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Biogas Specialist WELTEC BIOPOWER celebrates Company Anniversary

of the pioneers in this industry. Since the founding date on July 1, 2001, WELTEC BIOPOWER has focused and continued to develop from an AD plant manufacturer to an all-round specialist along the entire biogas value chain.


To this day, the group has been in the hands of a small group of powerful shareholders and has refrained from involving investors to this day. Not least on the basis of this stable ownership structure, the WELTEC Group has become one of the world‘s leading providers for the construction and operation of biogas and biomethane/ RNG plants. The results and projects of the last two decades around the globe speak for themselves: To date, the company, which currently employs around 120 people, has planned and installed more than 350 stainless steel energy systems on 5 continents in 25 countries. In addition, the group has invested a three-digit million Euro amount in its own plant.

ermany is the global trailblazer in the field of renewable energies and the WELTEC group is one

Thanks to an international diversification strategy and the high product and plant quality, WELTEC has also mastered challenging phases, such as the successful turnaround in the difficult years 2014 and 2015. In 2012 and 2014, the amendment of the German Renewable Energy Law (EEG) resulted in hard reductions of the feed-in tariffs, which lead to a massive decline in biogas plant construction. Not all market players survived this time. But even under these tougher framework conditions, WELTEC BIOPOWER was able to maintain and even expand its market position. We have always remained faithful to our mission “organic energy worldwide“ and to our corporate values over the years. Besides we offer technologies of very high quality from a single source. Another important success factor is that we design the main components of our plants ourselves and have them

manufactured in our region. With this we can guarantee a very high quality. We take the needs and framework conditions of our customers very seriously. Each plant is consistently designed for the requirements of our customers. Furthermore, our low staff turnover should also be mentioned.

Many colleagues have been employed at WELTEC for over ten years. We stand out of the industry for twenty years due to the sum of this mixture of expertise, individuality, quality, resources and strategy. We have developed our products with a high quality right from the start. But we have steadily expanded our portfolio over time and adapted it to the market. Therefore we have been able to develop extremely successfully over the past twenty years – from a pure plant planner and builder to a biogas specialist along the entire value chain. Due to the expansion of our range of services with maintenance, permanent or interim plant operation, heat contracting and the production of biomethane as a fuel, our customer structure has also changed significantly. As a plant manufacturer and service provider, we work for companies in the food, waste, sewage and agricultural sectors. But we also supply horticultural companies and the real estate sector with sustainable heat. Recently added customers and partners are from the fuel industry. Heavy-duty vehicles and trucks are already driving with our biomethane as fuel.



UK BIM Alliance to partner with Digital Construction Week

igital Construction Week (DCW) are partnering with the UK BIM Alliance for the sixth year to offer visitors to the show two days of free content about information management using BIM. The show, which is Europe's leading innovation and technology event for the built environment, takes place on 24-25 November at ExCeL London.

Pam Bhandal, Engagement Co Lead for UK BIM Alliance says: “The UK BIM Alliance was formed back in 2016 and we’ve been keen supporters of DCW ever since. It’s an important event for those involved within the built environment, whether you’re in architecture, construction, engineering, asset or facility management, or a property owner DCW has content for you. We’re excited to be back at DCW this November and look forward to bringing the community together again after the pandemic put a stop to us meeting up at the show last year.”

Event director Oliver Hughes says: “We’re delighted to be back partnering with the UK BIM Alliance on our full two- day seminar programme across both our BIM theatres. We’re also pleased to welcome on board our BIM sponsor the UK BIM Framework, who’ll be presenting a host of exclusive session! s. BIM has been central to the digital transformation of the built environment in the UK and supporting the UK BIM Alliance’s aim to make BIM ‘business as usual’ is a big focus for us here at DCW.”

Save the date for Digital Construction Week 2021 Digital Construction Week takes place at ExCeL London from 24-25 November 2021. To register your interest in attending please visit

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