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LED Driver family eliminates PWM audible noise with patented control method A

llegro MicroSystems has launched the A8060x family, its latest generation of advanced LED backlight drivers. The device family is designed with

an innovative and patented Pre-Emptive Boost (PEB) control, eliminating noise that is typically audible. PEB control in the A8060x family substantially reduces

Vout ripple and eliminates the common problem of audible noise from ceramic output capacitors during PWM dimming, while also requiring less output capacitance overall. Systems can achieve an LED brightness contrast ratio of 15,000:1 using PWM-only dimming at 200 Hz. A higher ratio of 150,000:1 is possible when using a combination of PWM and analogue dimming. “This family of LED drivers alleviates significant customer

pain points in the areas of audible noise and device footprint,” explains Mark Gaboriault, Allegro’s Marketing Director for DC/DC Regulators and LED Drivers. “The A8060x family offers excellent PMW dimming ratios without analogue adjustment and eliminates noise that is emitted from ceramic capacitors, making them perfect for automotive applications.” The ALT80600 and A80603 combine a switching converter with integrated MOSFET and four current sinks,

while the A80601 and A80602 drive an external boost FET for higher output power. All devices can be configured in a boost or single-ended primary- inductor converter (SEPIC) topology to cover a wide range of application configurations. The switching converters are designed for low EMI, including programmable switching frequency, controlled switching slew rate, and programmable dithering. In addition, a clock-out pin allows other switching converters to be synchronised to the A8060x switching frequency for enhanced EMI performance of the overall system. The A8060x device family is ideal for all types

of automotive backlighting, including Audio- Video systems as well as instrument clusters and heads-up display (HUD). These devices offer a wide input range from single power supply from 4.5 to 40 V - once started, it can continue to operate down to 3.9 V. This allows the parts to withstand stop/start, cold crank, double battery and load dump conditions encountered in automotive systems. The A8060x is a robust family with a host of safety and protection features required for automotive applications.

The ALT80600 and A80603 feature four LED strings, each capable of up to 120 mA with total LED current of up to 480 mA. The A80601 and A80602 provide a total LED current of up to 840 mA, via 4 or 6 strings respectively.

Rohde & Schwarz announces ‘Demystifying 5G seminar’ R

ohde & Schwarz have announced that Demystifying 5G 2019, a forum for sharing valuable information

about standards, regulations, best practices and technical tips, will take place at the Madejski Stadium in Reading on 21st May 2019. The one day event will include in- depth analysis, practical demonstrations, focus sessions and a formal Q&A, that will cover a high level view of 5G New Radio, including the fundamentals, procedures and testing aspects. Reiner Stuhlfauth, technology manager

Wireless at Rohde & Schwarz, will start the seminar with a high-level view of 5G, its current status globally, and the technology framework. Two in-depth presentations will look at the air interface, including beam forming and managing signals and channels, as well as requirements and test procedures for OTA equipment testing. Test

demonstrations and shorter sessions will also take place on protocol testing and network-performance measurements, and a formal opportunity for joint discussion and questions. Commenting on the event, Reiner Stuhlfauth said, “Although 5G rollouts are already beginning, test specifications are not complete and there are still open points that need to be clarified. Companies that are currently developing products or services that use 5G networks need to know how to avoid compatibility or performance problems. The Demystifying 5G event will bring people together from across the industry to look at the sheer scope and complexity of 5G, and share information to support new applications, and providing equipment and services to target markets.” 5G NR is paving the way for innovative

new services such as eMBB, mMTC and URLLC with its flexible radio interface and new infrastructure concepts like network slicing. The seminar will also provide an overview of the 5G NR physical layer, and the role its flexible infrastructure and procedures plays in delivering an excellent quality of service across diversified services and applications. Along with the new paradigm that 5G NR technology introduces, Rohde & Schwarz will also introduce the latest and best methods for testing 5G NR devices, components and base stations. The Demystifying 5G seminar will take

place at The Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Madejski Stadium, Reading on the 21 May 2019, with registration and breakfast from 8.30am.

Reiner Stuhlfauth, technology manager Wireless at Rohde & Schwarz

Foremost Electronics expands range of harsh environment connectors F

oremost Electronics, the Essex based specialist distributor of electromechanical components,

announces the availability of the latest additions to the Binder 696 Series of HEC (Harsh Environment Connector) series of connectors designed specifically for outdoor use. A new power connector designed to

handle up to 32A at a rated voltage of 600V is available in both cable and panel mount formats and comes with 4+PE silver plated male or female contacts. The panel- mount version is fitted with a hinged waterproof and dustproof cover for maximum protection when not mated. Designed by Binder for fast and easy assembly, the Series 696 HEC female connector protects to IP67/IPX9K and can be supplied with 4+PE, 8 (4+3+PE) and 12 silver-plated contacts and features crimp

6 May 2019

termination. The contacts are also rated up to 32A at 600V. Binder have also introduced a protective

conduit hose fitting for applications where cables and single wires need to be protected when installed in harsh environments. When fitted, the conduit hose protects to IP68/IPX9K and it can be retrofitted to existing installations when the need arises. It can be used with both HEC 696 cable connectors and panel mount connectors. The fitting consists of a hose seal, pressing screw and securing clip, Binder can also supply the hose if required. Binder Series 696 HEC connectors are manufactured from a robust UL 94V-0 rated polyamide and feature a fast and secure three-point, quarter-turn bayonet locking system designed for quick and secure fastening. The Binder HEC series has a service life of greater than 1000

Components in Electronics

mating cycles and the use of a variety of crimp contacts ensures a secure, vibration-proof termination. They are waterproof and

dustproof to IP68/IP69k and can withstand the levels of harsh treatment found in applications such as agriculture and construction where the use of high-pressure washing is commonplace. Other applications include difficult environments including traffic and signalling systems, process engineering plants, water purification facilities and recycling equipment. Alan Vincent, sales director of

Foremost, comments, “Binder lead the way in supplying high-quality, high- reliability connectors to support the increasing use of electronic equipment

being used outdoors and in harsh environments. These additions to their range offer designers more rugged and reliable interconnection solutions.”

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