New FSC-1114 fuse blown indicating module T

he new FSC-1114 fuse blown indicating module, designed to distribute a supply voltage, is a DIN rail mounting module, that has 10 common indicating fuse blown outputs. Each fused channel can handle up to 7.5A, with a maximum of 40A max for the module. In the event of a fuse being blown a relay is energized and the volt free contacts can be used to signal the problem to the SCADA system or raise a local alarm. The Daito blown fuse gives an indication that it is open circuit, individual Channel fuses purchased separately can be 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 3.2A, 5A or 7.5A. The module can be purchased for use with 110Vac or 12, 24, 48,

Mind the boom! samosPRO Compact provides additional safety for SOVEX T

he use of Wieland Electric’s samosPRO Compact at SOVEX has reduced wiring, reduced installation time, lowered

the complexity of the control system and provided seamless integration of safety with the control function. The introduction of the SOVEX Bendy Boom vehicle loader meant three position modes which required additional safety, so Wieland’s engineers came up with a solution to swap out standalone safety and integrate a programmable system. This eliminated the need for more cable whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety and monitoring of positions.

SOVEX Belt Vehicle Loaders are ideal for loading bays

and raised docks and, fixed in position, they offer the most robust solution available for inbound and outbound handling, loading or unloading 1200 parcels per hour from vans, trucks and containers up to 45ft. The award winning SOVEX Bendy Boom has a front boom which declines to - 25° and also extends up to 15 meters into a trailer.

Wieland Electric u 01483 531213 u

Balluff Limited

Tiny photocell is the next big thing F

110 and 120Vdc power distribution The FSC1114 joins a range of other Colter Products SCADA friendly products signaling fuse status.

Visit our website to view our power distribution and relay products. The Supervisory system allows maintenance

engineers to be quickly informed of the problem and the location when using the FSC1114. Colter Products Ltd

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Introducing the Profinet All-in-One read/write system B

alluff is pleased to announce the introduction of the Profinet All-in-One read/write system. The rugged, space-saving housing is designed to eliminate messy cable runs. This system can operate with a direct connection to the PLC or multiple heads can be daisy chained with only one Ethernet connection running back to the PLC. Designed to withstand the rigors of a harsh manufacturing

environment, the all-in-one system boasts an IP67 rated metal housing and highly visible LEDs. Standard M12 connectors and cables are used for power and Ethernet connections. It is capable of reading and writing large amounts of tag data very quickly, including tags which are mounted directly on metal. The combined system concept provides a highly scalable

solution for increasing visibility on the plant floor. This simplified architecture eliminates unnecessary equipment expenses leading to a quicker return on investment.

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resh from being shown at the SPS trade fair in November comes a new range of miniature photoelectric sensors from ifm electronic.

The new photocell range consists initially of background suppressed sensors detecting up to 80mm, independent of the object’s colour. The O8 sensors can detect small and flat components, even with dark or polished surfaces, and their range can be set to the nearest millimetre via IO-Link, avoiding the need for complex adjustments of range. The O8 series is supplied with fixed ranges of 15mm, 30mm, 50mm or 80mm if the user doesn’t want to make adjustments, but the IO- Link facility allows final adjustment of sensitivity and more besides. Light/dark switching and time delays can easily be set, and diagnostics are available via IO-Link, showing that even the smallest sensors can be ready for Industry 4.0.

The robust housing is constructed of stainless steel as well as ABS, with acrylic lenses, and is designed to fit

common mounting centres from 13mm to 16mm. ifm electronic Ltd.

u 020 8213-0000 u

Welcome to the New Bellows Range B

ellows cylinders are ideal for short strokes and large forces. They work without mechanical friction surfaces that move against each

other – rendering seals and lubricants unnecessary. As a result, they are virtually wear and maintenance-free. With their robust design and high-strength materials, bellows cylinders can be used under the toughest operating conditions. As a specialist for pneumatic automation solutions, our range also

covers the matching components – including expert consultation. Be it high temperatures, dust, dirt, or mud – bellows cylinders are not easily intimidated. They’re used to working reliably and persevering even under heavy loads and adverse operating conditions. Their extreme service life, comparatively low investment costs, and nearly maintenance-free continuous operation make application solutions with bellows cylinders particularly cost-efficient.

AVENTICS u 0845 6030025


Unprecedented Modularity and Integration


he second generation In-Sight 7000 series represents a breakthrough in performance, flexibility and ease of

integration. This powerful new vision system performs fast and precise inspections that keeps pace with increasing line speeds, while its compact form factor easily fits into space- constrained production lines. The In-Sight 7000’s unique, modular design offers over 400 different field configurations making it the most flexible vision system available.

A variety of light colors, optical filters and polarizers can easily be swapped in to meet specific application requirements. Plus, the wide range of field-changeable C- mount and S-mount lenses and industrial, mechanical autofocus lens options enhance versatility.

Like all Cognex In-Sight vision systems, the In-Sight 7000

uses In-Sight Explorer™ to set up and monitor machine vision inspections. This software includes the EasyBuilder® interface for easy step-by-step application setup and the In- Sight spreadsheet view for greater control.

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