Advertorials HBM helps Nedo to find a solution in testing times!

HBM – a market leader in test and measurement – recently helped to provide the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) and Motor & Magnetic Materials R&D Centre (MagHEM) with a system which could supply synchronised data in real time, which was an important issue for further development of its new super motor.

As part of the research to develop a super motor that uses new magnetic materials to reduce energy loss and increase its power density by 40%, compared to conventional electric motors, NEDO and MagHEM specified the HBM eDrive testing system, complete with the dynamic GEN7tA power analyser.

By integrating this system into its test bench, this meant that the process was simplified, without compromising on reliable data.

HBM eDrive Testing is the revolutionary system for analysing electrical invertors and electrical machines. Mechanical signals (e.g., torque) and electrical signals (current and voltage) are acquired simultaneously, helping to better understand the electric drive and its losses in minutes, rather than days. This is important for the optimisation of the drive as well as the increase in efficiency.

By synchronising the measurements of all parameters, this meant that the process was not only made substantially simpler for NEDO and MagHEM’s research but it also greatly improved test efficiency, as real- time computation enabled simultaneous observation of measured waveforms, such as magnetic flux and torque waveforms, as well as computed waveforms, such as iron loss separation.

As iron-loss separation requires data in the switching frequency range of the inverter, high-speed sampling is necessary. However, whereas the old system meant sampling was slow and impossible to capture the phenomenon in the relatively high-speed regions in order to investigate torque ripple or switching frequency related issues, the HBM eDrive system was able to measure voltage and current signals with high speed sampling of 2 MS/s and provide ½ cycle power measurement calculation. 7” ultrawide temperature range (-40°C~80°C)

TFT LCD The latest addition to our comprehensive line up of TFT LCD is our 7.0” WVGA IPS panel. The key feature to this new panel is it’s ultrawide operating temperature range of -40°C~+80°C making it suitable for a host of applications within the highly demanding automotive and aerospace industries.

The 15:9 aspect ratio panel has an outstanding optical specification, viewing angles of 170° on both the X and Y axis allows the panel to be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientations without the loss of colour or image quality, plus coupling these features with a 16.7M colour pallet, a super high brightness 1000cd/m² LED backlight and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 a superb performance in all lighting conditions, including full sun is assured. An 8-Bit LVDS interface ensures compatibility with a host of today’s single board computers with a 24- Bit RGB version to be released over the coming months. The Panel can also be supplied with either a Projected capacitive or 4-Wire resistive touch.

Craft Data Limited Tel: 01296 332000

High performance limit switches from Honeywell

SIoT – available from Aerco Reliable harsh environment switching solutions

Aerco are the Horsham based distributor of electrical components and are an approved stockist of the Honeywell range of Limit Switches.

Honeywell offer an impressive breadth of product offerings to best meet specific application needs and conditions.

Mounting styles include the compact 20-25mm mounting centers, miniature EN50041 or the larger EN50047.

Housings can be lightweight plastic, rugged zinc die-cast, or additional options for stainless steel body construction and available with multiple circuit and actuator options. Additional features to benefit customers can include low or high temp construction, with environmentally sealed pre-wired versions available. The Honeywell limit switches offer excellent reliability for potential applications including;

• ground based military equipment • food and beverage

• construction and agricultural • material handling • railway stock and infrastructure • industrial valves • chemical and food processing • caustic waste handling • power generation

The extended Hazardous area range is weatherproof, water-tight, and dust-tight, and is designed for safe operation in a potentially explosive environment, with ATEX approval to ensure safe containment of any spark potential. Kemtron introduce a new soft silicone flat

EMI gasket material A flat, sheet material, comprising a solid silicone rubber, embedded with Monel or Aluminium metal wires orientated perpendicular to its surface. Excellent RFI/EMI/EMP shielding performance is achieved as the material has a wire density of up to 140 wires/CM2 in solid silicone providing an environmental and RFI/EMI seal when clamped between two metallic surfaces. These wires are crimped to aid compression and are chemically bonded to ensure their retention. They will also penetrate most light oxide layers, ensuring a low contact resistance path when suitably compressed.

For applications with severe joint unevenness, low closure forces, and where greater compressibility is required, Kemtron have developed new grades 470/480 of material to fulfil a need that meets the performance of our oriented wire in silicone sponge but with improved environmental sealing qualities. We have achieved this by using a very soft solid silicone with a reduced wire count of 100 wires per cm2 the same as our silicone sponge. The advantages of these materials over silicone sponge are that we can manufacture sheet widths of 225mm with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm. Material consistency is a great advantage over silicone sponge as there is no uneven cell structure to consider that affects moisture ingress and closure force.

Kemtron Ltd Tel: 01376 348115

1kW configurable supply is ideal for

medical applications We introduce the CoolX1000; the world’s only fanless 1000W modular power supply. Packaged in a compact 6.5 x 10 x 1U U- channel design, the CoolX1000 provides up to 1000W without any requirement for fan or base plate cooling, eliminating acoustic noise detrimental to scientific and medical applications, as well applications sensitive to vibration or where fan cooling is not available.

With slots for 6 modules this flexible unit offers up to 12 outputs, is 94% efficient and has been safety approved up to an altitude of 5km. Its ideal for medical applications where multiple voltages are required to power various elements from one supply.

The CoolX1000 also offers increased flexibility by allowing system designers to monitor and control power supply performance – essential for staving off process disruption – via analog or digital communications (PMBus™).

Samples are available on a 48 hour turnaround from the factory in Cork to enable quick time to market for designs. As usual the CoolX 1000 comes with a 5 year warranty.

Please contact Luso for pricing and to arrange a sample for evaluation.

Smiths Interconnect expands its high-speed rugged D-Sub connector Series for Space and Mil/Aero applications

Split Pair Quadrax contacts provide higher speeds of up to 10Gbps Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products, announced the introduction of the innovative split pair quadrax contact technology to its rugged D-Sub connector Series.

The split pair quadrax is the next generation contact that provides robust high-speed performance compatible with existing qualified rugged D-Sub connectors.

The new extended range meets the high-speed application requirements of the Space and Mil/Aero markets. These demands include the ability to reliably transmit and receive 10 Gbps and beyond with a stable characteristic impedance of 100  and compliance to all MIL-STD-202 requirements for shock and vibration.

“Smiths Interconnect’s rugged, reliable and high- performance solution is ideal for applications requiring high speed data transfer under extreme environmental exposure.” said Paul Harris, VP Sales and Marketing. “The reverse gender, high speed performance quadrax contacts provide a stable, optimised impedance for signal integrity and are key additions to our product portfolio delivering a competitive edge to our customers.”

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