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Following the departure of Karl Fritchen fromBaldwin Vision Systems (BVS) in September 2018, new president Vince Balistrieri answers questions around his new role, explains what progress the company has made in the last year, and shares his vision for BVS and its customers moving forward

connected workflows to achieve new levels of quality and production efficiency. Working together has positioned us well to help our customers move to that more profitable level, and has given us a much better understanding of their needs and how to address them. Together, we can now offer printers the

ability to choose between multiple options in a product class and select the option that best fits their specific application, processes, and budget.

HOW HAVE YOUR PREVIOUS ROLES HELPED TO PREPARE YOU TO OVERSEE THIS? Initially I started out very technology- focused, I completed a degree in engineering before going into my first role working in product development for Rockwell Automation, which manufactures industrial control products. However, I soon realized that I found it


YOU EXPLAIN TO US WHAT BVS IS DOING AND HOW THE MERGE CAME ABOUT? Baldwin Vision Systems has been in operation for just over a year now, having been formed on 7th December 2017 and uniting QuadTech, PC Industries, and Web Printing Controls into a single print technology powerhouse. After acquisition, we’ve spent the year rebranding those former company names into BALDWIN Vision Systems, owned by Baldwin Technology Company Inc. The thought behind it was that combining our wide- ranging expertise would expand and speed up the pace of development, not only in terms of technology, but also by offering a broader product portfolio for packaging, commercial, and newspaper printers.

IS IT TOO SOON TO EXPECT THAT THIS MERGER HAS IN ANY WAY BENEFITED YOUR CUSTOMERS, OR THE PRINT INDUSTRY IN GENERAL? We have already seen that when diverse technical capabilities are brought together under one umbrella, there is substantially more innovation taking place - and being developed more quickly. Rather than working independently on individual products, we are able to deliver data-

connected workflows that enable printers to streamline their processes, troubleshoot problems and train staff, and prove the quality of their work. And all of these solutions now have a wider, global service and support network. By combining the resources of the three legacy companies, we have greatly expanded our ability to serve as valuable process consultants, rather than just being suppliers of equipment.

PREVIOUSLY, QUADTECH, PC INDUSTRIES AND WEB PRINTING CONTROL WERE IN DIRECT COMPETITION WITH EACH OTHER. HOW HAVE YOU FOUND THE PROCESS OF BRINGING ALL THREE COMPANIES TOGETHER TO FORM BVS? We have worked very hard to ensure that we are not just offering a combination of all three product lines but that the different products complement each other. The merge has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to determine what makes our products successful, and then apply this to new and existing products as we continue growing the BVS product portfolio into a stronger and more complete set of solutions. Like other manufacturing industries, the print industry is moving quickly toward adoption of Industry 4.0 smart technology - using data and

more rewarding working with people to align around objectives to ensure the delivery of solutions that provide complete customer satisfaction. I was able to secure a management position within the software engineering team and continued to develop with the company. I then moved on to become director of engineering at a company called Johnson Controls, a global provider of building automation systems, where I managed a large group of people across multiple sites to develop a new generation of building automation systems. I joined QuadTech in 2005 as the Director of Engineering and worked in that and other roles until we were acquired by Baldwin Technology Company. From initially managing the corporate

engineering team for parent company Quad/ Graphics, as well as the engineering team that provided solutions to the print market, through to the role of vice president of operations in 2013, I was able to learn more about the different aspects of the business and gain a better understanding of the market. Through many years at QuadTech, my

engineering and controls background as well as my business management experience and direct customer involvement around the globe has allowed me to develop a well-rounded skillset and understanding of the needs of printers, preparing me well for this role at BVS.

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