Advertorials ATC Semitec support the E-Vehicle market with

surface mount ring temperature sensors ATC Semitec is supporting engineers within the UK’s dynamic E-Vehicle sector, with its STS2 series surface mount ring temperature sensors. Engineers supported under the Faraday Battery Challenge and Innovate Uk are increasingly experiencing the benefits of the STS2 series sensors.

With proven success in a diverse range of industries, including batteries, and heat-sink monitoring, their fast response times (typically  5s) and high accuracy help protect against catastrophic events.

Key features of ATC Semitec’s STS2 ring sensors leading them to be widely adopted within the E- vehicle market include:

Neat, over-moulded ring design 1500V AC Dielectric strength Interchangeability between NTCs Standard ring sizes (M3, M4, M5 or larger) High operating temperatures up to 125°C, with a wide range of R25 /B values Excellent long-term reliability

To learn more about ATC Semitec’s surface temperature sensors, or request samples please visit:

Online workflow system suits PCB

manufacturer down to a 'T' Rustington-based Photronix manufactures high quality printed circuit boards, and is becoming a leading PCB supplier to the UK electronics market. It follows a simple philosophy of developing long-term partnerships for the manufacture of PCBs by embracing new technologies from design, prototyping through to volume manufacturing.

Photronix Managing Director, Alan Millard believes that managing the progress of jobs simply and effectively is essential and with this in-mind invested in the T Cards Online workflow system to help them run their office more efficiently. Among the important benefits of the T Cards Online system is its simplicity and ease-of-use. Once the virtual board has been configured, T Cards designs can be easily tailored to requirements. There are standard templates for various applications to make it even easier.

Powerbox announces power solution for

high speed e-commerce hub conveyers • Designed for factory automation and intelligent conveyers • Three phase input, 323 to 560VAC • 24V, 250W with 480W peak power for motor start or high capacitive loads • High ingress protection level for harsh environments (IP54) • Up to 94% efficiency

Powerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply companies, and for more than four decades a leading force in optimizing power solutions for demanding applications, announces the introduction of its ENI250A series designed to deliver peak power to motor start or/and high capacitive loads in factory automation applications. The three-phase ENI250A series is housed in an IP54 case, delivers a constant 250W and up to 480W peak power with an efficiency up to 94%. The ENI250A includes a microcontroller that offers many possibilities to adjust protection behavior to meet specific customer requirements.

Factory automation is already well established in many industries, but with the progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI), remote communication and the growing demand for shorter customer lead times, it is predicted to explode in coming years. Similarly, the growth of automated parcel-hubs is expected to rise spectacularly. The rapid development of e- commerce has contributed to the creation of highly automated hubs with conveyers, sorting switches and many other equipments requiring efficient and intelligent power solutions able to work in demanding environments.

Parcel hub-designers and hub-operators are facing multiple challenges in having to deal with a large variety and types of equipment. This not only requires high quality, high performances power supplies, but the ability to operate in harsh environments with a complex mix of mechanical, thermal and electrical constraints.

Addressing 24VDC motors, the 250W ENI250A24 can deliver 480W peak power for one second, sustain high capacitive loads and manage energy recycling when a DC motor is decelerating or stopping. This function is very important for energy saving and to increase equipment life-time. For higher power or redundancy, the ENI250A24 can simply be paralleled. The unit has an operating temperature range from -25 to +70 degree Centigrade.

PRBX (Powerbox) Ltd. Tel: 01264 326 457 Email:

Status and communication can be enhanced by using the Alarm, Signal and email notification functions. There is also a facility to attach external documents to help collate documentation. Since a number of cards will appear on the same chart, they can be colour-coded for easier identification, and as work progresses, the cards are simply dragged and dropped into a new column.

When asked about his experience in using T Cards, Alan commented: "T Cards has been a success in improving the way we manage our day-to-day enquiries, and the people at T Cards Online have been really helpful. The system continues to be developed, and some of the new features have made big improvements to the way we work. The new APP makes a particular difference to me personally, as I travel regularly to China and the Far East – now it’s so easy for me to check the status of our Jobs, wherever I am, when I get a call from clients. It really has helped us streamline our business and enabled to expand even more."

Photronix's experience in using the innovative T Cards Online system is another example of how an increasingly wide range of companies are exploring and benefitting from a simple, yet highly effective online management tool. The result is more efficient job management whereever you may be, thanks to online access, along with more detailed financial information which is invaluable to cost-control.

Tel: 01732 871417

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