SensoPro Complete Conductivity Monitoring System T

o meet conductivity control needs in online water quality and process applications, Sensorex has introduced the Sensorex SensoPro Toroidal

Red Ledge Automation Partnership


ntelligent manufacturing and logistics systems control specialist Red Ledge has joined forces with advanced

sortation company Böwe Systec and Stockrail International which has a 30-year materials handling track record, to launch a series of fully integrated and automated supply chain systems that improve user performance by an average 250%, based on early reports from manufacturing and logistics industry users say Red Ledge. The partnership publicly launched its new family of ‘Red Ledge Automated Manufacturing & Logistics’ systems at the Robotics and Automation Exhibition. Red Ledge systems use RFID and other forms of

intelligence to optimise control of fully integrated production, WMS, advanced sortation and speed-labelling systems, increasing throughput. Red Ledge, Böwe Systec and Stockrail International are joining forces to deliver systems for which early users report average productivity increases of 250%. Improvements of up to 700% have been reported by users moving from zero to full automation.

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Conductivity Monitoring System. The system combines a Sensorex TCS3020 probe, capable of reliable conductivity measurements in even the harshest of environments, with the company’s new EX2000RS transmitter, featuring Modbus communication for robust system integration. Monitoring with SensoPro can prevent scaling and corrosion, reduce excessive water usage, and optimise processes in a range of applications including cooling tower water control, wastewater treatment, brine analysis, desalination, chemical processing, and other harsh or high conductivity environments. The TCS3020 probe used in the SensoPro system measures conductivity

using toroidal sensing technology, which is more stable and reliable compared to traditional contacting conductivity sensors. Toroidal conductivity sensors do not cause polarisation, do not become fouled, and rarely require maintenance.

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High-resolution pyrometers with rugged remote sensor head


luke Process Instruments exptends the endurance pyrometer series by models with a remote sensing. This design is ideal for applications with tight space constraints and for mounting near a heat source and

in harsh environments. The sensing head also offers improved immunity to interference. They are connected to a rugged IP65 electronics box via fiber optic cable over a distance of up to 22 m. Various medium and high temperature models cover a 250 ° C to 3,200 ° C measurement range. Monochrome and ratio

pyrometer version are available with a 1m or 1.6m spectral response. The ratio infrared thermometers enable accurate measurements of partially obscured objects, in dirty or steam- filled atmospheres, and of small or moving objects that do not completely take up the measurement spot, notably wires, rods, or streams of molten glass or metal.

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Faster EMC-compliant development of drive electronics N

ORD DRIVESYSTEMS is equipped to fast-track in-house electronic drive developments to series-production

readiness. During prototype development, the drive manufacturer conducts comprehensive tests with frequency inverters and motor starters in an EMC cabin at the company's HQ location in Germany. These documented tests significantly accelerate the CE certification process. Electromagnetic compatibility or EMC testing examines two different aspects: on the one hand, drive electronics are checked for their own emission of electromagnetic energy, which must not exceed specific limit values. On the other hand, these test objects must also be confirmed to be immune to interference from other emission sources. Using the in-house EMC cabin, NORD is able to detect potential problem sources at an early stage and efficiently resolve any such issues well in time.


Hansford Sensors releases new high performance cable option for industrial accelerometers


he world’s leading producer of industrial accelerometers, Hansford Sensors, has released a new FEP cable option for its high-performance vibration sensors. The new cable and connector design meets the needs of several

industries, but is specifically suited for the extreme demands of mining and heavy applications. The new FEP cable features a protective conduit made from stainless steel, which is highly resistant to oil, rust

and corrosion and ideal for withstanding the demands of harsh industrial environments without compromising performance. Highly flexible, this cable and conduit combination also offers impressive compression, impact and tensile strength. With notable resistance to abrasion and tearing, the FEP cable is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -80°C to 200°C. Available with both dual acceleration and temperature outputs, the FEP cable and protective conduit is ideal for a broad

range of industries including building services, pulp and paper, mining, metals, utilities, automotive, water and pharmaceutical. Hansford Sensors

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New Slimline Switches for Fortress Interlock's amGardpro Range


ortress Interlocks has brought out two new slimline modules for its amGardpro range of interlock safety

gate switches: a slimline solenoid switch body and a slimline option pod body. These new modules allow an even wider range of safety

interlock switches to be configured for many industrial applications. The range is supplied in enclosures sealed to IP67, with a 40mm wide body, and has a retention force of 10,000N, making it ideal for ensuring guard doors are held closed until machines and/or processes are in a safe condition. The slimline nature of the modules also means they can be easily fitted to 50mm guarding sections or where space is limited. The amGardpro range includes solenoid and non- solenoid safety switches and many additional options, including key control modules, internal and escape release, redundant sensors, lock out/tag out and push buttons, e- stops and indication lights for enhanced functionality, all assembled in one device. Its robust construction makes the amGardpro ideal for industrial applications when safety, strength and reliability are of paramount importance.

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