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Zytronic technology provides interface for Japanese bus travellers


ytronic, manufacturer of large format, durable and customised Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT and MPCT) touch sensors, has announced that digital signage kiosk designer and manufacturer HYOJITO, has selected Zyfilm and ZXY100 touch controllers for its 75” multilingual travel information kiosks installed on behalf of Nara Kotsu bus Lines Co. in Japan.

The large format digital signage kiosks have been installed onto the concourses of JR Nara station and Kintetsu Nara station, to provide locals and visitors to the region easy access to vital travel information in multiple languages, including bus timetables and locations. The JR Nara station has been equipped with a kiosk consisting of two large vertical format touchscreens, and Kintetsu Nara station a kiosk with a horizontal touchscreen. Located in the Nara prefecture in the Kansai region, these stations are the two main hubs for local and long-distance highway buses. The Nara Kotsu Bus Line has been providing scheduled local services including sightseeing tours, charters, and airport and intercity transport in the region since 1929, and currently serves over 50 million passengers a year. Akihiro Yokota, product development division at HYOJITO, commented, “The touch enabled digital signage kiosks we produce are equipped with mainly original multilingual map applications. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for larger, higher resolution touchscreens that can withstand long-term

Versatile solution for wireless light management


ridonic and Casambi have teamed up to develop a new innovative wireless light management solution. Tridonic’s

use, even in outdoor environments. The design of our kiosks is very important to us as we aim to provide the highest standard of design, and that includes the touchscreen – as this is the interface with the user. As the design of each kiosk if different, we required touchscreen technology that could meet our individual needs whilst being robust enough to work reliably in harsh environments. Zytronic’s flexible manufacturing process gave us the freedom of altering the size and layout of our enclosure designs for each individual project, with touch technology that is top class in the industry.”

Tough miniature trigger switch launched by Omron


new miniature trigger switch for heavy duty control

applications, including industrial and domestic power tools, has been introduced by Omron Electronic Components Europe. Its innovative design delivers exceptional dust, shock and vibration resistance within a very small overall size. Ideal for all types of

brushless DC applications including industrial equipment as well as cordless DC power and gardening tools, the new Omron C3AW is a highly durable and compact solution. Rated at 10mA, 42VDC, the C3AW achieves dust resistance to IEC IP6x through with a sealed rubber cover over the moving parts and an ultrasonic welded connection between the cover cases. It can withstand shocks of up to 3000 m/s2 and vibration of up to 200 m/s2 experiencing no more than 100µs of chattering at the maximum rated shock level.

Commenting, Andries de Bruin, senior

european product marketing manager at Omron said, “Omron is leading the way with a control switch that meets the needs

6 July-August 2019

of the new generation of brushless DC power tools enabling small overall size, protection against demanding environments and a high power output while withstanding vibration. The C3AW is one of the smallest solutions on the market offering this level of environmental protection.” He continued, “Omron manufactures this new switch using a fully automatic assembly process, guaranteeing the highest quality of production.” With an overall size of just 25mm wide by 13.5mm deep by 28.5mm high, the C3AW is rated for at least 300,000 operations. It can be used at temperatures between -20 and +65ºC. Components in Electronics

basicDIM Wireless system based on Casambi’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology offers an interconnected and interoperable solution for the hassle-free wireless connectivity of luminaires. Wireless light management opens a myriad of new possibilities. All the parties involved in installing a new lighting system – from the luminaire manufacturer and the installer to the building operator and the end user – will benefit from the flexibility and versatility that wireless technologies offer. Also, existing lighting infrastructures can be easily updated and fitted with additional features. Technology partnership results in portfolio for complete solution Tridonic, a world-leading supplier of lighting technology, and Casambi, a pioneer in wireless lighting controls, have partnered to develop an innovative wireless light management solution. The partnership culminates in Tridonic’s basicDIM Wireless range of interoperable devices consisting of LED drivers, communication modules, sensors, a user-interface as well as software in the form of the 4remote BT App.

“In the last couple of years, Casambi’s

wireless lighting control technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy has become established as a leading platform for innovative controls. Pairing Casambi’s technology with our long-standing expertise in the development of lighting components has resulted in a flexible and

versatile new system that benefits every player in the lighting industry. Close cooperation in the development and testing phases between our companies has proven extremely fertile and we are proud to now market the new system,” explains Bert Tuyt, senior director global systems at Tridonic. “Wireless interconnection and

interoperability are the foundations of our technology. We are proud to have found a partner in Tridonic that uses these pillars to develop and market Casambi Ready solutions. The devices and software developed bring multiple benefits to luminaire manufacturers, installers, building operators and most importantly end users who are always the top priority in our and Tridonic’s development processes”, comments Casambi’s founder Timo Pakkala.

CUI introduces terminal block connectors to interconnect portfolio


UI’s Interconnect Group has

announced the addition of terminal block connectors to its existing line of connector products. Featuring up to 24 pole counts, the terminal blocks come available in pluggable, screw type, and screwless configurations with 2.54, 3.50, 3.81, 5.00,

5.08, and 7.62 mm pitches. These terminal block models also offer horizontal, vertical, 45°, and 180° orientations, making them ideal for lighting systems, commercial building equipment, industrial controls, and any wire-to-board application requiring quick wire termination in the field. Accommodating 28 up to 10 AWG wires, all terminal block series include

blue, green, orange, yellow, grey, and black colour options, along with an additional white colour option for the push button on the screwless versions. The terminal blocks carry UL current ratings from 2 to 30 A and IEC current ratings from 5 to 32 A as well as UL voltage ratings of 150 and 300 Vdc and IEC

voltage ratings from 130 to 630 Vdc. With operating temperature ranges from 40 up to 105°C, all models further comply with RoHS and the UL94V-0 flammability rating. CUI’s terminal block connectors are available immediately with prices starting at $0.16 per unit at 1000 pieces through distribution.

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