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BSEE While most

people know that air conditioning keeps us cool and comfortable, many probably remain unaware of how it allows us to live the rest of our lives.

increase our dependency on the movement of data.


Unlike common commercial and comfort air conditioning systems, precision air conditioning units are designed to operate continually and provide precise control of temperature and humidity in environments such as data centres, server rooms, laboratories and telecommunications plants.

Cooling processes account for approximately 40 per cent of the energy consumption of a typical data centre, so it is understandable that equipment efficiency is one of the critical areas of consideration for reducing environmental impact and operating costs.

[SUB HEAD] Temperature increase A single 1.5 kW server cabinet will increase in temperature by 19.9°C after nine minutes. An 8 kW version will raise its temperature by 43°C after just two minutes resulting in a shutdown, and a 300 kW server cabinet will shut down within 30 seconds. The variety of demands expected from an air conditioning system is ultimately affected by the fluid lifestyles we have and our demand for reliability. We also want to protect our environment by reducing carbon emissions and efficiency.

Precision air conditioning, or close control as it is more commonly known, focuses on controlling the environment in spaces by regulating humidity, temperature and air movement collectively. Humans could occupy these spaces, but the system design is generally based around what the room contains – such as server racks, for example. Montair’s close control range, available through Fujitsu General air Conditioning in the UK, delivers high efficiency, reliability and design flexibility. Covering medium- to high-density data centres, the line-up offers cooling capacities from 9 kW to 155 kW and includes a wide range of options with up to 1296 possible combinations.

Martyn Ives, distribution sales and technical director at Fujitsu General Air Conditioning, on the importance of efficient cooling in critical applications.

For medium-density applications (<20 kW/rack), Montair offers direct expansion (DX) with integrated inverter compressor units, or chilled water units. Each is available with EC inverter plugin fans to reduce specific fan power and the ability to regulate above dew point, providing 100 per cent sensible cooling and therefore regulating relative humidity levels.

lobal growth in the use of technology mean we are witnessing a significant rise in data centre use as the appetite for immediate information continues to

DATA CENTRES Business critical – minimising costs and maximising the reliability of data centre cooling

Dual fluid and free cooling All models can be configured with either top of

bottom air discharge, the latter allowing designs with forced draft cooling, and feature a variety of heat exchanger options, including the air-cooled dual fluid system. This uses a chilled water (CW) circuit connected to a liquid chiller and a direct expansion (DX) circuit with external air-cooled condenser. With a dual fluid system, operation of each circuit is completely independent, offering increased reliability and staged cooling capacity options.

When the outdoor air temperature is sufficiently low, server room cooling can be carried out, transferring heat energy to ambient air, without compressor activation. The FOP / FOC series are based on indirect free cooling technology and chilled water models can be connected to liquid chillers with free cooling technology such as Clint Maxi and Multi Power. The liquid chillers that utilise aluminium microchannel heat exchangers reduce refrigerant charge by 25 per cent and improve heat exchange rates by up to 30 per cent. Coupling the microchannel heat exchanger with Turbocor compressors delivers even higher complete system efficiency gains.

Logica is Montair’s system for high density server rooms (>20 kW/rack), where the thermal load produced by the servers is particularly high. Logica uses a high-efficiency liquid chiller and provides localised cooling, focusing directly on hot spots caused by the servers through a cooling doors system installed directly on the racks, and can offer reductions of up to 93 per cent in operating costs.

It is a hydronic system based on a patented negative pressure technology, with servers protected against any water leaks that might occur.

With decades of expertise in the field, Montair precision air conditioners are designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year and feature components specifically designed for continuous use and maximum security.

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Single source close control with DX cooling

Dual fluid operation with both DX and chilled water cooling 16 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER AUGUST 2021

Dual fluid operation with indirect free cooling logic in low ambient temperatures

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