives include the implementation of a green car policy, enabled by hybrid car charging points installed across Hamilton’s site in Bardon, Leicestershire. Funding has also been secured from the Green Business Fund, operated by the Carbon Trust, to switch to environmentally-friendly LED lighting throughout the site.

Davis-Standard acquires Brampton Engineering


Graphic Packaging International (GPI), has welcomed Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Amjad Bashir to its Leeds facility to demonstrate the significance of cartonboard in reducing the environmental impact of packaging. This follows discussions around the ongoing debate in Brussels about plastics, where strategies for accelerating sustainable packaging solutions are a key priority. He toured the site to learn more about how the industry is helping to drive a circular economy and deliver stand-out protective, preservative and presentation benefits via constant innovation. Dean Naylor, GPI plant manager, said: “Mr Bashir’s visit was a valuable opportunity to highlight the importance of our sector to a parliamentary representative and encourage advocacy. It is vital for luminaries such as GPI to champion our contribution to closed-loop recycling and to provide education about the need for greater legislative support. Mr Bashir was extremely impressed with the company’s level of

investment in technology and commitment to supporting young talent, combining environmental commitment with future-proofing UK manufacturing. GPI was pleased to welcome such a receptive figure and share its pioneering capabilities and philosophies. The visit was arranged as a joint venture between GPI and Pro Carton, the

European association of carton and cartonboard producers, to promote education about sustainability. Tony Hitchin, Pro Carton General Manager, added: “The key to ensuring a viable packaging future is to secure investment in recycling infrastructure and change consumer behaviours. This can only be achieved with parliamentary backing and Mr Bashir’s interest is certainly a step in the right direction.”

UK coatings industry leader recognised at BCF Annual Conference

In May 2018 at their Annual Conference, the British Coatings Federation (BCF) presented their prestigious, silver medal to UK coatings industry champion, Martin Wallen. The silver medal was presented to Wallen, formerly of Firwood Paints, for his contributions to the growth, health and reputation of the industry. Previously managing director of Firwood Paints,

Davis-Standard, LLC announced that it has acquired Brampton Engineering of Brampton, Ontario, provider of multi-layer AeroFrost air blown and AquaFrost water quenched film systems, film winding and many other film production solutions. “Today we are pleased to welcome Brampton

Engineering with their globally recognised blown film technology to our team,” said Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard president and CEO. “Brampton Engineering’s focus on customer support, technology and its employees align well with the values of Davis-Standard.” Gary Hughes, CEO of Brampton Engineering, remarked:

“Davis-Standard is a global leader in plastic extrusion technology and we are proud to join their team. Davis- Standard brings resources and support to our business to better serve our customers worldwide and we are excited about the solutions we can present together.” “We are very enthusiastic about working with Gary and the Brampton Engineering team and are excited about our future together.” Murphy concluded.

6 June 2018

Wallen has been a decades-long contributor to BCF committees and councils, offering a pragmatic and enthusiastic voice from the UK industrial protective coatings sector. In addition to his contributions to the BCF, Wallen was also the Chair of the North West Council.

Successful year for anticorrosion packaging producer

EcoCortec - fastest growing producer of anticorrosion packaging in Europe, is more than proud to receive Best Supplier Award from its distributor company, Tribotec, Sweden. Tribotec chose EcoCortec as a result of its excellent customer service, logistics and short lead times. Except for the growing sales, last year has been especially successful for EcoCortec. The company has entered latest expansion phase as part of a project

co-financed by Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts within European Funds Programme. The plant entered numerous new projects and is a partner in the €1.95 million European Biocompack project supported by the Interreg Central Europe. EcoCortec also launched Europe’s first collection and recycling initiative for used films and plastic bags. Both projects are aimed to decrease plastic waste in Europe, one of the world biggest growing problems. Thanks to great partners and distributors EcoCortec’s team is heading optimistically towards the future. Cortec Europe is intensely working on conquering new markets, not only in Europe but further.

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