Advertorials Series 82 illuminated pushbutton

– new stainless steel 316L version Reliably protected against corrosion and alkaline cleaning agents

The main function of strong alkaline-based cleaning agents in the food and pharmaceutical industries is to remove organic contaminants, so that bacterial and fungal growth is prevented. This ensures that, food and medical products do not become contaminated. The equipment, machines and control units used in these industries must be able to withstand these types of cleaning agents. EAO is now offering a new stainless steel version for illuminated pushbuttons of Series 82, which has been developed with this in mind.


High quality stainless steel 316L Protected against corrosion Resistant to all alkaline cleaning agents Robust Tritan plastic ring illumination 22 mm standard versions available

The new metal fronts made from stainless steel 316L offer exceptional protection against corrosion. The illuminated versions are equipped with a robust Tritan plastic illumination ring. The 316L version is also suitable for marine applications, because the pushbutton is resistant to salt water.

Read more on E-Bike Sensor from ZF

E-Bikes are becoming a more commonplace form of transport on our roads. The growing sales figures and increasing market share highlight their importance within the biking industry. E-Bike manufacturers are continually launching new innovations and technical advancements, such as manufacturer TQ-Systems who have initiated and established the market sector for premium class E-Bikes. They have technically revolutionised the market with its TQ HPR120S-Motor. An important component is the E- Bike sensor from ZF used for the measurement of the current riding speed.

For premium E-Bikes, all components must be qualitatively and functionally at their finest, from the drive to the battery and wiring. This is also valid for the speed sensor from ZF that in the TQ application delivers 18 pulses per rotation with 18-fold coding. This results in a much higher resolution as with standard sensors which in practice leads to a finer, more direct appeal of the E-Bike drive – especially at lower speed (e.g. for hill starts). The speed sensor mounted on the back wheel provides the system with precise information on the current speed. In combination with a torque sensor it enables a better alignment of the overall system. In addition, the ZF sensor is tamper-resistant and always submits precise results.

The E-Bike sensor is developed based on Hall technology and allows the customer to decide if the sensor should have a connector or a cable. The sensors need a continuous power supply of 4.5 – 20 VDC and measures frequencies between 1 and 2,500 Hz. They are designed for a temperature range from -20°C to +100°C and fulfill the requirements of IP67.

Originally, the ZF sensor has been developed for ABS applications. In addition to E-bikes, E-scooters are also a typical target market for the small and efficient sensor.

For further information on ZF’s sensor portfolio, please visit:

Electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies

Trizo is a highly flexible, Electronic Manufacturing Services provider with AS9100D accreditation. We specialise in small to large batch production for electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies, including box/unit builds and rapid development projects on a short

turnaround. Our customers are from various sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Nuclear and Industrial.

We have a friendly, approachable trading style which we believe results in a better working relationship. Quality is a central part of Trizo’s ethos, not only within the manufacturing process but throughout the entire company. To enable us to continually achieve the high quality we and our customers expect we use the latest technologies with a highly skilled workforce.

Recently Trizo won the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Award for Small Business of the Year 2019. We are very proud to have been recognised for all our achievements and would like to thank all our existing customers for their continued support.

If you would like to discuss your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 01278 455 344

High-performance IEC C14 power entry module

with fuse holder The high-performance filter series FN 9262 (with fuse holder) and FN 9266 (with dual pole switch), have been developed by Schaffner for applications demanding high RFI attenuation performance. They represent an enhanced version of the already market proven FN 9260 and FN 9264 filter families.

One of the key applications for this filter is the medical market and the filter carries additional approvals making it easier for end users to implement into their designs. FN 9262 B and FN 9266 B (B-types) filters meet the insulation requirements according to IEC 60601-1 1MOPP (one means of patient protection).

Both filter series outperform the existing filters FN 9260 and FN 9264 over the whole frequency range. This increased performance lies in two key components: the advanced core material (common mode performance) and the increased X-capacitor values (differential mode performance).

The housing dimensions are identical to the existing series making an exchange between the filters simple. In addition, the PEMs (Power Entry Modules) are mechanically compatible with almost all similar style products in the market and the same as the FN 9260 and FN 9264.

With the new variant diversity (FN 9260/2/4/6) and the present attenuation properties, this filter family offers a solution for medical devices, and modern appliances for household, audio and video. They can also be used in other applications with similar requirements.

The filters have all the required safety approvals (UL 60939-3, CSA C22.2 No. 8, IEC 60939-3 and CQC), they carry a CE mark and are compatible with the RoHS II (2015/863) directive. Hi Temp Polyimide Sockets

E-tec introduce any shape, any pattern, any pin count custom hi temp sockets - customers can build their own turned pin socket and E-tec will produce the parts in days with no tooling costs ( unless a new brass terminal design is required ) and at a price comparable to conventional turned pin sockets.

Sockets and adaptors are produced in FR4 or hi temp polyimide for applications requiring elevated operating temperatures up to 300 degrees C. Sockets can also be produced in MT40 and Rogers material for special applications.

E-tec offer a wide range of sockets including circular, rectangular, single, double, triple strips etc. on any pitch. Elevated sockets used for example with LED displays can be produced by incorporating a raised turned pin terminal. Applications for hi temp sockets are found in the Oil and Gas industry, Aerospace and Defence, Industrial and Instrumentation, Sensors, Medical, Automotive and Transport. Enquiries are invited – send a simple sketch to we will be pleased to offer a quotation.

E-tec Interconnect (UK) Ltd

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