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The need for ever-higher performance data is accelerating changes in connector des particularly those for the military. Nick man aging director at ODU UK, looks at developments in MIL-STD connectors

I f n the macro military industry, faster, lighter and more reliable in li bl i

batt lefield end-users rightly demand t echnologies and equipment that are increasingly powerful but smaller, li h d

ext reme conditions. So, honing in on the micro, the equipment manufacturers want to meet t his demand through improvements in military connectors:

reduced weight , increased robustness and simpler handling all in a smaller space- envelope.


Unfortunately, generic connectors, such as those for USB, Firewire and RJ45, do not assure the rugged quality required for an intense military environment.

Furthermore, responses to this have failed to address the issue, such as re-packaging the insert inside a MIL-STD connector.


Push-pull connectors do not require the additional ‘finger-space’ between

connectors needed by traditional MIL-STD y traditional MIL screw or bayonet connectors, so the overall

space-envelope can usually be reduced by about one-third. Apart from the space- saving, what guarantees a high-speed connection? Above all, it’s in the detail. Weight is a prime factor for most

battlefield-use equipment. So, if the end device must be lightweight, naturally, the weight reduction starts with the connector. For example, using aluminium reduces the weight of the housing. When combined with a special, low-reflection surface, the connector is ideally suited for battlefield use.

The choice of the insulation body material demands special attention, needing to withstand the harsh

environmental conditions whilst coping with sensitive high-frequency parameters.


Data processing requires high-speed in military scenarios. with signal integri

connectors are current these expectations data protocols me 14.4 Gbit/s.

The key to this s contact arrangeme the precise additio


rrently able to meet s with transmission of eeting rates of up to

regions: this enables optimisat the characteristic

success lies in skilled ent and design, with on of compensation les optimisation of

achieve an acceptable return loss. Further issues with crosstalk in t data stream are ad targeted field cont 6a quality to be ac

impedance, so as to able return loss.

ith crosstalk in the

ddressed by the use of trol. This allows CAT chieved without the

necessity of adding an expensive internal shield plate.


On the issue of interference, t implementation of shielding is import intrusive penetrat data transmission

terference, the f 360 degree EMC tant as it blocks any ion of the signal and .

equires high-speed in . Combining ruggedness ty, ODU’s current bl

onnectors e in pro

k Harpe t recent

ocessing sign, er,

ADY ry

External shielding, robust material and space-envel a quality fin reliable con

reliable connection

ielding, robust d a smaller lope ensure nish and a nection

Considering the compact of military technolog radio and GPS, this is quality operation.


The extreme condition circumstances – water, dirt temperature hazards – demand a connector made from st To tackle this, connect

ns of milit ary

r, dirt , salt and – demand a

sturdier material. nector solutions

must be tested in accordance wit standards. ODU offers a solution in t ODU AMC connector series, acceding to the MIL standards whilst an IP68 rating that e

sealed and resistant finish. Meet these demands ensures a connector solution that can cop military operation.

MATING RELIABILITY One final criterion is mat


Firstly, the use of both mechanical and colour coding guarant

reliability as the pin co damaged if the connect misaligned during mating.


Combining these factors, one should and will arrive at a con that can endure its milit

ors, one should

Concluding with this, one can ensure a smooth transition in

more effective system within t For more information on connect and their military app

nnect or solution ilit ary functions. one can ensure nto a simpler and

m within this sector. n on connectors lications, visit: ODU ELECTRONICS CTRONICS | APRIL 2019 11

ontacts are not ctor shells are ting.

simple handling. In addition, the ‘scoop- proof’ shell design offers addit

mat ing reliability. h mechanical and ees reliable and ddition, the ‘scoop- ers additional

cordance with MIL s a solution in the series, acceding whilst securing nsures a tightly finish. Meeting res a connector pe within strenuous

mpact packaging y, such as in

s critical to ensure

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