n a discussion on US/EU trad arrangements with the US D ment of Commerce, Analogepart he


p imposed on t ,

Devices has encouraged t breakdown of non-tariff barri rade in technolog

nalog g

ers gy

components and sys ems, as pt understand the issues t

of a four-month long consulta to help US trade negotiators b h USat

exporters and multinationals f when doing business in the EU

part ation better S

face U.



Analog Devices, along w semiconductor manufactu recognises the importance of a

with other urers, e of a

transatlantic supply chain for applications in markets such as robotics and embedded technology. However, while not subject to damaging tariffs, compliance with onerous regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the US’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR),


inhibits their transatlantic exchange. This is detrimental due to the quick turnaround of technology.

antic exchange. e to the quick ogy.


As such, Analog Devices proposes an ITAR compliance st for certified companies operating in member nations of the NATO alliance, in addition to an EU funding initiative that is as readily available to European subsidiaries of US companies, as it is to European companies in themselves.

vices proposes reamlined s operating the NATO

o an EU funding adily available es of US European ves.

The US Department of Commerce has yet to respond to the aformentioned proposals.


Patrick Wilson (left) of the US Department of Commerce, Josef Lechner (right) of Analog Devices

Want @CI_

t to keep up to date? Then fo E ANNOUNCES AUTOM release of Version

nces the eSync’s

real-time operatin The with the eSyn

ance bi-

d follow us on ollow us on Twitter: _Electronics and/or ‘Like’ u s on Facebook! ESYNC ALLIANCE ANNOUNCES AUTOMOTIVE OTA SPECIFI ATIONS MOTIVE OTA SPECIFICA T

he eSync Alliance annou 1.0 of

compliance specifications. T specifications define complia c platform, a b

directional data pipeline for

over-the-air (OTA) updates an the automotive

diagnostics data in

electronics space, through a global network of cooperating suppliers. ique

The system employs a un

server-client-agent architecture for secure transactions between the cloud and any number of

electronic end devices in a vehicle. It can deliver and update software

and firmware OTA, collectin g data

cting from

any end device in the veh specifications will allow Tier-1 suppliers to provide prod

i tegrationn OTA platform.

hicle. The Tier-1

are ‘pre provisioned for OTA, for e-vehicle

are pre-provisioned’ for OTA, for into the whole-vehicle

ucts that OTA, for

Rick Kreifeldt, executive director at eSync Alliance, said, “T the grow

a real impact on

of recalls, an OTA platform must reach all of the ECUs and in a modern car. The cost using proprietary technol this are too high – the in





s the recently appointe editor of Electronics, I’v been excited to share my fi

A ed ’ve first

issue. As usual, we’ve covered a number of interesting topics, such as digitisation of automated manufacturing and traceability in optoelectronic components.

Despite my keen interest, I haven’t previously been as exposed to the electronics

newfound knowledge to tie together all the latest news and developments in the market and bring you an insightful and informative publication.

industry as I am now, learning the ins and outs of the latest trends. I can’t wait to use this f d k l d t ti

Christian Lynn - Editor y 4 APRIL 2019 | ELECTRONICS

owerstax has been appo the exclusive UK distributor for the Technix range of high voltage DC power supplies, capacitor chargers and electron beam power s Technix itself offers cus

ointed as butor for voltage DC chargers systems. stomised,

modular designed power solution that, utilising high-efficie current switching (ZCS) re technology, maintain a re power supply at high spee voltages from 1kV to 350k are available as positive, n reversible or floating and interfaces including RS232 Profibus or Optical Fibre. This works well with Po

own range of AC and DC power f

solutions for applications as programmable, modula mounted power supplies a converter bricks. Offering currents of up to 5,000A a resistant to the harsh and

l ti li ti such ar, rack

and DC-DC output and

d hazardous

solutions ency, zero esonance liable

ed, covering kV. Outputs negative, digital

2, Ethernet,

owerstax’s power h

ve director To make wing cost m must sensors ts of

ogies for ndustry

environments within Powerstax’s

respective markets such as high-end industrial and avionics, their power solutions play to similar capabilities as those belonging to Technix. “We are very pleased to have been appointed as UK distributor for Technix,” commented Phil James, Powerstax sales director, “The high voltage options now at our disposal, complement our own transformer rectifier products and widen

our product options an opportunities.”

nd market

The latest Technix d a voltage limitation fu four and a half digit display.

designs include unction and a isplay.

C&K has released a new s miniature PTS815 t for home automation and IoT applications. Smaller and manufactured to fit formats, the PTS81

maller and

additional PCB customisation and enables integration int processes. Addition the expanding e-cigarett robot vacuum cleaner and drone markets, the PTS815 is designed with commercial usab mind: available in t

t surface-mount 15 leaves room for tomisation and n int o standard nally suit ed to

igarett e, e-bike, ner and drone 15 is designed sab ility in

operating-force levels (180gf, 250gf and 400 gf), rated at functional within a t range of -20 to +7

three different vels (180gf, 250gf at 50mA and a temperature 70 degrees Celsius.

a new sub- tact switch on and


needs a standardised OTA data e. That’s what t

of version 1.0 of eSync

specifications aims to provide.”

OTA data the release Alliance’s provide.” rg

Virtualisation technologies allow aerospace manufacturers to support new techn

nologies allow cturers to

something that Collins Aerospace aims to utilise through Wind River’s Helix virtualisation plat multi-OS virtualisat mixed-criticality a

nology insertions, ollins Aerospace ough Wind River’s n plat form. Using

ation to int egrate pplications onto

a single software platform, t simplifies, secures and fut proof’s designs, wit the safety and security applications must interest in how thi commercial and milit going forward. om

Analog Devices has announced its Sharc Audio Module, a hardware/ software platform for the prototyping development production of a variety audio products. Int

yping, development opment and

analog and digital I/O, the Sharc Audio Module can be used as a self-contained sys expanded, allowing for t

of custom I/O and control surfaces, algorithms and user interfaces. Intended for use in effects processors, multi- systems, Midi synt

other DSP-based audio project

channel audio thesisers, among audio projects.

riety of digital tegrat ing both I/O, the Sharc be used as a tem or can be g for the creation control surfaces, er interfaces. n effects

s announced its le, a hardware/ for the

platform, this and future- thout sacrificing urity that these meet. There is

s will affect both ilitary applications


nt of Commerce to the oposals.


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