No battery, no wires - Bluetooth Low Energy Reference Design Introduced by ZF


of the leading PCB suppliers to the UK electronics market. They have a simple aim of developing long-term partnerships for the manufacture of PCB’s by embracing new technologies and extending their facilities from design, prototyping through to volume manufacturing. Photronix Managing Director Alan Millard believes that


hotronix Ltd manufacture high quality printed circuit boards and whilst new to the market, have become one

combines ZF’s energy harvesting generator with the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth® 5 radio RSL10 SIP from ON Semiconductor and is the ideal solution for the rapidly growing number of applications for BLE communication. The generator, incorporated with the RSL10 SIP, enables designers to develop bespoke battery-free and wireless control solutions for a wide range of low cost, low-energy applications. The transmitter is designed for evaluation. For integration into an application the PCB wings can be cut to size. The reference design works in Advertising Mode with uni-directional uplink


communication and offers various pairing options. The operation can be shown via a smartphone app (IOS®: Bluetooth Smart Scanner and Android™: Bluetooth Low Energy Analyzer) which displays all received telegrams.

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Sensata Technologies Introduces Well-Sealed, Easy to Install Modular Hall Effect Sensors

managing the progress of jobs simply and effectively is essential and with this in-mind invested in the T CARDS ONLINE workflow system to help them run their office more efficiently. Among the important benefits of the T Cards Online system is its simplicity and ease-of-use. Once the virtual board has been configured, T Cards designs can be easily tailored to requirements. There are standard templates for various applications to make it even easier. Status and communication can be enhanced by using the Alarm, Signal, and email notification functions.

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which feature an over-molded, two-part modular construction that provides engineers with exceptional design flexibility. The sensing electronics are encased in a thermoplastic


polyamide shell while the separate activating magnet is external to the sensor assembly. This modular architecture

results in a compact package of only 50mm in diameter by a maximum 24mm thick that allows designers to easily incorporate the ACW4 and TCW4 sensors into both new and existing systems. An over-molded housing completely encapsulates the electronics and seals the cable entry from exposure to the elements, making this IP67-rated sensor an ideal solution for robotic, industrial, manufacturing and material handling applications where dusty or wet conditions are common.

Sensata Technologies  508-236-3800 RTI and Beeond Announce Architecture Proposal to

Integrate OPC UA, DDS and TSN in Industrial Systems R

eal-Time Innovations (RTI) and Beeond Inc., a

leading OPC UA consulting, training and development services company, released a new architecture proposal to integrate the core connectivity standards – OPC UA, DDS and TSN – for industrial systems. This proposed approach

eliminates years of potential effort on new standards development by combining the strengths of existing

standards to address the complex connectivity challenges of future automation systems with a new, converged architecture. The architecture addresses interoperability between devices and systems plus extensibility to incorporate future large or intelligent systems. The proposal is detailed in a new technical whitepaper, titled “A Converged Approach to Standards for Industrial Automation.” The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) lays out a reference architecture for Industrial IoT connectivity in its

Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework (IICF). The IICF recommends core standards including DDS and OPC UA. While these standards each address integration, they diverge in focus between hardware (OPC UA) and software (DDS). While DDS uniquely streamlines data sharing between software applications across complex systems of systems, OPC UA provides valuable domain information models useful at both the physical and software levels. For this reason, organizations are starting to look at how to bring together the best of both DDS and OPC UA. RTI and Beeond’s proposed technical architecture provides a path to connect the factory floor to the top floor,

sensors to cloud and real-time devices to work cells. The well-developed technologies of OPC UA and DDS can be combined, with the effort going into integration rather than ground-up redesign. The proposal was co-authored by Dr. Gerardo Pardo, Chief Technology Officer at RTI, Fernando Garcia, Senior Software Engineer at RTI and Costantino Pipero, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Beeond. Combining the proven OPC UA Object-Oriented Information model and client-server interface with the DDS Data-

Centric Publish-Subscribe model provides seamless, secure, reliable access to all system information and supports the needed information exchange patterns.

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ensata Technologies, has launched the new ACW4 Single Turn and TCW4 Multi Turn Absolute Hall Effect Sensors,

F has introduced a reference design for an Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Switch in a partnership with ON Semiconductor. The design

Evatron for IP66/IP67, UL94 V-0

F series junction boxes are flame retardant and self- extinguishing polycarbonate, eight sizes, black or grey,

with knockouts or smooth walls. A strong, sleek design that compares impressively with other square and rectangular junction boxes. Quarter turn fixing screws sit flush in the lid to ensure styling is not compromised and to enable easy assembly. The clever design does not stop on the outside either! KF terminal blocks and mounts simply clip into the enclosure. With IP66/IP67 and IK09 rating plus UL94 V-0 material, these cases are ideally suited to harsh environments. In addition, the NEW orange coloured FK series with fire

resistance and insulation integrity is ideal for intrinsic safe installs. Call now to find out more or click the ‘online chat’ icon on our website.

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