Renesas innovation and Anglia service – a winning combination


enesas Electronics is one of the most extraordinary recent success stories of the semiconductor industry. Established as the world’s largest manufacturer of microcontrollers (MCUs), Renesas has strength in complementary areas such as microprocessors, sensors, analog and power ICs and SoCs, this comes from their technology innovation and also two major strategic acquisitions: Intersil and more recently IDT. Building on its ten year relationship with Intersil, Anglia now covers the full Renesas portfolio. Renesas recognised the inherent strength of Anglia’s Field Applications Engineering team to cover all of the areas of its diverse business and offered it the opportunity to expand with it, first adding the Renesas range to the Intersil offering, and now including IDT also. Anglia’s Field Application Engineering team has been fully trained to support all Renesas product ranges including the innovative Renesas SynergyTM Platform, MCUs, mixed signal ICs, System on Chip (SoC) devices, power management and precision analog solutions. This huge portfolio is also supported with inventory on Anglia Live for same day shipment from stock and a wide selection of development tools which can be supplied free of charge to support engineers at the design stage.

IDT acquisition

Following the 2018 acquisition of IDT by Renesas, Anglia can now offer its customers access to a vast array of robust analog mixed-signal capabilities in embedded systems, including RF, advanced timing, memory interface and power management, optical interconnect, wireless power, and smart sensors. The combination of these product lines with Renesas’ advanced MCUs and SoCs and power management ICs enables Anglia to support customers serving fast-growing data

8 July-August 2019

Intersil acquisition Similarly, Renesas’ acquisition of Intersil in 2017 brought Anglia an exciting opportunity to expand and serve its customers even better. By combining Renesas’ market-proven MCU and SoC products and technologies and Intersil’s leading power management and precision analog capability, the Anglia FAE team is well positioned to support customers in strategic markets such as automotive,

Components in Electronics

economy-related applications including data centre, communication infrastructure, industrial and automotive systems. On completion of the acquisition, Renesas and IDT demonstrated their complementary product portfolios with 15 “Winning Combinations,” that highlight the advantages they provide together. Examples included a building automation air quality control solution, a motion detector solution for security systems, a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) sensor for medical applications and solutions for base station, wireline and server applications. The Anglia FAE team is available to help customers integrate these and other solutions into their designs. Scan the QR code to download the Renesas winning combinations brochure.

industrial, cloud computing, healthcare, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The future

Renesas has not stopped innovating following these two major acquisitions and Anglia isn’t standing still either. An exciting area that Anglia is watching closely is SOTB (Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide), a proprietary transistor technology from Renesas based on SOI (Silicon on Insulator) wafers that breaks the trade-off between low active current or low standby current consumption – previously you could only choose one. With SOTB, you get both without compromise. Additionally, SOTB supports high operating frequencies for high performance and small silicon node geometry for high-density memory. This is a recipe for very capable, extreme low- power applications that run from harvested ambient energy – no batteries required.

The next ten years

Anglia first distributed Intersil in 2008. At a dinner in 2018 to mark the two

companies’ ten year relationship, Peter Jeutter, VP of Sales EMEA at Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH explained, “Anglia’s deep technical expertise and outstanding logistical service has been a factor in expanding first Intersil’s and then Renesas’ presence in the market in the UK and Ireland. We’d like to congratulate Anglia for 10 years and look forward to many more.” In 2019, that relationship is expanding to cover the IDT analog and mixed signal portfolio, with Anglia’s technical expertise and logistical service again meeting Renesas innovation. Each expansion of our product portfolio helps Anglia strengthen its relationship with its customers, and reinforces it as a strategic supplier offering a broad base of solutions. Who knows what the partnership between Anglia and Renesas will look like ten years from now – and what new technologies, as yet undreamed of, it will encompass.

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