Electronics Industry Awards

New trainers and new European facility from Advanced Rework Technology

Advanced Rework Technology UK would like to take this opportunity to introduce its new trainers, new European facility and promote the new services offered


raining for the electronics industry has gone from strength to strength over recent years, as companies see

the benefit in training their staff to become familiar with the latest technologies and acceptance and process documents available in the ever-changing industry. For this reason, ART UK has spent considerable time researching and recruiting new technical trainers to join the team. The company has also noticed a larger customer base in mainland Europe. With this in mind, ART UK is proud to announce the opening of Advanced Rework Technology (ART) Europe Leading Edge Training in Bergamo, Italy. This site is located to cater for Italy

and the surrounding countries, to ease the time and costs associated with travel to and from the UK. The company has the ability to not only train at one of its sites but to supply all materials and equipment necessary to train at its customer’s facilities. ART UK is proud of the continued

success over the last few years, and expanding into Europe was a natural progression in aiding the industry with its consultancy and training needs. ART UK has a great team at its new site in Italy, with very experienced master IPC trainers

(MIT) on board to conduct courses to the level that its customers expect. As the site in Italy can offer all of the courses offered by ART UK, the company is more than confident that regardless of the facility, the level of training will always exceed customer expectations. In addition to the expansion into

Europe, ART UK is only one of two global IPC training centres that can offer all of the IPC training courses, as the company increased its course portfolio by becoming certified in 2018 to conduct the enhanced certified interconnect design, CID+ courses. ART UK is confident that its trainers offer

the best training for the industry by ensuring they participate in IPC committee meetings and activities. Debbie Wade chairs a large number in order to be confident that all training, courses and documents meet the ever-growing requirements of her customers and the industry alike. For its dedication, skills and knowledge, ART UK and its trainers have been acknowledged by the industry by receiving many industry awards. These include committee leadership, distinguished committee, special recognition, IPC presidents award and, of course, the Electronics Industry Awards. ART UK was honoured during the

Electronics Industry Awards 2018, receiving

Highly Commended in the Academic Support category and managing director, Debbie Wade received the industry Personality Award. The team at ART UK would like to thank those who voted for them. This year the company is hoping to be just as successful. To accommodate this expansion of its

course list and its consultancy services, ART UK has moved into new purpose- built, state of the art, 10,000 sq ft facility in Witham, Essex, with dedicated training rooms to suit the type and style of course being conducted. The new facility is fully equipped with all

the up to date soldering and rework equipment in its fully ESD compliant practical training rooms, as well as modern interactive multimedia teaching equipment designed to help students learn in the best possible environment. As well has training and consultancy

services, ART UK worked with IPC to host the first official IPC hand soldering competition during the What’s New In

Electronics Live show, Birmingham. This was a successful event with the winner receiving an all-expenses paid trip to the World Final at IPC APEX San Diego 2019. Well done to MSF Technologies Ltd (UK) for being the regional ‘Best of the Best’. This year ART UK will again be working with IPC on the ART UK hand soldering and REWORK competition. The winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the final held during Productronica in Munich.

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