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An ultra­low noise CIAT chiller operating on lower global warming potential (GWP) R­32 refrigerant has been installed at Craigavon Area Hospital in Northern Ireland.

The use of R-32 in CIAT's new high- performance AQUACIATPOWER LD 2000R reduces the chiller's environmental impact due to refrigerant by two-thirds.

The ultra-low noise unit was equipped with the additional acoustic insulation option around the compressors to minimise disturbance for the hospital’s Trauma and Orthopaedic Department. The chiller was supplied by Aircon Sales and Service, and installed by Dungannon-based contractor B J Mcgrath Plumbing & Heating, for Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland.

The chiller replaced a previous CIAT unit at end of life. With a similar cooling capacity of 550 kilowatts, the new chiller is significantly more compact, lightweight and energy-efficient than the previous model due to recent design improvements. Flow and return pipework connections were easily modified to fit the new system. The chiller’s delivery date was critical to the project because of other construction activities. Aircon Sales met the tight timetable required to complete the job by working closely with CIAT UK and the installer.

Advertorial BSEE CIAT Ultra­low Noise R­32 Chiller Installed at Craigavon Area Hospital

The unit was lifted into position on a rooftop platform on the building in an enclosed courtyard. This required the services of a giant long-reach 300- tonne crane, the largest of its kind available in Northern Ireland. AQUACIATPOWER packaged chillers are based on quiet-running scroll compressors, fully optimised for use with R-32. They feature two refrigerant circuits, powered by eight compressors, offering a high degree of resilience in the unlikely event of a breakdown. aquaciat­power­ld­r32

Balancing the temperature in the jungle…

The successful ITV television show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here is breaking new ground, with the opening of “the ultimate jungle encounter” indoor entertainment attraction. Helping visitors keep their cool beyond the tasks and trials is ventilation from Gilberts Blackpool.

The attraction sees the creation of Main Camp, the Throne and Winners Bridge in a 2,500m2 venue complete with climbing walls, zip wires and tree top trails in MediaCityUK, Manchester. Kimpton Energy Solutions was charged with designing and installing the mechanical building services for the back of house areas, utilising existing air handling plant on the roof. Kimpton challenged Gilberts Blackpool to develop the means to ensure adequate fresh air into the enclosed areas, and exhaust of used air- a means that did not intrude upon or protrude through walls and ceilings full of graphics to replicate the jungle scenario in party rooms, and beyond

into WCs and changing facilities. Gilberts’ solution was to utilise its GSF omni-directional swirl diffuser with coanda plates to induct high volumes of air into the areas without draughts nor cold ‘dumping’. Gilberts’ GSXE exposed circular perforated diffusers provided extraction.

I’m a Celebrity… Jungle Challenge joins Gilberts’ portfolio of ventilation solutions for unusual scenarios, including a security services’ shooting range, the Rainforest at Chester Zoo, Royal Albert Hall auditorium and Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum.

Luceco help Trafford General Hospital with further energy savings using wireless lighting controls.

Following the success of considerable energy savings as a result of recent lighting refurbishments utilising wireless lighting controls, Luceco was pleased to supply luminaires for further wards within Trafford General Hospital in Greater Manchester.

Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls were specified by SI Sealy in association with the Estates and Facilities Department. The design was put forward for an architectural award due to the innovative use of the lighting controls overseeing lighting levels throughout the day and night.

With the ward’s inhabitants primarily elderly and suffering dementia, the lit environment was programmed to reduce to low levels, but with luminaires never powering down completely. This ensured patients did not become disorientated, their welfare was of paramount importance to the lighting design. Over 250 Wireless Lighting Controlled luminaires were installed in TGH Ward 17/18 including LuxPanels, recessed and suspended Contour, Platinum and Element downlighters. Seamless runs of energy saving cost effective

LED lighting can be created with Contour with the added benefit of 100,000 hours maintenance free operational life. Platinum is a high performance downlight with an efficacy up to 130 Llm/cW. Recent enhancements to Platinum include a further optimised heatsink and a reduction in bezel thickness from 6mm to 2.5mm on a standard IP44 bezel as well as being magnetic. The other downlighter used in the design was Element, a fire rated luminaire suitable for applications with small ceiling voids. I-Joist certified in accordance with BS 476-21 for 30 minute I-Joist ceiling applications, variants include standard output or dimmable in either 3000K warm white or 4000K, all with an efficacy of 100Llm/cW. Mitsubishi Electric delivers hybrid air conditioning to boutique Edinburgh hotel

Mitsubishi Electric has provided Edinburgh’s Haymarket Hub hotel with a City Multi Hybrid VRF air conditioning system to deliver energy efficient, controllable comfort.

During a recent refurbishment of the hotel, All Seasons Group installed the two-piped air conditioning technology, which uses water to transfer heating and cooling around the 195-bedroom facility. Eight dedicated outdoor condensing units deliver energy harvested from the outdoor air to special Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) boxes strategically placed in laundry cupboards throughout the building.

From these control boxes, plastic water piping runs within the ceiling void to every hotel room, rather than using traditional refrigerant piping. Each room has its own dedicated indoor fan coil unit to provide the individual temperature required, giving guests the comfort they expect. This use of water also means the hotel does not have

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to fit expensive leak detection equipment to comply with the BS EN378 safety and environmental standard.

A centralised control system also enables the hotel staff to monitor individual rooms, while allowing guests to have complete control of their own system. This delivers individual temperatures for each room, but ensures that empty rooms aren’t wasting energy and increasing bills for the hotel. The design of the system also minimises any noise for guests, which is a major consideration in any hotel. The siting of the HBC boxes in the laundry room allows for easy access for maintenance and means individual rooms can be shut down without having to drain the whole system. BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER AUGUST 2021 37

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