applicati ns requi e a control er with high functionality, connectivity, and flexi


connectivity, and flexibility to meet the demands of modern machines and systems. KEB’s DIN il IP

y to

et the dem nds of m dern chines and systems. KEB’s D Rail IPC is the smart solution forfo motion control applications.

is th sm t solutio tion control appl ati ns. COMP

COMPACT FOO PRIN The C6 SMART i a din r th an impressively small


The C6 SMART is a din rail IPC with an impressively small

footpri t, designed with the user iin mind. With a focus on reducedce costs the SMART has a width of mma

footprint, designed w th the user n

. Wth chi e bui der focus o re

costs the SM T has a w dth of 47mm and depth of 124mm. Machine builders can expect to save space and installation costs.

mm. can expect to save space and installation costs.

HIGHIH GH PERFORMANCE Whiile ncre ibly co

PERFORMANCE le i incredibly compact, th cor ARM t, the C6

SMART is equipped with a choice of power ul

SMART i equipped with a choice of powerful multi core ARM

COMBIVERT S6 tthe new ser


tas s up t Highlight

he newservo d ives in book form drivr es i bn ook fformat f for h gh dyn tasks up to 5.5kW.

 EtherCAT and CAN real-time on board communicatiion  Embedded safety with STO to PLe / SIL3  EMC filter class C2 with leakage current < 5mA  Two multi encoder interfaces GTR7 braking transistor ola d 2

Highlights: her

Twomu i encoderr ni ter aces  GTR7 braking transistor Bra ec



T a d C N real- ime on board c mmunic beddeds fetywithSTOtoP e / S EMCf lterclassC2withl lt

kagecurrent<5  Brake conttrrol and 24V-supply for PM-brakes pply ffo orP -bra (DL3))MOTORS

ogether with the S6 serrwith th e 6S servo d ives S6, the DL3 gives a t from 0 5 tom 0.5 to 29 Nm o er s x s se DL3 mot

se DL3 motors a e dimensiioned for to h capacitywith efficiency > 9

city with efficiency > 95%; t the  resolver resolv

 digital single or multiturn encoder included electronic name

 PM-brake ke

digital s ngl orm name plate PM

ate multiturn enc der included electronic n

Nm over six sizess e ch with th ee va i are dimensr

drivr es S6, the DL3 gives a torrque range each with thrree varriants.. The e a five time overload e availab e with optionbllewith optional:

que range The-

oned for to have a five time o erload hey are a

on or high dynamic app pllicatiion on

processors, capable of meeting the requi ements of dem ndi synchronous m tion contr advanced real-ti

processors, capable of meeti g the requirements of demanding synchronous motion control on advanced real-time control applications. To support the pressive processor per or memo

on e control appl ati ns. To suppor the

stor g PLC project and f an

r 4 systemand runtime. FLEXIBIL ERF CES

impressive processor performance, 8GB of memory is standard for storing PLC projects and files, with another 4GB for the operating system and runtime.

s, wi for the o eratin


t comes to nte embedded contr

N I INTEGRATION s to i integratiin

ng th

the C6 SMART has an i llist of interfaces availlable: Eth rnet 10/10 /10

a • E E-Bus LVDS por 2x USB 2. nce,

RUGGED AND REL ABL telly,, in i industria

RUGGED AND RELIIABLE Unfortufortunate y in n


environments certain events happen that are out of users control. Wth this inmnd th inclu

in with 512KB of per s even i whi h hel s t

environments certain events happen that are out of users control. With this in mind the SMART includes innovativetiv

such as pow r outages. To further reduce development costs for iintegrators and machine buiilders all of this functionality is standard with no speci

memory storage and a micro-UPS with 512KB of persistent/retain memory which helps to save data and fiand files even in the worst cases such as power outages. To further duce devel pment costs f s a

save dat the w rst cases nte chin progr ld

all of this functionality is standard with no special programming tasks.


embedded control into your system the C6 SMART has an impressive ist o interfa

• DVI-D interface (for HMI Visualisation) • 2x USB 2.0

su isa io (RS232/4 iinterfanterface

By adding an optional extender and couplerand coupler modules, tree or branch topologies can be created.

By adding an optional extender dul s, tree or

branch topol gies can be created. REMO

REMOTE CONNEC IVITY Progressive ma is re

is required today with the high ire

Auttomationwith Drive KEB (U

B (UK) L

omation with Driv Lttd.

5 M Tel: 0l:019334 3 402220 20 5MorrisCs Close Pa kF mI www.keb Park Farm IndustriallE Estate Wellingborough N 86X hNN8 6XF

CONNECTIVITY machine ma th th

to maintenance

• Serial Interface option (RS232/485)

Serial Interface o tio • CAN option CAN option • Multi-colour LED diagnostic col ur LED diagnosti

• Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbiit/s • EtherCAT master • E-Bus LVDS port • D


to your system INSTALLE pressive



The C6 Smart is shipped wi the software you need already installed as welll as the tools cessary for co

the sof war installe

and r

you need al l a th to

te m tenance:

shipped with a ady


necessary for control, visualization, and remote maintenance:

rol, visualizatio

• Wndows Embedded Com act 7 or optional Linux Cont


• Visualization: HMI-Basic, or HMI Advanced

• V sualization: HM-Basic, or HMI-Advanced mo ma

and appl ati ns standar The C6 SMART iPC has a and can operati n i The C6 SMART iPC has a

standard IP20 protection rating and can operation in a temperature range of 0… 50°C. Applications that can benef t f omthe C6 autom tion systemof controls clude cranes,

20 protection r ting a tem erature

nge of 0…50°C. Appl ati ns that can benefit from the C6 automation system of controls include cranes, wind turbines,

nd turbi es,

theatre automation, conveyors and pr

theatre autom tion, conveyors and print and packaging.

t and packagi g. www.


T: 01933 402220 T: 01933 402220 /AUTOMATIONATION /AUTOMAT

• Remote maintenance: Connect EnviEnvironmental considerations and applications

nmental consi erati ns

• Windows Embedded Compact 7 or optional Linux

• Control: RTE-Basic, RTE-Pro, or RTE-Advanced

RTE-Basic, RTE-Pro, or ng tasks.

ry storage and amcro-UPS tent/retai

need the ability to rem te access machines anywhere at any time. The C6 SMART can be remotelytel programmed or monitored with a secure end-to-end VPN connection uti sing the

cost of machine downtime. Users need the ability to remote access chi es anywhere at any ti The C6 SMART can be r progr

ma wn me ed or

secure end-to-end VPN connection utilising the unct onal y of COM d to I C 62443.


SiSimply smart I smart IPC I

ndustrial autom tion trial automation

appl ations require a controller high f nct onal y,

nitor d with a

functionality of COMBIVIS Connect, certified to IEC 62443.


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