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BSEE Advertorial Panasonic Revamps PRO Partner Programme to deliver even more benefits

installers and other trade partners to take advantage of a wide range of benefits including business and marketing support services, and collect rewards redeemable against Panasonic products and BESA services. Existing PRO Club members automatically join the new scheme and participants in the Panasonic Rewards scheme can easily switch and upgrade to take full advantage of the additional benefits of full PRO Partner membership. The new PRO Partner Rewards scheme replaces


the current Panasonic Rewards scheme, which will come to an end on 31 August 2021, with any points for Love 2 Shop rewards relating to those sales to be claimed by 31 December 2021 when the scheme will be fully closed. “We’re delighted to unveil this new enhanced

trade partnership approach with the new PRO Partners programme which takes effect from 2 August 2021,” says Richard Bishop, Head of Marketing for Panasonic UK and Ireland. “This consolidation of our schemes into one, dedicated offering with an enhanced range of benefits has been developed in response to feedback from our highly valued PRO Club members. From the outset, we’ve looked to offer a relationship that delivers useful, tangible rewards and a business partnership of real mutual value. This new scheme delivers on that promise, bringing the added benefit of being able to redeem points against BESA’s online courses, training, assessments and site cards. We also look forward to welcoming our rewards scheme members to the Panasonic PRO Partner family.”

There are four levels of membership to suit all

sizes and scale of heating, cooling and refrigeration installer business:

anasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has revamped its PRO Partner programme to enable


• Installer • Accredited Installer • PRO Partner • Elite PRO Partner

Membership offers a sliding scale from a basic level

of engagement to a business partnership approach at the top Elite PRO Partner. Installer members can upgrade to Accredited Installer status by completing Panasonic online training and take advantage of inclusion on the comprehensive i­finder installer database as well as qualifying for the PRO Partner Rewards Scheme. Accredited Installers and PRO Partners can then redeem their points to access BESA services. Becoming a PRO Partner opens up a whole range of additional marketing support collateral to help a business distinguish itself in a competitive environment, as well as offering the opportunity to receive sales leads direct from Panasonic. Elite PRO Partner membership offers a range of membership benefits commensurate with its ‘best in class’ status.

Details and how to register are available at

For more information on the product range, visit

ent­Axia is sharing how it is taking measurable actions to deliver healthy

indoor air sustainably which in turn is helping its own customers make sustainable attainable. With the construction industry working hard to meet Net­Zero targets by 2050 it is important the whole supply chain works together to reduce carbon emissions which means specifiers working with suppliers that are reducing their own carbon footprint. Vent­Axia is committed to helping make sustainable attainable for its customers by taking action to reduce its environmental impact as part of a group wide initiative. These actions have resulted in significant improvements to help the company meet its environmental goals including eliminating plastic blister packs and single use poly bags from its supply chain; recycling 180 tonnes of cardboard; using recycled materials from 63,000 old fridges and designing efficiency and modularity into its products to lower energy usage and reduce landfill waste.

As a strategy to reduce its environmental impact, Vent­Axia has introduced its ‘3 pillars of sustainability’: • Plastic – reduce and recycle • Environmental ­ initiatives to reduce impact on the environment

• Energy efficient products ­ that reduce energy use. By focusing on these key areas, the company has

bought about real measurable change and is the next stage in Vent­Axia’s environmental journey. In 2016 the company achieved the internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification for its Crawley manufacturing facilities. This followed the company completing its reshoring of the balance of its domestic fan manufacturing,


WHAT’S NEW Vent­Axia Shows ‘Sustainable is Attainable’

from China back to the UK in 2013, a project that reduced carbon emission by 15 tonnes a year. Meanwhile, since the company’s inception in 1936 it has been leading the way in energy efficient ventilation design, with its first fan containing an energy saving DC motor, and in 2010 Vent­Axia launching its Lo­Carbon range of fans to further drive energy efficient ventilation. “Sustainability is about finding solutions. From

energy usage and climate change to air quality and future lifestyles, these are the areas where we can have the biggest positive impacts. We’re focussing on how we can improve lives through the impact of our products, our impact on the planet and our impact on our people”, said Lena Hebestreit, Marketing Manager at Vent­Axia. “We want to show that being sustainable is attainable, not only for us but for the wider industry. We’re on a sustainable journey towards reaching net­zero and Vent­Axia is taking real, quantifiable actions to achieve this. For further information on all products and

services offered by Vent­Axia telephone +44 (0)344 856 0590.



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