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systems manufacturer, Macsa ID, is highlighting the suitability of its D- 5005 UV laser for fast, legible and high contrast marking on the coloured plastic bottle lids widely used across the beverage industry. Today’s drinks bottle cap market is worth


approximately €1,500 million in Europe, with some 250,000 million lids manufactured annually. Protecting against spills, leaks and tampering, the latest multi-functional bottle cap designs increasingly feature a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and colours.

COLOUR MATTERS In particular, the beverage lid colour influences the marking requirements. It is essential to choose a laser marking system that provides high contrast, quality marking on the entire surface of the cap, even on the inside. Macsa ID’s D-5005 UV laser applies indelible, high contrast marking on coloured

acsa ID UK, a division of Barcelona-based laser coding, marking and scoring

plastic lids without damaging the surface in any way. It is also capable of operating at the high speeds (up to 162m/min) required by the beverage industry. The laser system can be easily installed

and integrated into virtually any beverage production line. Alternatively, it can be used in conjunction with Macsa ID’s range of advanced workstations for standalone applications. Macsa ID’s D-5005 UV laser is a DPSS model with an ideal wavelength to obtain a perfect contact when marking the thermoformed polymers that do not usually achieve a good result with conventional laser equipment and often require chemical additives, which are often not permitted in all of the food and beverage market. Macsa ID delivers advanced solutions to meet the coding, identification and traceability needs of the manufacturing industry. It is one of the five largest international companies in the laser and coding sector. Macsa ID is supported by a sales and service network that spans more than 80

countries and has direct offices in Spain, China, Malaysia and now the UK. Macsa ID’s head office is located in

Barcelona, Spain and is the only Spanish company that manufactures laser marking equipment. The company invests more that 8 per cent of its revenues in R&D annually.

on the upswing. The group of companies has once again

Herma labelled a success in adhesives W

ith self-adhesive materials, labels, and labelling machines, HERMA continues

registered a markedly positive development in the fiscal year 2018 – despite an uneven global economy, which is already slowing down in many places. In total, the self- adhesive technology expert with headquarters in Filderstadt posted record sales of 361.3 million euros (compared with 342.3 million euros in the previous year). This equals a 5.6 per cent growth – the company had planned for just 3.6 per cent. This continued expansion results exclusively from organic growth.

“We benefit from the fact that we are

broadly positioned both internationally and across industry sectors, and are therefore able

32 April 2019

to compensate decreases in individual markets or fields through increases in others”, say both managing directors Sven Schneller and Dr Thomas Baumgärtner. “In overall, this is the source of our long-term stability.” The export ratio remained unchanged at 60.2 per cent. Moreover, the company management is happy to announce earnings which provide HERMA with the necessary funds to continue its course of investment and expansion. For 2019, however, a noticeable drop in earnings is expected, caused by high depreciation due to construction activities, a significant rise in personnel costs, and spiralling costs for some raw materials. After the first quarter of 2019, the managing directors see the group of companies on a solid course. For the fiscal year 2019, they are planning “an ambitious sales increase of 4.0 per cent

despite a noticeable economic slowdown – from organic growth like in previous years”, explains Schneller. “For the Self-adhesive Materials and Labelling Machines Divisions, we anticipate greater dynamics than for the Labels Division. With regard to the latter, we prefer further yield increases to pure growth.”

MOVE COMPLETED In 2018, the number of employees in the HERMA group as a whole increased from 993 to 1,051. For the current year, HERMA is planning to create 101 new jobs – related to, amongst other things, HERMA’s most recent 100 million euro investment in new production facilities and buildings at the Filderstadt headquarters. After the move of the Labelling Machines Division from Deizisau was completed at the turn of the year, a total of 919 employees now work in Filderstadt.

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