Aerospace, Military & Defence

Connectors save space and deliver outstanding performance in harshest environments


TT Cannon’s MDM and MDV Micro Series connectors for data, power and signal transmission are now available

from TTI, a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components. Optimised to save space and weight in demanding applications, such as space vehicles, defence systems and oil exploration equipment, Micro Series Connectors are rugged and moisture- sealed. These data, power and signal interconnects combine versatility with high performance and high reliability and are designed to be comparable with MIL-DTL- 83513-style connectors. The MDM and MDV Micro Series are available in eight shell sizes, and accommodate nine to one hundred contacts (copper alloy or gold plated) in positions 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 27, 51 and 100. Wire sizes are AWG 24 to AWG32. The interconnects use the Cannon field-

proven micro twist pin contact system, which reverses the traditional pin and socket arrangement and ensures that the pins will mate even under misalignment conditions. Highly robust, the MDM and MDV Micro Series can withstand 500 mating cycles. Available configurations include Micro-D Metal (MDM); coaxial/power, PCB, surface mount, micro strip, hermetic, filter, centre jackscrew and circular connectors. Across the MDM Series there are three temperature variations: the Micro MDM Standard at -55degC to +150degC, the High Temp Micro MD F222 Series at - 55degC to +200degC, and the Ultra-High Temp Micro MDM F300 Series covers - 55degC to +230degC. Suitable aerospace and defence applications for ITT Micro Series connectors include avionics, military ground vehicles, missile systems, satellites and space

vehicles. In the transportation and industrial sectors, applications include automation equipment and robotics, commercial and industrial signal networks, control systems, geophysical exploration/ mining equipment, rail and highway infrastructure and test and measurement

equipment. In the oil and gas industries, the interconnects meet the demands of down-hole drilling, offshore drilling, and equipment used in oilfield services equipment and oil exploration.

Euroquartz announces installation of cleanroom facility for UK military and aerospace surface-mount oscillator production


harcroft’s franchised partner, frequency control specialist Euroquartz, has completed installation of a new class 7 cleanroom facility at the company’s Somerset headquarters. This significant investment is designed to ensure that the company continues to play a critical role in the UK manufacture of oscillator products, for military and aerospace applications, and ensure UK defence contractors can fulfil their requirements for surface mount device (SMD) oscillators.

Charcroft Electronics covers the full range of Euroquartz products with a UK distribution franchise agreement. The addition of the new class 7 cleanroom will allow Charcroft to further support military and aerospace customers and enable Charcroft’s Product Specialists to offer a more complete solution for space, aerospace and defence systems. The new cleanroom facility was installed early in 2019 and is currently being commissioned with an expectation of adding a new range of SMD oscillators

to its current range of through-hole products before the end of the year. Existing UK manufactured products will also benefit from the cleanroom environment and the company anticipates improved quality for its UK production for the foreseeable future. The ambition is for Euroquartz to offer high-quality UK manufactured products to the aerospace industry free from all ITAR restrictions. “The ongoing turmoil of Brexit and other world events suggest that the timing for this significant

investment in our UK facility is right,” comments Euroquartz director Andy Treble.“It is important to maintain manufacturing for critical frequency components in the UK particularly for military and aerospace projects.” Euroquartz has AS9100 rev D certification and is a wholly privately- owned British company, making it an ideal partner for the UK defence and aerospace industry. Components in Electronics July-August 2019 43

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