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Niamh Marriott Editor

Eye-catching foils have designs on branded packaging

A new selection of colour shifting foils, which enable designers to develop eye-catching brand enhancing packaging, is available from effects specialist, Fresnels Innovations. New ‘Scarab’, which reflects the iridescent colours of the eponymous

beetle, and ‘Opal’, which takes its inspiration from the colour effects seen in mineral gem stones, follow the launch of the optically variable foil (OVF) Peacock stamping foil in 2018. The latest foils will feature as part of a select range of eye-catching colour shifting effects from Fresnels Innovations, designed to improve recyclable packaging through the use of stamping foil technology instead of inks. Both are opaque foils but feature within their formulation either basic

pigmentation (Scarab) or a reflective surface (Opal). Precision engineered to produce sophisticated optical elements; they deliver highly individual added value packaging effects, which provides striking visual appeal designed to catch the eye of consumers in the retail environment. Unlike colour shifting inks, which only change when tilted relative to

viewing light, the foils also alter colour when rotated - when applied to curved surfaces, the full gamut of colour changes can be seen at a single glance. Developed for high speed machine application and available for either hot stamping or cold transfer applications, each foil can be applied quickly and easily without the requirement for registration equipment, saving time and costs in the process. COO Dr Glenn Wood said

the new products will add novelty to packaging applications: “We are achieving similar colour changes to optically variable inks with our foils, thus providing branded packaging with customer engagement and visual effects previously found only on banknotes and other government security documents.” Fresnels Innovations is

working with a Taiwanese manufacturer of folding cartons to produce new eye-catching plastic free packaging, which is both 100 per cent recyclable and FSC carton board certified.

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Arden tests the market with solid plate Dies

A new die-making product could soon be heading to the UK market after some successful trials by Arden Dies. The move comes after die making providers, Marbach, has been enjoying global success with its Solidplate Dies, prompting Arden to test the UK market. The first trials have taken place with Essentra Packaging in Bradford, who

converted a 30 up RTE Pharmaceutical Carton layout, running on their Bobst Expertcut 106 PER at 8970 SPH. Ben Nappey, site manager at Essentra, said: “This is a great product and

we are very impressed with the results, we’ve never had performance anywhere near this before. Arden suggested Solidplate Dies as an alternative tooling package for us and it’s certainly delivered in terms of press performance and the potential commercial benefits and savings. We’d be keen to use more of this type of tool in the future for our multiple up layout ranges, particularly if similar run speeds can be achieved.” The Solidplate Die is branded by Marbach as ‘The Accurate One’ due

to its dimensional stability, allowing excellent registration between engraved counter plates and die, and delivering high-quality creasing results. As the entry-level model in the field of dimensionally stable die boards, it’s affordable, high-performing and robust enough to deliver multiple re-knives. April 2019 5

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