New high performance 200A current sense transducer for OEM applications from Danisense is 40% lower cost than competition

Danisense, the leader in high-accuracy current transducers for demanding applications, today announced the DC200IF, a highly accurate, highly-stable 200A current transducer targeting system integration OEM applications, that is around 40% lower cost than competing models. This enables users to access Danisense’s unique, double-core, balanced flux gate measurement technology, at a very affordable price/performance ratio.

The DC200IF boasts excellent linearity (6 ppm) with a maximum offset of 5ppm, equivalent to 1.5mA. The units provide DC and AC current metering with +/- 0.1 absolute accuracy up to 5kHz. Devices feature low noise and high

Highly flexible gate-driver system from Power Integrations

targets new 1.7 kV to 4.5 kV IGBT & SiC dual power modules Ready-to-use SCALE-iFlex system enables easy paralleling of up to four modules; factory conformal coating delivers unmatched reliability.

Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI), the leader in gate- driver technology for medium- and high-voltage inverter applications, today announced the SCALE-iFlex™ gate- driver system for IGBT, hybrid and silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET power modules with blocking voltages from 1.7 kV to 4.5 kV. The system consists of a central Isolated Master Control (IMC) and one to four Module-Adapted Gate Drivers (MAGs). The IMC provides a 4.5 kV blocking voltage. A range of MAGs is available to service a variety of power modules, suppliers and semiconductor switch technologies across 1700 V, 3300 V and 4500 V voltage classes.

immunity to EMC. DC200IF current transducers are compact and are supplied with four industry- standard 6.3 x 0.8mm Faston connections.

Comments Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director, Danisense A/S: “Danisense is pursuing a strategy of giving access to high accuracy current measurement to OEM power converter makers by offering our high performance 200A current transducer at a very affordable price: high accuracy has never been so accessible!”

The new, low cost DC200IF current transducers boost the performances of OEM power converters for medical, precise power supply, battery charger and accurate motor drives applications. Key applications include MRI equipment, power supplies for magnetic fields in particle accelerator and hadron therapy equipment, variable frequency drives, battery charger metering and monitoring. Lattice sensAI delivers 10X performance boost

for low power, Smart IoT devices at the Edge Award-winning sensAI Solutions now supported by Expanded Partner Eco-System

• Seamless User Experience with Support for New Neural Network Models, Machine Learning Frameworks, and Faster Design Cycles

• New Customisable Reference Designs for Popular IoT Applications Like Object Counting and Presence Detection

• Growing Partner Ecosystem Including Design Services and Full Product Development to Accelerate Time-to-Market

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC), the low power programmable leader, today announced major performance and design flow enhancements for its award- winning Lattice sensAI™ solutions stack. The Lattice sensAI stack provides a comprehensive hardware and software solution for implementing low power (1mW-1W), always-on artificial intelligence (AI) functionality in smart devices operating at the Edge.

IHS forecasts 40 billion devices will be operating at the network Edge by 2025. For reasons including latency, network bandwidth limitations, and data privacy, OEMs designing always-on Edge devices want to minimise sending data to the Cloud for analytics. Lattice sensAI enables such OEMs to seamlessly update their existing designs with low power AI inferencing optimised for their application requirements. Incorporating such local intelligence also lowers expenses related to Cloud-based analytics by only sending relevant data for further processing. New 30º beam angle SMD LEDs from OMC emit

light further for high-intensity applications Enables light transmission over greater distances; applications include signalling, indication, sensing and data-communication

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, has introduced a new range of narrow angle, surface-mount LEDs in a variety of package styles and all popular LED wavelengths. The new SMD emitter series features integrated lenses moulded into the package which provides a 30 degree output beam. Applications for visible wavelengths include signalling and indication, in which the beam needs to be visible over greater distances, while the company’s infrared wavelength versions are used for sensing and data-communication over greater distances and with higher precision than using standard, wide-angle SMD components.

Traditional through-hole (non-surface-mount) LEDs are commonly produced with narrow output angles as the LED body is generally moulded around the leadframe using an optical epoxy or silicone. The LED body itself then acts as the lens, focusing the light into beam angles as narrow as 5 degrees, with 30 degrees being a common requirement for many indication and sensing applications. However, with the move to surface- mount components, some design versatility was lost as the LED body is generally injection moulded from non-optical material which is pre-manufactured before the LED die is mounted, and does not therefore form a lens in the same way. As a result, the majority of SMD packages do not incorporate any lensing, emitting light in a wide beam angle which generally exceeds 100°.

