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Anglia and Vigortronix power ahead with new partnership


nglia has been appointed as UK and Ireland distributor for Vigortronix, a UK manufacturer of transformers, power supplies and related devices, in a move designed to enhance Anglia’s power device offering and to

help both companies grow in the market. Commenting, David Pearson, technical director at Anglia, said, “Vigortronix

is a dynamic Oxfordshire-based supplier with global manufacturing and an enviable track record for quality. This relationship enhances our already strong portfolio of magnetic and power components, giving us a fully comprehensive range covering most core requirements as well as a great many significant niche applications.” Adam Betts, sales director from Vigortronix added, “Vigortronix, like Anglia, is

firmly focussed on growth in 2019, particularly in the PSU sector, whilst maintaining customer focus. Anglia has an impressive footprint in the UK industry and close relationships with many customers that we currently don’t deal with and who will benefit from our technology. We are excited about this new relationship and the contribution it can make to delivering our business goals.” The addition of Vigortronix introduces new product categories to the Anglia

line card including AC-DC converters, power transformers, toroidal transformers and pulse transformers. Vigortronix also offers a competitive range of wound components including coils, inductors and chokes. Anglia has put an inventory profile in place covering popular products which are all available now from Anglia Live.

AMD expands embedded product family

London leads Siemens Atlas of Digitalization as most ‘digitally ready’ global city


t the Taiwan Embedded Forum, AMD announced the Ryzen embedded product

family is growing with the new AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 SoC. Building upon the success of the Ryzen Embedded V1000 SoC, the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 SoC provides embedded customers with dual core, quad-threaded performance, as well as the ability to run fanless, low power solutions for 4K displays; while providing leading- edge security features. The AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000

is perfect for applications in digital displays, high-performance edge computing, networking, thin clients and more. Customers like Advantech, ASRock Industrial, IBASE, Netronome, Quixant and others are already working on Ryzen Embedded R1000-based products. As well, Atari is using the high-performance Vega 3 graphics and ‘Zen’ CPU architecture in the AMD

4 May 2019

Ryzen Embedded R1000 SoC to power the upcoming Atari VCS game system. “The AMD Ryzen Embedded

R1000 builds out the Ryzen Embedded family and provides a compelling option for customers that want access to the powerful ‘Zen’ and ‘Vega’ architecture and are looking for a highly competitive power/performance solution,” said Stephen Turnbull, director of product management and business development, Embedded Solutions, AMD. “The Ryzen Embedded R1000 can support rich multimedia environments for digital displays and casino gaming, enterprise class security features for edge computing, networking and thin clients, and, most importantly introduces a new class of performance while providing customers with software and hardware compatibility with the extended Ryzen Embedded family.” Components in Electronics

iemens has launched a new web-based application, which reveals

the readiness and potential of six major cities to embrace digitalisation and develop new ways of living, working and interacting. The Atlas of Digitalization is based around the interconnected themes of Expo 2020 Dubai – Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity – and assesses how the fourth industrial revolution has already impacted urban life around the world, and the potential it could have in the future. Data from 21 indicators has been analysed

from Buenos Aires, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, and Taipei. From this analysis a Digital Readiness Score has been defined, considering areas such as smart electricity and transport systems, internet connections and digital governance services. The score reveals the current level of maturity of each city’s digital infrastructure, and its preparedness for a connected future. Juergen Maier, CEO Siemens UK said: “It

is tremendous that London is leading the charge in digitalization among these global cities. In spite of all the economic uncertainty we have been facing in the UK over the last two years this study shows we are still well placed to achieve leadership globally in the fourth industrial revolution if we continue to invest, innovate and grow responsibly and sustainably.” “However there is more to the UK

economy than London and our Northern cities particularly in the Northern Powerhouse must also benefit from innovation and investment. Each city here in the UK and globally must address its own unique mix of challenges and opportunities by embracing digitalization; the key to sustainable, economically vibrant future cities.” “The Atlas of Digitalization gives us an

insight to the current status of digitalization in global cities, and the data tells us London has already made excellent progress. We hope the Atlas will inspire new ways of thinking to shape all the smart cities of tomorrow and realize the global potential of City 4.0,” added Maier. The analysis takes into account areas such

as innovation, greenhouse gas emissions and time spent in traffic to give the cities a Digital Potential Score, indicating where there is opportunity to grow digital capabilities to transform society and economy.

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