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Kingsmoor Packaging’s new website provides sustainability focus

The Label Makers create new look for BOL’s healthy food pots

BOL has teamed up with Bradford-based The Label Makers, to revamp the packaging of its soup, salad and veg pot range. Previously using flexo printed labels, BOL has taken advantage of The Label Makers new Durst RSC to benefit from a digital print solution. BOL is the UK’s answer to healthy fast food, producing a 100 per cent

Thermoformed packaging specialist, Kingsmoor Packaging, is using the launch of its new website to provide a focus on sustainability, including guidance on the types of material used in its manufacturing process, as well as a ‘where to recycle’ widget showing where its products can be recycled. To help drive user engagement, the firm has also included an animated

cartoon character called ‘Poly-Mers’ on various landing pages. The primary function of the character, which is based on a snack pot manufactured in rPET by Kingsmoor, is to draw attention to key sustainability facts, such as a live counter on the home page indicating how many recycled plastic bottles have been used in Kingsmoor’s manufacturing process. “Like others in our industry we are working hard to ensure that our

packaging is as efficient as possible, by design, through production to recycling - closed-loop recycling in other words,” said Kingsmoor Packaging’s managing director, James Hill. “Clearly with everything that is going on with plastics currently, we wanted to provide as much information as we could regarding our products, particularly what they are made from and where and how they can be recycled. We introduced Poly-Mers as a tongue-in-cheek character to help us get our important messages across and we intend to develop its role further on social media and particularly to schools in our local area in an educational capacity."

Metsä Board’s takeaway packaging impresses Finnish competition

The Helsinki Wholesale Market area launched, in October 2018, an innovation competition aimed at finding new ideas and solutions for the development of services and versatile entrepreneurship. From around 60 entries submitted, the best seven were chosen for a pilot phase. Metsä Board is delighted to announce that one of the selected entries is for its recyclable packaging concept targeted at restaurant takeaway services. Metsä Board’s project involves the whole packaging value chain, and these needs formed the basis for the

packaging development. In addition, a consumer study was carried out at the beginning of the pilot stage. “The current takeaway packages used by restaurants either have functional challenges or consumers regard them as non-ecological. We also got feedback that current packaging does not fulfil the criteria of premium packaging,” says Leena Yliniemi, technical marketing director from Metsä Board. The piloted packaging concept is manufactured from Metsä Board’s paperboard, which is suitable for direct food contact and is recyclable. Furthermore, the packaging can be easily personalised for the restaurant. The packages are designed and manufactured by a Finnish company, Cadpack Oy.

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plant-based offering for the booming food-to-go market. The vivid, bright colours of the fresh produce inside are complemented by an eye- popping, sharp, modern packaging design that exploits the transparency of the containers. The Durst was the clear choice for this production, with BOL requiring the flexibility to tweak and alter the design during the process, without causing delay or significant additional costs. Traditional printing methods would have required a new set of plates for every design change, but BOL benefitted from the cutting-edge speed enjoyed with printing digitally. Offering a range of advantages, including a 98 per cent match to pantone, the Durst achieves an extremely high definition of process imagery and a higher opacity with the white ink than the previous flexo label. The printed inks passed a rigorous testing procedure at a third-party packing company under extreme hot and cold temperatures, confirming that this really is premium, quality packaging. BOL’s design manager said: “The Label Makers are truly pioneering in the printing industry with techniques available nowhere else in the UK.”

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