InstallationNews New central London Facebook HQ likes Wieland

Wieland’s Metalynx2 structured wiring system has been used for the connection of power supply throughout One Rathbone Square, the new London HQ for social media company Facebook.


ne Rathbone Square is a 418,698sq ſt development that also features 142 apartments and retail space surrounding a new

public garden square – the first of its kind to be created in Central London in 100 years.

The new Cat A office space occupied by Facebook has been created using intelligent construction, which also applies to the cabling methodology that has been applied to the building with the use of Wieland’s Metalynx2

and lighting. Wieland’s Metalynx2

– based on ‘plug and play’ connectivity – was

specified by Chatham-based electrical contractors, Daletech Ltd. The system arrives on site pre-wired and ready for use and has been shown to dramatically reduce installation time by around 70%, making it perfect for fast-track projects. Metalynx2

uses a minimum number of components, all of which lock

together for secure installation and every system component is factory tested in a quality-controlled environment prior to delivery. And with the ability to customise Metalynx2

components for special projects, it offers

infinite design flexibility. The system also incorporates an earth clamp that bonds to the conduit and a patented cable grip to prevent strain being transferred to the contact pins. The Metalynx2

system also provides future proofing. Its inherent

structured wiring system to deliver the small power

Wieland’s Metalynx2

structured wiring system has been installed at Facebook’s new flagship London HQ.

flexibility means that any system changes can be accommodated quickly with minimum downtime for the building owner. Wieland’s Metalynx2

a re-wiring project in both product and packaging. Consequently, structured wiring helps to reduce waste, meet recycling targets and it support the sustainability objectives of designing intelligent buildings. Twin165 teams looks and capacity at cutting edge facility

A leading business services provider required a high quality cable management solution for a new £multi-million facility and, with its sleek design and large data capacity, Marshall-Tufflex’s Twin165 system fitted the build perfectly.

containment solution that accommodated a large amount of data cabling, was aesthetically pleasing and provided streamlined cable management around difficult corners and protrusions. Innovative PVC-U Twin165 delivered the


perfect solution, with a large bend radius control of 50mm suitable for installations up to Cat 7a. The trunking is split to provide 60% of space for power delivery and a generous 40% for data cables, making it perfect for commercial requirements. Electrical contractor Matt Potter of Red

Mechanical & Electrical, Newtonabbey, Belfast, said: “The trunking had to be Cat 6a compliant, meeting certain bend radius figures and because of the deep profile of Twin165 we were able to achieve this. The trunking was installed rapidly and we found the Marshall-Tufflex products competitively priced and in stock with our supplier.”

Marshall-Tufflex’s Twin165 trunking provided the perfect solution for the new, Irish state-of-the-art development. Around 500m of white skirting and dado

trunking were fitted throughout the 130,000sq ft site, supplied by Wilson Electrical. The durable system has pre-drilled fixing points making it quick and easy to install. Unique, lockable and adjustable internal and external bends mean it is flexible enough to

offer adjustments of +/- 10% for intolerances on corners. Core Electrical is the sole distributor of

Marshall-Tufflex products in Ireland and Northern Ireland. March 2018 electrical wholesaler | 15

pecifiers working on the Irish project required a high performance

system can also be re-used, reducing waste during

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