Digital Printing

Small, fast and ready to boost productivity

Thermal Barcode Printer to its impressive line of high-performance industrial printers. The compact size of the T4000 allows it


to fit in environments where space is limited but enterprise level performance is still required. Despite its small stature, the T4000 can easily print up to 5,000 labels at day at an impressive eight inches per second and comes with a wide array of versatile features. Designed with

today’s high-tech requirements in mind, the T4000 fits seamlessly into any environment

with multiple connectivity options, remote printer management tools and automated alerts that keep operations functioning at optimum efficiency and productivity. The T4000 comes standard with Ethernet, USB host, USB device and Serial connectivity. State-of-the-art versions of Wifi and Bluetooth can also be ordered as optional features. “The T4000 was designed to complement our existing mid-range and high-end

rintronix Auto ID, supplier in the AIDC barcode printer industry, has added the T4000 Compact

industrial enterprise printers but with a smaller footprint and lower print volumes,” says Andy Edwards, director of product management. “The T4000 is competitively priced and comes with many standard features that are otherwise optional or unavailable on competitor models. And of course, it comes with the trusted reliability expected of a Printronix printer.” Like all Printronix industrial label printers, the T4000 is built on their exclusive Printronix System Architecture (PSA) platform which simplifies printer replacement and installation. Users and IT professionals will appreciate the nine thermal printer language emulations, embedded webpage, remote printer management tool and a user interface that is common to all Printronix industrial printers.

Easy to operate; the T4000 includes a

bi-fold door that allows users to change media and ribbon in tight spaces and the illuminated 3.5in colour display provides adequate light and easy navigation under any conditions. To minimise media changes, the easy side-loading label and ribbons spindles support 8in media rolls and 450m ribbons

Rollagranola scales up with MRPeasy


ood distributors and retailers rightly demand the highest standards of their suppliers, not just over ingredients and processes but also

business systems. Major food groups can spend millions on systems –

how can a small or start-up company aspire to a similar level of credibility with buyers? For Hertfordshire based granola producer Rollagranola,

part of the answer is a cloud-based Manufacturing ERP package from MRPeasy. Inspired by the

superior granolas he had encountered in the United States, Robin Longden founded Rollagranola in 2014, to produce premium granolas entirely from natural ingredients, with no refined sugars, and looking and feeling homemade. The company now makes around 18 variants, including paleo and gluten- free, ‘to meet the needs of customers who want better standards and are prepared to pay a little bit more.’ Like many food start-ups, Rollagranola commenced by manufacturing at home and selling at markets. Longden took the decision after 18 months to become a proper commercial firm and found a 2,500sqft factory. “Making granola isn’t the most complicated and sophisticated job – after all, you can make it at home. We needed a system that maintained simplicity and clarity, but gave us the ability to bring in new vendors, to store materials specifications and to work to consistent recipe.”

Digital Flex scoops the top industry prizes S

ince 1965 Digital Flex produces photopolymer printing systems for flexographic printing.

Andrea Vergnano, senior executive vice

president at Digital Flex comments: “The technological investments made in 2018 have been really successful and today the new Lead Lasers Flexostar system for direct engraving of elastomer sleeves and the new Esko CDI Crystal XPS exposure unit allow us to offer our customers a wider and more winning technological choice.” Digital Flex received 11 prizes during the

award ceremony of the Best-in-Flexo 2018 contest, organised by ATIF, in almost all the categories and among them 3 first places. Another success was gained in Brazil for a contest organised by AB Flexo and FTA, during an award ceremony, where Digital Flex received the prizes for the first, second and third place.

16 April 2019 Another source of satisfaction for Digital

Flex was totally unexpected, the career achievement award given to Renato Vergnano, president and co-founder of the company, during the Best-in-Flexo award ceremony, assigned by the trade press.

Renato Vergnano was really moved by this recognition and he did not fail to remember that he was one of ATIF’s founder members in the distant 1982. Renato’s career started in 1965 when he founded Nuova Roveco, the first Italian pre-press company to work only in flexography. During his 53 years’ work, Renato Vergnano witnessed the company’s growth, its changes and its uninterrupted innovations, which led Digital Flex to be the reference point in the market. Now Digital Flex has added a new competitive edge, a sales office in Veneto, with the aim of better controlling the North-Eastern part of the Italian market. In his office in Pozzoleone, Vicenza, Giosuè Veggian is already working. Giosuè boasts twenty years’ experience in the packaging sector and will bring Digital Flex closer to its customers. 

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