InstallationNews Lighting vision achieved with intelligent B.E.G. system

Lighting controls specialist B.E.G. has completed the first installation of its new DALISYS system in a new comprehensive school building in Germany.


lautopf School has a 400sq m learning centre, smaller classrooms and corridors which are occupied for short

amounts of time, meaning lighting levels and timings needed to be flexible and responsive to the activities in each space. The DALISYS lighting control system from German manufacturer B.E.G. was ideal because it can send individual operating commands, triggered by a user or the environment, to multiple zones simultaneously. The DALISYS is a high-performance, efficient lighting system which

works on the principle of distributed intelligence to ensure a high level of operational reliability. Its modular, networkable system is also entirely scalable, as required. This system includes a wide range of multi-sensors including the new B.E.G. PureColour Wellness Sensor for control of light colour in tune with natural daylight. The B.E.G. DALISYS system was ideal for the school as it will reduce

energy consumption and bills by dimming lighting in certain zones of the large space which are not being occupied. The corridors also had B.E.G. DALISYS sensors installed as students gather together for short bursts in these spaces, during break. The products ensure sufficient light is available during these brief but busy times and then switches the lighting off when there is no activity, combining optimum energy efficiency with maximum convenience. This product also includes a ‘guided light’ feature which enables it to lead students through the building in a ‘pool of light’. The whole system works on one level, but also vertically in the entire atrium, over different floors.

The DALISYS lighting control system from B.E.G. was ideal for Blautopf School.

B.E.G. DALISYS sensors can be distributed over several routers, connecting the light across subdivisions. B.E.G. also provided safety lighting. Paul Jones, B.E.G. UK Director for UK & Ireland, said: “Blautopf School is a

great example of an education facility which required a light control strategy which was completely scalable, extremely flexible in terms of fitting around its architectural challenges and which would improve its carbon footprint and reduce its energy costs.” Scolmore specified for new boutique hotel

Scolmore’s Deco wiring accessories range was selected to meet the high specification requirements of a prestigious new hotel in Essex.


he quintessentially British, seaside town of Southend-on-Sea welcomed the

opening of Seven Hotel, its first luxury boutique hotel last December.

Following a £4m investment, the new

four-storey, 37-bedroom, luxury hotel, opened on Clifton Terrace, overlooking the seafront. Switches and sockets from Scolmore’s Deco

wiring accessories range have been fitted in all the hotel bedrooms and an antique brass finish was chosen to complement the style of the interior décor, which was worked up by award- winning designers, renowned for their contemporary yet timeless concepts. Deco is a range of decorative metal wiring accessories and the Deco brand has become synonymous with high specification, high quality, long life and unprecedented value. Kevin Tench, Director at Total Electrical Ltd, which was responsible for the electrical installation, commented: “This was a really interesting project to work on. Each of the bedrooms is a different shape and size, so required different quantities and locations for the plugs and sockets. “Deco is a high quality range that looks

really good in situ and the antique brass finish chosen works perfectly with the overall interior theme.” For further information, contact Scolmore on 01827 63454, or visit

A prestigious new hotel required high spec wiring accessories. Scolmore’s Deco range – which complements the stylish hotel interior, has been fitted throughout the bedrooms.

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