Software & Controls

CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT ANY SUCCESSES BVS HAS HAD THIS YEAR? Certainly. BVS has done a considerable amount to combine forces and be viewed as one company under the Baldwin umbrella. Connectedness is very important for us going forward, establishing a broader portfolio within both BVS and Baldwin allows us to be more connected. At the start of the year our focus was on

connecting our companies together and meeting the needs of our clients in terms of satisfying orders and improving our own efficiency. We quickly shifted to focus on aligning our leadership and technical teams across the businesses to put together a road map of smart, connected solutions for the future. Combining our respective knowledge and expertise has really helped us discover some great solutions that we plan to launch in the coming months.

WHAT HOPES DO YOU HAVE FOR BVS FOR THE COMING YEAR AND FOR THE LONG-TERM FUTURE? We are committed to building a strong and secure future for our customers as well as our own employees, so we will continue to invest in research and development so that we can surpass our competitors within the market in terms of the value that we provide. We are bringing more technology options and more support resources to our existing customer base. We have greater capability to respond to their ongoing needs in order to secure future business with them as well as

38 April 2019

driving new business in new markets to help BVS expand within the industry.

HOW DO YOU THINK THE LABEL PACKAGING AND PRINTING INDUSTRIES WILL EVOLVE, AND HOW WILL BVS FIT IN? Many of our clients have concerns with regards to hiring new people with enough expertise to replace those that leave. The technology that we provide can help in these situations, because with automation it is possible to see consistently good results and monitor the printing jobs adequately. This way, printers are able to continue to improve the quality of their printing and their performance. QuadTech alone didn’t have a readily available solution for this issue in terms of the narrow web and labelling industries, but with BVS forming and the sharing of knowledge and products, we now have very strong solutions to meet the needs of these markets. This demonstrates how BVS will continue to grow and I think the company has a very bright future.

ARE THERE ANY CHALLENGES WITHIN THE INDUSTRY OVERALL? Achieving consistent quality output is definitely an issue for all printers and was, in fact, the main issue addressed when the FTA surveyed their members in the US print providers need to be able to produce defect-free print with perfect colour accuracy, because brands need to be consistent and recognisable from the outset. There is no room at all for variation

when it comes to printing packaging, as consumers will see the outer packaging and associate that with the quality of the product inside. As such, automating colour management and defect detection processes has become paramount for success. BVS can help to overcome this concern with smart solutions that guarantee consistency run after run, and with short run work giving rise to more challenges in terms of keeping the consistency, we can really help them.

WITH MUCH OF THE MERGER ACTIVITY TAKING PLACE IN THE US, HOW IS BVS MOVING FORWARD GLOBALLY? Our global footprint as a combined entity is one of the most exciting aspects of this new combination of resources. In addition to our headquarters in the US, QuadTech had very active sales and service offices in Europe, China, India, and Japan - and representation in many more countries. WPC and PC Industries had some global presence, but those product lines will definitely benefit from this expansion of sales and support capabilities. On top of that, what was five strategic locations for QuadTech is now expanded to 21 locations worldwide as BVS, under Baldwin Technology Company. For customers, that means a greatly enhanced availability as process consultants, and for parts and service support.

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