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Round rolls in square boxes don’t work By Rob Swannell, general manager of Rollguard


f you saw two boxed items in a store, and one item’s box was damaged, which item would you

choose to buy? You, along with everyone else, would most likely choose the item in the non-damaged box. It’s because customers assume if the box is damaged that the product inside is damaged.

improved feed quality, better storage and increased farm profits.

WHY ROUND ROLLS OF FILM IN SQUARE BOXES DON’T WORK To ship their product, SPG Packaging Ireland was placing rolls of their film into square boxes. As these boxes were traveling to customers in Ireland, France, Norway and New Zealand, they would sometimes get damaged. The reason why round rolls in square

That’s a fair assumption; and it’s an assumption that was being made by customers of SPG Packaging Ireland.

SPG PACKAGING IRELAND PRODUCES FILM TO SEAL LIVESTOCK FEED SPG Packaging Ireland produces Silawrap Net Replacement Film, which is wrapped around bales of grass, that are often stored and later used as feed for livestock. Its elasticity and strength properties hold the bale together, preventing mould, vermin and handler damage. The film helps keep everything from wet to dry grass sealed tightly, which results in

boxes don’t work is due to the extra space in the box. When a roll is placed inside of a box, the extra space from the bigger box allows the roll to move around on the inside. A standard 10in diameter roll in a 10 x10 box contains more than 27 per cent open, unused and, most importantly, unsupported area. Box corners typically provide the strength to keep the adjoining walls from collapsing but, due to this lack of support, the corners could lose much of their stacking strength and end up visibly damaged. The fate of the roll inside the box is not much better. While it is moving around, the roll has a very small area of contact with the box causing higher pressure points. Rolls can develop four distinguished rub lines along their web from constant rubbing. Roll ends are not immune to damage either, with the rubbing leading to a few layers of film getting stuck together, which is known as blocking.

THE DIFFERENCE OF A ROLL CRADLE That’s when SPG Packaging Ireland reached out to Rollguard EU. Rollguard EU had a simple, but extremely effective solution for packaging the film rolls: a roll cradle. A cradle works very differently than a box, fitting perfectly around the rolls and better

withstanding possible damage during transit. As Rob Swannell, general manager of Rollguard EU, pointed out: “Putting a round item in a square box looks its best when you pack it, but the box begins to lose its structural integrity during shipment. By the time it reaches the customer, the box can be in pretty bad shape. With the Rollguard product, the film rolls are securely cradled and remain in excellent condition when they arrive to the customer.”

LESS PACKAGING = LESS HASSLE Brian McBride of SPG Packaging Ireland, shared his observations of what his customers appreciate the most about the new packaging product. “Because these film rolls are 1,420 mm long, it is easier for the customer to handle the roll itself rather than handling a box. They also appreciate having less cardboard to dispose of.” Even if the previously used boxes had managed to hold up during shipping, there was still a significant amount of cardboard that had to be disposed of by the customer. The product that the Rollguard team

suggested for SPG Packaging Ireland was the EU-120/ molded pulp roll cradle 5. Molded pulp roll cradles are made from 100 per cent recycled corrugated fiber pulp so, after use, the cradle is 100 per cent recyclable. Recycled fiber roll cradles are shipped nested in hinged pairs that can be easily split apart or folded in half for use in roll stacking. The cradles’ high durability and ease of assembly led to positive feedback from SPG Packaging Ireland and its customers, who no longer think poorly of the film product based on damaged packaging. From company to customer, Rollguard cradles keeps film rolls, and many other products, looking their best. So why try to put a round roll in a square box, when there’s a much better solution? Rob Swannell is the general manager for

Great Northern Rollguard. Rollguard EU’s fiber cradles are made and shipped from Germany, offering an innovative packaging product for all roll and cylindrical products. 24 April 2019

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