T raditional approaches to controlling

EMI include the deceleration of switching edges or lower switching

or metal shielding, add significant costs in required board space, components and assembly, while complicating thermal management and testing.

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So, Analog Devices proposes a new low noise μModule t echnology in

switching regulator design. The L TM8003 regulator within the µModule package uses a proprietary Silent Switcher architecture to minimise EMI emissions, while delivering high efficiency at high switching frequencies.

The archit ecture of t he regulator and the internal layout of the µModule device are designed so that t he input loop of the regulat or is minimised. This reduces t he switching node ringing and the

associated energy stored in t he hot loop, even with very fast switching edges.

without significant efficiency loss. T he architecture, combined with spread spectrum frequency operation, simplifies t he EMI filter design and layout, which is ideal for noise sensitive environments.

This quiet switching offers excellent EMI performance, while minimising the AC switching losses, allowing the regulator to operate at high switching frequencies ffi i

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CONTINUOUS 3.5A WITH PEAK CURRENT CAPABILITY 6A T he internal regulator is capable of

safely delivering up to 6A of peak output current. No extra thermal management is required for the LT M8003 to

continuously support a 3.5A load at 3.3V or 5V, from a nominal 12V input. This

meets the needs of the bat tery-powered applications in industrial robotics, factory automation and automotive systems.


frequency. Both have undesired effects, such as reducing efficiency and increasing minimum on and off times. Additionally, alternative solutions, such as an EMI filter l hi ldi


Automotive, transportation and industrial applications are sensitive and demand low EMI power solutions. Zhongmin senior applications en gineer for alog DevicesAn

OPERATION TEMPERATURE RANGE Automotive, industrial and military applications require power supply

circuits to operate cont inuously and safely in ambient t emperatures over 105 degrees Celsius and necessitates significant headroom for a thermal rise. h M8 H i d i d


Celsius t o +150 degrees Celsius. The internal overtemperature protection

(OTP) monitors the junction t emperat ure and stops switching when the junction temperature is too hot.


The L TM8003 is a µModule regulator with a wide input and out put range, low noise and a 3.5A step-down. Inputs from 3.4V to 40V can produce outputs from 0.97V t o 18V, eliminating the need for

intermediate regulation from batteries or industrial supplies.

The pinout is specifically designed to be FMEA compliant, so the output

stays at or below the regulation voltage during adjacent pin shorts, single-pin shorts to ground, or pins left floating. Redundant pins enhance electrical connections in the event that a

A 3 sho

3.5A, 5V solution that operates from a wide-ranging 7V to 40V input, own above


This grap solution fo

output from a nominal 12V input, with a maximum

h shows a or a –5V, 4A om a nominal t, with a

connected to GND.

e thermal performance at a nominal 12V input, shown below solder joint weakens or opens due to

vibration, ageing, or wide temperature variations, such as in automotive and transportation applications.

The BIAS pin should be t d

m of 35V input. pin should be d t GND

A complete solution fits a compact

space not much larger than the 6.25mm f

× 9mm × 3.32mm BGA footprint the LTM8003, including t output capacitors. Th

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of typically 25µA and wide temperat operation from –40 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius (H-grade) make it ideal for circumsta

is tight, the operational environment harsh and low quiescent reliability are mandat

GA footprint of ding the input and he quiescent current d wide temperature degrees Celsius to s (H-grade) make ances where space

help minimise design effort and meet the stringent standards for indust robotics, factory auto and automotive syst

Analog Devices


onal environment is cent current and high at ory. Its features n effort and meet rds for industrial omation, avionics tems.

noise ng Ye,

, introduces line of µModule regulators that aim to address these conce

s a new erns

The LTM8003H is designed to meet specifications over an internal operating temperature range of –40 degrees

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