Labelling Solutions

New programme to digitally transform labelling industry launched

NiceLabel, a label design software and label management systems company, has launched its global partner programme

demand for the digital transformation of on-demand label printing. The launch of the programme follows


NiceLabel’s year-on-year growth. It is driven by the evolution of the labelling software industry, characterised by an increased demand from customers for streamlined, more agile and efficient ways of managing their labelling requirements. The programme brings together a large community of new and existing partners across the globe in a structured and more collaborative way. Members of the partner programme gain access to high levels of technical and marketing support to assist them in generating sales opportunities and

iceLabel has designed the programme to help channel partners meet customer

position themselves as trusted advisors to their customers. Programme members also enjoy wider

benefits such as product discounts, access to NiceLabel sales teams and the use of demo and trial licenses. “The labelling software market is

maturing to the point where a partner programme is essential to bring structure, set expectations, and provide incentives and rewards,” explains Paul Vogt, channel marketing director, NiceLabel. “We have an existing partner base stretching across the US, Europe and APAC and by formalising this we are delivering on our promise to help our partners increase their margins and become more consultative. The technical and marketing support on offer, as well as access to NiceLabel skills and resources, helps partners support their customers’ digital transformation

requirements and ultimately empowers users across industries.” “What makes a relationship with

NiceLabel compelling? Our software is ideal for the channel community: auto ID VARs, print automation specialists and production system integrators find real success implementing NiceLabel as part of their solution portfolio. NiceLabel puts them in pole position to win the sales of new hardware, services, and supplies. There is a high demand for our flagship solution, Label Management System, available both as on-premise and Label Cloud (SaaS) solution – VARs tell us that it enables them to bring a compelling message of improved print productivity to their end users and to demonstrate a clear ROI to their customers.” The new programme is three-tiered —

NiceLabel Integrator, NiceLabel Partner and NiceLabel Reseller. The top two tiers, Integrators and Partners, are differentiated by their investment in technical competence. They have skills to configure, manage and deploy advanced NiceLabel- based solutions.

multicentre research study. The 25mm by 25mm square labels will be pre-printed and colour-coded by AA Labels with variable data and QR codes for use on PP vials, tubes and storage boxes within its research department. The labels are designed to retain adhesion and quality in liquid nitrogen storage tanks over long periods of time, down to temperatures of -196˚C, as the

Seven million cryogenic labels printed A

specialist labels manufacturer in Peterborough has been awarded a £43.3k contract to print seven million cryogenic labels for Imperial College London’s epidemiology department and supply an additional 350,000 plain labels. Family-run AA Labels will supply 100,000 A4 sheets of cryogenic labels to the College’s School of Public Health, based at St Mary’s campus in Paddington, London, for use in a

print is permanently fused to the label surface (face-stock). The printing of the labels will take place on AA Label’s HP Indigo WS6800 press to achieve the highest resolution and quality, subsequently being cut from a roll into A4 sheets and batched. The printing process, incorporating batching, checking and quality control intervention will take two weeks to complete, with all labels delivered in a single batch comprising two pallets. Ian Axelsen, business development manager at AA Labels, comments: “This is a large order for printed cryogenic labels and reinforces AA Labels growing reputation as a supplier of specialist materials to the bio-medical sector. “We have worked closely with the material’s manufacturers research and development

department and the customer to ensure the correct specification for the adhesive and face-stock for this application. These specialist labels are designed specifically to withstand extreme temperatures and multiple freeze-thaw cycles, for example in ice water or warm water, and retain their quality after being returned to the liquid nitrogen storage tank. These unique qualities make them ideal for the labelling of cryogenically stored biological samples and information in various formats, including those used by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. “We are delighted to be awarded this significant contract by Imperial College London, which demonstrates our abilities as a manufacturer of labels, and achieving this has put us on an early path to growth in 2019.”  April 2019 31

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