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New Pola Power connector from TT Electronics significantly improves power distribution in military vehicle and rail applications


T Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, announced Pola Power, a highly diverse connector approved for use on rail and military vehicles that can also be qualified to suit other applications in the power distribution and green energy markets such as gearboxes, air conditioning, super- accumulators and batteries.

This highly durable, single pole power connector with bayonet coupling offers a finger proof design (IP2X), quick disconnection, 500 mated cycles (minimum), straight and 90° options as well as 360° screening. In addition to successful salt spray testing of 500 hours

(Black Zinc Nickel), Pola Power operates comfortably at temperatures of -55°C to +150°C and vibrations of 5-500Hz (long endurance 30 hour test at 10g). Both EN45545-2 and RoHS compliant, Pola Power is sealed to IP67 and rated up to 1000Amp, meaning this connector offers a great deal of power in a very small form factor. “With Pola Power, TT has harnessed its extensive design capabilities to customise standardised products and offer adaptable solutions,” says Leigh Chapman, product manager, TT Electronics. “This single contact connector also emphasises TT’s ability to adapt, meet and deliver on ever changing market requirements.”

Bayonet locking circular connectors with PCB contacts meet MIL-DTL- 26482

Miniature new industrial-grade inertial sensor units from Xsens outgun competition on both price and performance

New MTi 600-series with flexible interfacing options is backed by software development suite for easy integration into space-restricted host systems such as drones


nterconnection specialist distributor Lane Electronics has made available the Weald Electronics LMH series of bayonet coupling circular connectors with PCB contacts to allow these robust connectors to be mounted directly to printed circuit boards or flexi circuits. Designed to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-26482, the LMH connectors are available in two shell styles. One is a fixed/ receptacle square flange version (02A), the other is a fixed receptacle (jam nut) single hole mount version with an ‘O’ ring panel seal (07A). Lane Electronics offers these connectors with size #20 and #16 PCB contacts – sometimes called PCB tail contacts or spill contacts – with termination to PCBs or flex cable by a long tail available in various lengths and diameters. As well as a wide variety of standard PCB contacts, Lane also offers is also able to provide custom PCB contacts to suit specific applications. In its different forms, the LMH series comprises nine shell sizes and various styles with contact configurations from two to 61. The connector shells are manufactured from aluminium alloy and, as standard they feature a high resistance to corrosion

44 July-August 2019

thanks to an olive drab chromate conversion over a Zinc Cobalt, RoHS compliant plating finish. Other finishes including Cadmium, black Zinc Nickel and electroless Nickel are available on request. As well as meeting the requirements of MIL-DTL-26482, the LMH series connectors are manufactured in accordance with IECQ-CECC spec BS/CECC 75201-003.

Military distributor Lane Electronics Ltd – also widely known as FC Lane Electronics – is part of the Lodge Group which includes high reliability circular and military connector manufacturer Weald Electronics. Lane Electronics is a franchised distributor for many of the industry’s leading electrical and electronic connector manufacturers including HUBER+ SUHNER, Souriau and Positronic. With a strong commitment to quality with IECQ – CECC, BS9000, ISO and QPL approvals, Lane Electronics has a policy of holding large stocks and is also franchised to assemble connectors to customer specific requirements. Components in Electronics

sens announces the introduction of a generation of inertial motion sensors, which set a new standard in the market for their small size, industrial-grade performance and competitive pricing. The all-new MTi 600-series of inertial sensors, supplied in a 31.5mm x 28.0mm x 13.0mm IP51-rated case, produce roll and pitch readings accurate to ±0.2°. GNSS- assisted heading (yaw) measurements are accurate to ±1.0°. Among the products’ new features are a CAN bus interface and NMEA compatibility. To achieve this performance, Xsens has applied numerous innovations in its latest sensor fusion algorithms, which optimise the output from new accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer components. This has allowed it to bring the performance-optimised MTi 600-series to market at unit prices below €300 for production volumes of the MTi-610 IMU. Meindert Zeeuw, business manager Inertial Sensor Modules at Xsens, says: ‘The release of the MTi 600-series promises to disrupt the industrial market for motion sensor modules in the wide space between low-cost, consumer-grade MEMS sensors and the very high-spec, expensive devices used in military/ aerospace applications.’ ‘In applications including drones, autonomous ground vehicles, robots, smart agriculture, mapping and surveying equipment, logistics and mining equipment, the new MTi 600-series modules will reset designers’ assumptions about the price to pay for industrial-grade performance. Unique Xsens sensor fusion technology and motion measurement know-how has just redefined the mid- range of the module market.’ There are four products in the series:

• MTi-610 IMU, which provides fully calibrated sensor data outputs

• MTi-620 VRU offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2° • MTi-630 AHRS offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2° and yaw measurements accurate to ±1.5° • MTi-670 GNSS/INS with GNSS support offering roll and pitch measurements accurate to ±0.2°, yaw measurements accurate to ±1.0°, and global positioning data supplied by an external GNSS receiver The MTi 600-series modules offer the same core benefits that users of existing Xsens modules will be familiar with: • A choice of standard interfacing options, now including for the first time support for CAN bus alongside RS-232 and UART interfaces. • Comprehensive, free MT software suite, a software development kit for easy integration into host system designs. This includes the XDA open-source application programming interface for use with any hardware development platform. • All production units comprehensively tested and calibrated before shipment to the customer.

• Global technical support 24/7 from dedicated applications engineers. The MTi 600-series modules are the

first from Xsens to include an NMEA- compatible interface for GNSS receivers. This means that users can choose any GNSS receiver chip, module or system to work alongside the MTi- 670, a GNSS/INS device which supplements the pitch, roll and yaw outputs available from other MTi 600-series products with global positioning information. The MTi 600-series modules are available for sampling on request. Mass production is expected to begin in July 2019.

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