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WHAT’S NEW One light, three whites! New Colour Change Compact Downlight

a standard light switch, allowing the user to choose the right white for their environment at a flick of a switch! Specifically designed for low ceiling voids, this latest addition to the FType family combines premium features with a versatile slimline construction ­ a comprehensive LED downlight range that saves on installation time and offers great lighting performance to the end user. Fire Rated and Insulation coverable, the Colour Change FType offers a range of colour temperatures, 3000 ­ 6500K, warm to cool white, and is available with Flat, Regressed or


he new 6W Compact FType Colour Change Downlight from Luceco allows 3­ step colour changing, conveniently using

Adjustable optics. The FType is supplied with white bezel as standard with interchangeable Polished Chrome and Brushed Steel variants available. Super­efficient Samsung LED chips deliver

100Llm/cW with speed and ease of installation guaranteed due to a Clip & Fit driver and Speed Fit loop in/out push fit terminals for both solid and stranded cable. This latest release is I­Joist certified in accordance with BS 476­21, IP65 on fixed optics, and benefits from compliance to Air leakage Part C and acoustic Part E of the building regulations, as well as a 5 year warranty.

Get clear intelligence from your building data with

RC­Reporter and RC­Archive A

Advertorial BSEE iContact is Simply Diverse

brochure to explain the diversity of a product with massive capabilities has been published by Strand Technologies. iContact uses GSM/GPRS to

enable real­time reporting across a range of security critical applications and access control systems for global remote monitoring, alerting, diagnostics and remote control. It can be fitted to a range of electro­mechanical equipment – making

it a versatile option. It works by collecting data which ‘talks’ to its parent – specially developed software accessed via a user gateway that allows the client to remotely manage the assets. The brochure highlights how the system works, where it can be used

and provides technical details for specifiers and technologists. It can be downloaded via iContact has a proven track record of being used in many types of

environs including commercial, retail, manufacturing and warehousing premises – providing facilities managers with the tools for rapid diagnostics, performance reporting and essential remote locking/unlocking. It is ideal for schools, universities, hospitals, care homes and other buildings. Simon Bowden, Sales and Business Development Director for Strand

Technologies said that iContact was a small product with big capabilities. “If you are managing buildings remotely or oversee a large estate with multiple assets, iContact can help you do so remotely with improved connectivity,” he said.

Reliable Controls extracts intelligence from your building data and helps you discover actionable insights to improve your operational efficiency. Paired with RC­Archive® software, RC­Reporter allows you to create, view, and distribute a robust, dependable record of performance for any internet­ connected BACnet facility. RC­Reporter gives you the freedom to access,


manage, customise, and send reports from any computer or mobile device. Its sophisticated analysis tools and powerful search capabilities help you quickly find the data you want from your RC­Archive database and organise them using tables and charts. Reliable Controls products provide you with full

control over the data that drives building performance without the burden of restricted licensing or copyright requirements—so you can quickly turn information into action while retaining full ownership and control of data. And you can feel confident about interoperability with your existing system knowing RC­Archive has been independently tested by BACnet Testing Laboratories and certified as a BACnet General product. Learn how Reliable Controls can help you make sense of your building data today:

ooking for readable, reliable analytics delivered to your inbox or integrated with your building control system? RC­Reporter® software from

CMD Ltd extends monitor arm range with the launch of reach plus

Available in single or dual screen options, the Reach Plus has been designed to provide an ideal solution for both single and dual screen workstation configurations, or can be used with next generation of large format curved screens. Suitable for a total combined screen weight of 6kg to 15kg, the Reach Plus monitor arm has been designed to allow two screens to be perfectly aligned side by side with no gap, maximising space at the workstation and enabling a neater, more aesthetically pleasing set­up. The Reach Plus has been developed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind. Designed with a quick release VESA and top­fixing C­clamp, it is quick and easy to install. Each VESA head can be individually adjusted to enable the end user to set it in the correct position and the monitor features a handle that allows both monitors to be moved in unison without affecting alignment. Available in a choice of silver, black or white, the Reach Plus complements the Reach


and Reach HD models in CMD Ltd’s monitor arm range and enables specifiers to co­ ordinate their choice of monitor arm with the office interior or workstation colour. Jon Holding, General Manager of CMD Ltd comments: “Our Reach monitor arms are a

very popular choice and we wanted to build on their benefits by creating a model that is an ideal choice for today’s offices as well as a great investment for the office of the future. “As companies upgrade to large format curved screens, the Reach Plus will remain a

perfect ergonomic solution and is supplied with a five­year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure specifiers can select it with confidence for their evolving needs.”

