Test Equipment

On-going calibration on an annual basis ensures that the instrument maintains its accuracy, and provides confidence in the performance

necessary for an accurate test. Remember, it’s your customer’s signature that goes on the test and inspection sheet.

Another frequent question we and electrical wholesalers get asked is:

“Isn’t it enough just to use a Check-Box to check my meters?” Well, the simple answer is NO! In addition to the formal calibration of the instruments they should also be checked on a regular basis to ensure that they remain within specification. This can be achieved in a number of ways: by cross-referencing to other instruments that the business may own or testing on a designated circuit in the office or home. There are also now a number of test instrument manufacturers producing calibration check boxes, which enable the contractor to check instrument consistency in the office or in the field. The size of company and the instruments deployed will dictate the

particular method(s) adopted. No matter which method is used, it is vitally important that records are kept of the results. Both annual calibration and ongoing checks are equally as important –

Di-log setup on a trade counter breakfast morning. The certificates issued by Re-Cal on these days emulate those

produced in the laboratory so you can be guaranteed that the correct specifications are used. We often get asked: “Why is calibration of test equipment important?”

Increasingly and worryingly, we hear of scheme provider local inspectors not insisting on instrument annual calibration. More and more we hear horror stories of accidents and injuries sustained as a result of faulty wiring or equipment and with society today adopting a somewhat blame and claim culture, the need for documentation to prove our own and our equipment’s performance is ever more important. Approved contractors have a duty to ensure that the test equipment that they use to test to BS EN 61557 (17th Edition and soon to be 18th Edition) and Part P is both accurate and consistent. Even though electronic equipment has become more reliable, components’ characteristics can change over time through age and use. These changes will quite often have an effect on the operational performance of the measuring circuits. After all, the majority of our instruments are used in arduous environments and do not spend their lives wrapped in cotton wool. They are subjected to rough handling, accidental dropping and in some case extremes of temperature. Simply speaking, on-going calibration on an annual basis ensures that the instrument maintains its accuracy, and provides confidence in the performance necessary for an accurate test. REMEMBER, it’s your customer’s signature that goes on the test and inspection sheet. Many companies already value the benefits of having their instruments calibrated annually and have introduced this as part of their company policy.

Re-Cal Mobile Lab.

however Traceability is everything. All certificates issued by Re-Cal are fully traceable to the NPL (National Physics laboratory) standards. A statement is made on all certificates issued showing this. Visit for more information on calibration services.

Product demonstration during onsite breakfast morning.

Do you hire test equipment? Instrument Hire is the newest addition to the Di-log Group, launched in 2017. As we said towards the beginning of this article, technology advances in recent years with IT equipment being at the forefront, can cause noise and interference on commercial supplies. Equipment such as Power Quality Analysers & Loggers, Network

Testers & Certifiers and Thermal Imaging can be an expensive purchase for electricians. So with this in mind, we frequently get asked the question: “Do you hire test equipment?” and now the answer is YES! With short term, weekly and long term hire options available plus free

delivery, IHUK offer a cost effective option when specialist equipment is needed for that one off job. We are continuously adding to the range, so visit our website for the latest instruments to hire. Visit for more information.

● Di-log works very closely with world leaders in specialist instrument manufacture; Seaward Electronic for the world’s largest range of Portable Appliance & High Voltage Test Equipment and FLIR for the world’s largest range of Thermal Imaging Cameras. March 2018 electrical wholesaler | 31

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