CEF reduces fleet downtime and fuel costs with in-cab technology E

lectrical distributor, City Electrical Factors (CEF), which has 390

stores across the UK, has installed in-cab technology and rewards platform Lightfoot into its fleet. As a result, CEF reports that vehicle downtime has dropped by 45%, while fuel costs have been cut by almost 12%. Installed primarily

to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the production of harmful emissions, CEF has also seen reductions in the frequency of accidents involving its vehicles. Ian Thorn, CEF

Fleet Operations Manager, said: “Downtime has decreased from 2.01 days in 2015 to 1.11 days at the end of 2017. That’s a 45% reduction in the amount of time our vehicles are out of action and equates to a significant six- figure annual saving.” Richard Whitehurst, Group Manager for

CEF, adds: “Lightfoot is an excellent device. It creates a smoother driving style that helps keep our teams safe and ensures that our employees’ welfare comes first.”

Ian Thorn, Fleet Operations Manager at CEF.

rewards and incentives, has effected a positive change in driver behaviour, with the majority now striving to drive as efficiently as possible. This results in significant reductions in claims frequency and value, along with lower fuel costs and vehicle downtime. Martin Kadhim, Director at Lightfoot,

said: “CEF’s drivers have really taken to the concept of being recognised and rewarded for safer and more efficient driving.”

Adopted by CEF as part of their ongoing commitment to go ‘above and beyond’ for their customers, Lightfoot has helped CEF’s drivers to consistently find their engine’s ‘sweet spot’ through real- time audio and visual feedback in-cab. This, coupled with the introduction of

Harvard Technology secures investment to boost growth


arvard Technology, the manufacturer of smart lighting solutions – which in 2018

celebrates its 25th anniversary – has announced investment from ECI Partners and serial investor Brian Davidson, who has a proven track record of leading companies that can deliver significant growth. Davidson, the former Chief Executive and

Chairman of Crown Paints, has been appointed as Executive Chairman. Davidson said: “I am extremely excited by the capabilities of the business. It is a company with excellent potential, having remained a leading innovator in a very competitive lighting sector for many years. We want to build on the history of innovation and reputation for delivering quality products and solutions, whilst driving the business forward.” Since being established in 1993, Harvard Technology

has refined its service offering and is well on the way to meeting ambitious goals to deliver on time delivery targets of over 95% to service customers. The company has also recently been

recommended for the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard, awarded to organisations that demonstrate the highest quality and management standards across all areas of their business. As part of the investment, CEO Paul Hussey and Chief

Finance Officer Richard Paul left the company at the end of January.

established relationship with the LIA as an annual sponsor of The Mackwell Student of the Year Awards for the LIA Certificate course. The course provides a grounding in lighting and technical knowledge and is attended by students from across the lighting supply chain. Said the LIA:“Not only embodying the philosophy of the Academy, the course also aligns itself with Mackwell, respected as one of the leading providers of technical solutions for the global lighting industry.” The LIA has also welcomed Luxonic as an Ambassador. For over 30

years, Luxonic’s passion for developing and manufacturing energy efficient equipment has seen it deliver its lighting products to some of the world’s most innovative businesses. By committing to Ambassador Status, Luxonic joins over 15 of the most

respected names spanning the lighting industry, business and education. “Luxonic has a strong commitment to learning and to support those,

like the Academy, who try and improve the industry and the way it operates,” said George Payas, Luxonic Marketing Communications Manager.

6 | electrical wholesaler March 2018 Luxonic has already been doing its bit to help educate the industry by

providing courses, including an LED CPD course. Becoming an Ambassador allows major industry players who are passionate about educating the lighting community, the opportunity to take a leading role.

Maxwell and Luxonic inducted as LIA Ambassadors L

ighting manufacturer Mackwell has become a Lighting Industry Ambassador, cementing the company’s long-

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