Variable Displacement by Waterloo & Swegon

the Swegon group, the supplier of air terminal devices can deliver the strongest range of room unit products in the UK market. In large spaces such as airports, theatres, factory floors, open offices and supermarkets where a traditional mixed system can fall short, using a displacement system can have significant advantages on indoor air quality & efficiency. Working on the principles of buoyancy & stratification, air is


effectively supplied at low velocity to involve minimal mixing. Supplying air below room temperature (typically ­3K to ­6K) allows cool air to travel along the floor in a thin layer typically less than 200mm high.

aterloo have strengthened their product offering by replacing their displacement range with the full portfolio of Swegon displacement products. By integrating diffusion systems from

When the cool air meets a heat source such as a person or piece of equipment, a portion of the conditioned air is captured by the thermal plume of the heat source, while the remainder of air continues further into the room. As displacement utilises buoyancy forces, the density differences in the

air form two zones in the space: an upper zone with old polluted air and a lower zone of new clean air. By so doing, airborne pollutants lighter than air rise above the breathing zone meaning the air quality in the occupied zone is generally superior to that achieved with mixing ventilation. Displacement systems can present many potential opportunities for

energy saving:

• The higher the space the greater the payback. As consideration for cooling the whole space is not required. Added to the lower pressure drop associated with displacement ventilation terminals selection of smaller & slower fans is possible for a reduction in fan energy. • The supply air temperature is higher for displacement systems (circa 18°C) than for an overhead mixing systems (circa 14°C) meaning we have greater access to free cooling throughout the year thus improving chiller efficiency. Waterloo have introduced 11 models, the majority of the which are

complete with Swegon’s Varizon® system which offers one of the best user comfort at close range on the market. The terminal can be set to move the near zone away from critical areas reducing the risk of drafts. This can be particularly effective in conference rooms with high occupancy & minimal space. The nozzles can also be readjusted after commissioning in instances

of office restructure & occupant relocation. The displacement terminals have a full complement of test data in strict accordance to the British & European Standard BS ­EN 12239 and a full suite of support material. Read the latest at:

MD Ltd, the specialist in ergonomic and connectivity solutions for commercial interiors, has completed its Reach monitor arm range with the launch of the Reach Plus.

3 in one ­ combipress!

pressed with different jaws and slings with original V and M contours in addition to SANHA’s own contour. This function is called “combipress” by the manufacturer. To be


precise, it summarises three important advantages of using SANHA, all designed to make installations simpler. 1. Tool compatibility: This means that up to 54 mm all original press profiles SA, V or M can be used for metal systems. For MLCP pipes and fittings, TH, B, F, H and U can be used. The benefit here is obvious – installers can use their existing tools and be safe in the knowledge that the connection will work. 2. Push and Stay: This means that during assembly of the connection, the friction within the fitting sealing ring holds the pipe in place. This is especially important when making connections over­head or on risers, which would be difficult to hold in place whilst using a press tool. 3. Leak path protected: This practical function enables installers to detect simply if connections have been left un­pressed.

Ellis focuses on non­metallic market with Solus launch

Solus – a range of non­metallic single cable clamps suitable for cables from Ø25 to Ø75mm. Designed, developed and


manufactured at Ellis’ North Yorkshire headquarters, Solus is made from a high strength glass­ filled nylon and joins Trident – a trefoil clamp – as part of its expanding non­metallic product range.

Danny Macfarlane, managing

director of Ellis, said: “Non­ metallic cable cleats have been very popular in mainland Europe for many years, and their use is now growing swiftly in the UK and many of the export markets we operate in around the world." “Their benefits are numerous

but key is the fact that they have extremely long lifespans meaning they can be used practically anywhere, including in extremely harsh environments.” The reason for Solus’ extremely

llis Patents has boosted the strength of its product offering with the launch of

ress technology has made life a bit simpler for many installers. However, piping specialist SANHA goes yet another step further. Their metallic fittings are designed in such a way that they can be

long lifespan is that the glass filled nylon material used is a high­grade engineering polymer. The new range is also fully

stackable, meaning additions to cable runs can be made without having to disturb any cables already installed. Solus also features different mounting options that enhance its installation versatility; and because the product can accommodate a wide cable range, customers can stock small numbers of units to cover a wide range of cable sizes. BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER AUGUST 2021 39

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