Using a proprietary post die-mount encapsulation process, OMC is able to cost-effectively integrate narrow angle lensing into a range of surface-mount emitters, and can now offer 30 degree beam angles for all standard LED wavelengths, including infrared.

The SCALE-iFlex gate-driver system enables easy paralleling of the industry’s latest dual power modules, providing reliable and highly flexible system scalability with minimum development effort. The MAG is placed adjacent to the modules’ control terminals to provide excellent switching performance, and the IMC performs all necessary communication between the MAGs and the user’s MCU handling functions such as PWM commands, short-circuit and under-voltage failure reporting, as well as NTC and DC-Link voltage measurement.

The IMC is available with either an electrical or a fiber-optic interface with reinforced isolation, in accordance with EN 50124-1, IEC 61800-5-1 and UL 61800-5-1 for 1700 V and 3300 V power modules. The fiber-optic IMC also meets basic isolation requirements for 4500 V semiconductors. Devices feature double-sided conformal coating; units undergo full In-Circuit Tests (ICT) and are 100% Hipot and partial-discharge tested to ensure unmatched reliability. The devices include a full set of protection features such as under-voltage lock- out, short-circuit protection with Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) and NTC temperature sensing with reinforced isolation (up to 3300 V). New low profile, modular EN6165-compliant rectangular

I/O connector series launched by Nicomatic Optimus is available custom-configured; waterproof and with EMI protection

Nicomatic, the leading manufacturer of high- performance interconnect solutions, is launching Optimus, an EN4165-compliant, modular, rectangular I/O connector series. This low-profile interconnect solution is user-configurable and is applicable either to provide an equipment interface connection to a harness or as a robust rack & panel solution.

Conforming to specifications set out in EN4165, Optimus connectors are highly versatile. Modular construction enables designers to specify the layout they need. Connectors can be configured with size 22 signal contacts rated at 5A or size 8 power contacts rated for 60A. 90° PCB mount versions are also available. Devices are waterproof and offer EMI protection.

Comments Alexis de Lassat, product manager at Nicomatic: “We have applied Nicomatic’s modular manufacturing philosophy to the industry-standard EN4165 hi-rel rectangular I/O connector, and we are able to design and deliver mechanical solutions adapted to the specific requirements of our customers on optimised lead times. With this new connector series we can now offer connectors for the whole equipment need – from the miniaturised inside the box connector to the robust Optimus I/O equipment interface.”

The new Optimus EN6145 connectors can withstand 500 mating and de-mating cycles as per EN2591- 406. Devices also meet the shock and vibration requirements of EN2591-402/403 and have an operating temperature range of -55 to +175°C. The connectors provide excellent protection against EMI and withstand 10 times lightning strikes of 10KA, 1600V.” Pickering Electronics announces miniature, cost-effective

relays used extensively in PXI switching matrixes Series 117 reed relays offer high performance and reliability at a competitive price point

Pickering Electronics, the reed relay company which has pioneered miniaturisation and high performance for over 50 years, has announced that its two-pole single-in-line (SIL) 117 series reed relay is being extensively used in large switching matrixes due to a combination of small size, performance and cost.

All models in the 117 series are rated at 100V and can a carry up to 0.5A signal current and switch 5W of signal power. Versions are available that support 3V coil drives for systems working at low supply voltages. The two pole version has a footprint of just 10.16mm x 3.81mm, while the single pole device occupies just 6.86mm x 3.81mm - just 38% and 26% respectively of the board area required for industry-standard SIL relays.

The 117 series reed relays are constructed using Pickering Electronics SoftCenter®

integral magnetic screen, ensuring that the relays exhibit excellent reliability and avoid magnetic interaction issues when closely packed together. Devices are also priced very competitively, and it is this combination of attributes – size, performance and price - that suit them so well for use in high volumes in PXI and other switching matrix solutions.

Pickering Interfaces is a provider of such test and measurement solutions and uses 117 series reed relays extensively in many of its products, including the BRIC™ high-density, fully scalable, integrated PXI large matrix modules with built-in high-performance analogue bus. Available in 2, 4, or 8 slot 3U versions, rated at up to 150V, 1A and 20W, these units rely on Series 117 high-reliability instrument- grade reed relays to deliver the performance required by demanding applications in defense, automotive and semiconductor manufacturing industries. technology with an

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